WE.UA - social web platform

The most cohesive web development department

Our largest department is web developers. Front-end and back-end development specialists work in several teams on various services of the Platform. All teams are headed by experienced team leaders with over 10 years of work experience.

Mobile application development department

This progressive development department is engaged in the creation and development of mobile applications for Android and iOS, as well as desktop applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The main brainchild of the department is the WE.UA secure messenger.

Clients support and moderation department

Our tireless assistants who help all our customers. As of 2023, the WE.UA support service works remotely and in the most comfortable conditions for yourself. Want to know more about our support?

Department of advertising and promotion

The marketing, advertising and promotion department deals with the recognition of our brand and the services of our platform on the market of domestic and foreign services. The development of monetization is a guarantee of stability and sustainable development of our business.

The experimental development department works on improving the quality of machine translations in European languages with a low amount of input data. The WE.UA platform plans to be as accessible as possible.

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