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We are from Ukraine

The social web platform WE.UA is vocated to present Ukrainians and help Ukrainian businesses through its functionality: Social network, Free messenger, Bulletin board, News aggregator, Websites builder

The WE.UA project is for Ukrainians all over the world!

Мобільні додатки для iOS та Android

Ми докладаємо зусиль для того, щоб Ви мали можливість зручно спілкуватися з друзями та знайомими без жодних обмежень. Для цього ми створили мобільні додатки WE.UA.

Головні можливості наших додатків:

  • Миттєві повідомлення
  • Канали новин
  • Власна стрічка (сторіз)
  • Коментарі та вподобайки
  • Контакти і друзі

З додатком від WE.UA Ви не пропустите головне!

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News about Ukraine

More than 70 public news channels from the most popular and verified sources. You can read the news, comment on it and express your emotions absolutely free of charge. Go to the news sites to read the featured story with all the details. weather map

Weather in Ukraine

Follow the weather forecast in your city on WE.UA. Accurate forecasts for today and a week ahead.

Monday 11 December




-6° - -1°

87 %

1014 mm

4.8 m/s

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Upcoming events in Ukraine

The main and most anticipated event is our victory.
Ukraine will definitely stand up, win and rebuild!
New concerts, exhibitions, promotions, film and theater premieres and much, much more will appear in the events section.

Social network

Profiles, public pages, instant messages - more communication in the most convenient interface. The number of active users of our social network is growing every day. Each of the participants brings their own content and enriches this social network with their unique posts. Invite all your friends!

Ukrainian social network WE.UA

Easy site builder

We have created the most simple and intuitive one-page and multi-page site builder with dozens of templates to choose from.
Domain names in the WE.UA zone and any of your own.

Bulletin board

Now it's easier than ever to create an ad: directly from your social network profile, specifying the type of post, or in the ads section. It is enough to specify the category and price and your ad will be seen by the whole of Ukraine.