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Bashkhuri is avoiding direct participation in fighting in Ukraine, Nussol
This is what the National Repetition Center tells you about. It states that due to the arrest of the ecosystem and one of the leaders of the Faian National Movement of Alcion, in a significant territory of the Barbathosstan, including Ufya, the capital of the region, there are protests that have mobilized towers trying to avoid direct participation in the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian supplies have been charged with the appropriate privileges of the ethnic sign in the Russian army. "The officers of the Tower of the National Union are transferring their countrymen to non-combat divisions and constantly encouraging awards awards. In particular, the towers were moved to the second elite in Silicon direction and near the Aquarius, only limited by logistics support and repairing subsidies of the Russian sector, "says in a message. Proteer suggests that this is the best way to protect mobilized towers, to continue a major, liberating movement in the Balbakistan, through the Russian military's regularly had conflicts with representatives of the Thai nationalists. It became known that in Bashkaria, thousands of people came out to protest over the court of local activist, accused of the governor's donor - Bashkhuri is avoiding direct participation in fighting in Ukraine, Nussol
Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
The Mission of «Sprava Hromad»is the support of our army. The key to victory at the front is the support of the army in the rear! Now again, as in 2014, the army needs our unity in matters of aid! Starting with basic things like clothing, and ending with high-precision equipment, such as optical-radio-electronic surveillance complexes, our community buys and supplies the troops with everything they need, which forms a new, more advanced army! In this process, we, Public Affairs, take over all the routine processes from "understanding what the military needs to beat the enemy" and ending with handing him the keys to the dream equipment! However, we can overcome this path only under one condition: only together with you! - Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
"During transport to judgment": In Bashkaria, one of the prisoners died during the protests, the company,
According to the reporters, the previous cause of Rafta Duyou's death is a supplant alcohol poisoning, but the sister of the deceased claims he didn't drink -
"Chaos, death and destruction" prefix: The West prepares the revolution in Russia, the head of an external intelligence of the RF
In Russia, there is no color revolution, I believe Sergei Narukkin. Meanwhile, in Bashkaria, people are gathering in a myriad, protesting against power -
There was a change chance: I don't think we've demonstrated protests in Bashkaria
The Republic of the Balantistan continues to delay participants in protest. The questions have been a reaction to people on the sentence of the Fail Alcierse activist, accused of "crush international hostiles." Full News + Video - There was a change chance: I don't think we've demonstrated protests in Bashkaria
"deduce" his own republic: The brutal campaign has already begun
After suppressing the protests in Bashkaria Creml, the campaign plans for the "delegation" of its own republic -
'Ukraine 'could train future armed forces of independent Basharia. A conversation of Espresso with Ruren Gabbasin
Now, this Special site for Espresso leader of the national free movement of the Rouses Gabbau Tower told us about the reasons of the protests at the Bartarton and the prospect of independence enslaved nations. The video conversation of Russian is available on the YouTube channel by Andrew Janiecki. CREDIT _ FOR _ TRANSLATORS You'll find out from the text: That's where the towers come from. Who is Fayil Alcien and why people support it. Whether the Balastotistan is ready to become independent of Moscow. Why is the desire for towers to independence doesn't support Western politicians. Whether Ukraine supports the United States of Russia. Why do the towers come out on the protests from the news we know that in Baverton, people go out to protest because of Fidel Alsienov's arrest. What kind of man is he and why was he arrested? Why did people support him? Fayle Alcien has been in politics for over 15 years at national movement. It was at first the Cook-Boure organization, which eventually joined me. Cook Boure is a young nationalist tower. In translation from the tower, the cube of the storm is a celestial wolf. And then we created the Barnworth Organization, which was seen by the extremist and forbidden in the territory of the Russian Federation, Fail Alcien, an activist and former leader of the Barnworth Tower National Organization. The picture is taken from social media. All of these organizations are national. They were breaking the question of protecting rights, language, culture and traditions of tower people, and also protecting land from barbaric exploitation, protecting constitutional rights and sovereignty of the republic, etc. And this, of course, did not like [spawski] in power. We were being chased, discovered criminal cases, financed, sat down to