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There's no way that you can grow these cultures at all

After the demolition of the Caucasus, the South of Ukraine will not be able to cultivate its corn for many years, sport and Lucerine. He told me about it

we.ua - На Херсонщині аграрії не зможуть вирощувати ці культури

You can't do a lot after the peninsula took off

Alice, after the end of the flower, is no way to cut the leaves of the peninsula. This can be done not before September. It's in your own

we.ua - Що категорично не можна робити після того, як  відцівіли півонії

The reason why the oil production of Lev goes up is because one

We're actively developing farming in Lviv. The weather of cows goes up, and the supply of milk goes up. In the words of the deputy head

we.ua - На Львівщині зростає виробництво молока - основна причина одна

In addition to the Rover, a farmer grows exotic fruit

"The Exotic Marabation of the farmer from Rostok to the Revolutionary Union" by Yuri Sonmine, just in the sky. Besides, in his garden, he has a Chinese penchant,

we.ua - На Рівненщині фермер вирощує екзотичні фрукти

The average 7 million dollars were received by four farmers

In addition to 6.7 million dollars, the farmers paid four more agriculture to develop gardening, harvests, grapes within

we.ua - Майже 7 мільйонів гривень отримали 4 фермерські господарства

Pixmaps of a delicious summer cookie with a muscle

unusual, but it's very delicious. If it's not any fun, you'll have to get ready! It's really

we.ua - Рецепт смачного літнього печива з мʼятою

Piotr, this party of strawberry comes to December 15th

the Italian family of Mustaro turned out to be Barry Underwear in the most productive. That magazine of "gardening..."

we.ua - Цей сорт полуниці родить до 15 грудня

In the United States, the demand for meat goes down

The professors of pigs in the United States are now facing the most in terms of profitability, in some cases, facing the worst results of

we.ua - У США знижується попит на мʼясо

There will be a new unification business

The Ukrainian applications wait for changes in mobilization and progress on the CRAC rules. Besides, every day, we're waiting for a change in procedure

we.ua - Демобілізацію будуть проводити по-новому

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