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In Ukraine, additional increase in price for the onion is observed

According to the cost of the Ukrainian onion again. As the EastFruit analysts say, market operators are now talking about possible

we.ua - В Україні спостерігається чергове підвищення цін на цибулю

In the occupation, we have about a third of the capacity to process milk

The Korean relocation of Ukraine with the beginning of military action lost on temporarily occupied territory of 38 businesses. The manager told me

we.ua - В окупації перебуває третина потужностей для переробки молока

Key facts and figures 11 / 10 / 05 12: 55 Page 38

The European Commission (EEC) seeks to view the liberalization of trade with Ukraine as the situation with agricultural exports

we.ua - ЄС перегляне умови спрощеної торгівлі з Україною

Note that resubscribing of grain deals may result in lower prices of wheat

The division in February will be reviewed by the humanitarian grain corridor from Ukraine. When resigning the agreement, it can be suspended

we.ua - Перепідписання зернової угоди може призвести до зниження цін на пшеницю

We got a cookie in Ukraine that causes paralysis

In Ukraine, it has found a dangerous cookie, it has stuff that causes paralysis. Now, these cookies were removed from the sale, but in

we.ua - В Україну завезли печиво, що викликає параліч

In Saudi Arabia, there are nearly 49 million fruit trees

The Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Saudi Arabia started implementing the first

we.ua - У Саудівській Аравії спеціально висадять майже 49 млн фруктових дерев

See what happened to the meat prices

The plans for meat in Ukraine went to fall after the rise associated with newlyweds. The Ukrainians are not allowed again

we.ua - Що сталося з цінами на м'ясо

You know, we're talking about this

called the Robot, which is operating just as simple as a household vacuum, but can drop the forest. It's not just an idea, it's a real development

we.ua - Естонці розробили робота, який сам висаджує ліс

The manufacturers of the most popular wizards united in the popular community

The introduction of Zakupati was created by the FG Lavant Mountain by the whole community of the Lannister fields

we.ua - Виробники найпопулярніших чагарників об'єдналися у всеукраїнську спільноту

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