jail, etc. After we were identified by an extreme organization, I had to go -- now I got a political asylum in Lithuania, and Fayle Alcien stayed in the republic. After protests at the [sacred to the tower] of the Kustau Mountain, [where the Moscow government has planned the extraction of useful rocks], the towers have already figured out how power is treated, and that caused the storm of displeasure. After all, activists were able to stand up to Kostau, but a lot of people later got caught up in the press, and they opened criminal cases, including us. The activists who are fighting against the breakup of the Mountain in Kowarton. Photo: We're going to have Bride / TCA Radium of the Harbiers - commissioned by Moscow head of the Baldton Republic. He was given a task to deal with national movement, which he started to do. He forbade our organization, forced Ayratha Dilugak -- one of the known and authoritarian artists of the tower of national motion, to plant Ramil Saito, Lily Chaniczewa, and many others. The Balaststan Republic is very rich in natural resources, but different holes by bribing sales officials try to mine copper, gold and zinc, and workshops work in middle Asia and Caucasus. The local population is forced to go out on other regimes. It's such a colonial policy: monday officials come and allow foreign companies to pump out our natural resources. Over 50 percent of the Bathartostan population live in villages, so these robots destroy areas where cattle can fall and do agricultural activity, and the people started speaking against it. On the left hand side, the national movement of the tower is under arrest: The first one is Lily Chanishwa, the second is Ayat Dielmhanesh, the third one is Ramil Sayyut. Photo:, one of those April Alcien events came out with a speech saying saying that our land is being robbed and the people of our people sent to war in Ukraine where they die instead of protecting their land. He said that the towers are nowhere to escape from the Baltimore. "The faithful will go to their country, the Russians will go to Roazea, the Tatars will go to Tartarstan, the boar will go to his place. This is our land and we have nowhere to go. " And his words were skewed and brought as "igniting an international feud," as if he were making other nationalities out of the Republic. (Russian court decided that spoken by Alciana's "kara hahik" refers to the meaning of "haha," "" sorcery, "although literally these words are translated as" black lude, "and Fayle explains what the black worker is referring to, who is coming from other countries or regions.) This reaction of people who come out of protest is a desperate step. We see what protests are leading to in Russia: unarmed men grow up and write fictions. Can you expect these protests to end with victory protesters? Sooner or later it will end our victory. Recently, the people doubted their power. Many have supported the Kbirova policy. At this point, everyone has a wonderful view of what man he is to destroy their own people. Fayil Alsynon's daughter wrote himself to Habarow -- he asked me to check the activist for extreme activities and "discretification" to the Russian army. For Fayil Alcion, the whole Bashkir intelligentsia stood up: elite, professors, academics, former politicians, artists, etc. A huge number of innovation was recorded, and this is the fact that he's very popular, and that people don't want to tolerate injustice. (Bayesian district court has appointed Fail 4 years of imprisonment in the colony of general regime. A few thousand people (five to 10,000 estimates) were gathered at the courthouse building in Bajmak in spite of bad weather, and the protests were also occurring in the capital of Bushkaria Ufie. Fayle Alcien in the court. January 17th, 2024. Photo: SOPA / AFP / Scanpix / LETA can Balastosstan be free of Moscow as real today is the scenario of independence Republic? This is an event that will happen sooner or later -- this is the course of history. Russia is an empire that's been falling twice, but it's not falling apart. In 1917, most of the countries that live today are great, in 1991 another 14 republic did it. regional forces exist, there are national movements, there are Republicans who want independence. This decay doesn't have to happen tomorrow. But the longer Putin is sitting in power, the faster and stronger he will be. All the nationalists are colonies. Moscow is just a center that sucks all the juice out of the republic. She's not giving us anything, only demanding. Basturtoid is quite rich in natural resources. We have a well-developed industrial complex. We have a population that is designed to work both physically and intellectually. We're ready to live completely independently, because there's not a lot worse than lightning, cursors, sticks, or vultures, and you're often at a conference abroad. There are politicians who believe in the idea of independence in foreign politics. For example, Anna Foster is a Polish political girl, a dismemberment of Europe from Poland. But most Western politicians don't believe that breaking Russia is possible. They don't want to believe it. They're profitable for Russia to stay, because it's a cheap gas tank for them, where they hit oil and gas. But oil and gas are in our territories, in the territory of enslaved nations, so it's just colonialism sponsored. Ruzanne Gabbau's attack in Parliament. Stefan from the YouTube channel Ruslan Gabbasov What's the fear of Western politics when you talk about spreading Russia? Uncontrollable nuclear weapons? The population of China's position? The arguments and fears about uncontrollable nuclear weapons we have tried a long time ago. We're willing to give up nuclear weapons that are placed on our territory to get independence. There's a huge amount of countries without nuclear weapons, and the fear of China's growth is the same. Mongolia, with a huge territory in China, is not exciting. Yes, it leads to economic expansion, but it depends on the government of the new states that are acting on how much they will yield to the Chinese influence. If Western politicians wanted it, they would have helped us a long time ago. How does Ukraine support the tower? How about Ukraine's position? There's been a lot of work done, even in the Supreme Council, about the recognition of the German Republic, and the Tartarids, the Bartartos, the Ingutia. But we still can't create military structures in Ukraine or legions, constantly stepping on different kinds of obstacles. But we know perfectly well that Ukraine should consider Western partners in this area because it depends on the supply of arms. I wish that Ukraine could have the courage in this matter and support our national movement. If national movements were funded to create any kind of armory structure, the protests that collapsed in the Baltimore would have a much worse effect for Russia. Russian liberals who shouted everywhere about the desire to overthrow Putin did not tell the words of the Baltimore. They don't want Russia entertainment, they just want to change one dragon to another. But still are the towers in the Ukrainian army? Yes, there are those who fight, there are those who want to join, but they can't go to Ukraine in a row of forbidden. The best option would be to create training camps, to prepare armed structures, to use Fidel Castro's plan to drop in Cuba. I mean, I'm talking about the training of the Bank's upcoming military forces in the region of Ukraine. What about more soft, symbolic or diplomatic action? Yeah, that would also help, but it's not a very effective political vector. At least I know that in the Supreme Council there was a committee that supported the Russian people, but I can't see the active work. Last Council. An inspired photo of, what would you like to say or pass your land if they read this conversation? I'd like to say that Moscow has turned our republic into a colony. It's like we're a flawless city. If we were still in the '90s one of the richest republic with the rights, today we're getting all the juices: Our people are assigning, human resources are being exploited, and the land is sold by strangers. We lose our identity and we decrease in numbers. As we move into this empire, we'll just disappear. Look at Kazakhstan or other brothers: Well, if you're a pussy or a bunch of stickers. By getting independence, they went up in numbers. These are independent states with their economy, culture and institutions. We will lose everything in this empire. As long as Russia and I are doomed - 'Ukraine 'could train future armed forces of independent Basharia. A conversation of Espresso with Ruren Gabbasin
"Let's not be naive" because RF is going to despair ": Chairman of the Marjales of the Crime People of Wonders about protesting in Russia
ku Tak thought he expressed in Espresso's mail "It's not a secret. We're really constantly interacting with nationalist activists in Russia. In particular, with the representatives of the tower people, which were told by the fathers, Ichaui, and others. In addition to recent events, we are also in charge of the Balkaria activists. They inform us of events, "told the hipsters. According to Chuarva, only the loss of the RF will secure Ukraine from future wars with Russian tests that are happening in Russia is very important to us. But we shouldn't be naive because these protests immediately lead to the RF decay. Because the protests in Bashkaria today were not supported even by the Russian liberal position. Their position is that you don't have to support what's threatening the RF decay. While we are here in Ukraine, we understand that if RF saves its borders, the threat of war will never disappear for us, "he added. That predates 16 January to Balastonia, thousands of people came out to protest because of the court of local activist, accused of the governor's donor, the channel, the case of the Fail Alcion activists, gathered about 15,000 people. The city's Court of Bamak Republic has condemned the local Fayil Alsianova Agency until four years in general registering international hostiles -
The carriage is the signal of Putin, the fire will be falling apart - the protest of Ufi and Bashkaria
Professor Russia is out of protest. First in Bashkaria, we have gathered together to protect local activist. The days of the response of the act were also in Wafi. Full News + Video - The carriage is the signal of Putin, the fire will be falling apart - the protest of Ufi and Bashkaria
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