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Corner locations: In Kyiv, they launched the animal containment service

June 7th, 2023, Kyiv worked in a test mode as a "ayotech" service. According to the CMA, users can find a temporary home shelter, or create their own service. About Project "We decided to create hearts - «єКуточок»: в Києві запустили сервіс пошуку перетримки для тварин

20 + Ukrainian IT companies opened offices in Poland through war

On February 24th, 2022 at least 21 T Company with Ukrainian roots started in Poland. This is what the DOU portal tells about. After the beginning of a full-scale invasion, the officers abroad became a violation of getting new contracts - 20+ українських ІТ-компаній відкрили офіси в Польщі через війну

The NetSolid Foundation invested in SETFF's Afiyat

The Ukrainian investment fund NetSolid Investations invested in an Ethiopian marketing company in iGaming SETFF. The net of the agreement doesn't vote as well as the percentage of shares that the fund got in exchange for investment - Фонд NetSolid проінвестував афіліат-компанію SETAFF

Ukrainian commanders have run troops through Discord

The Ukrainian military command to manage the military is sometimes used by the popular Discord furniture. It says "Mirionian." - Українські командири керують військами через Discord

Ukrainian activists are mass-driven by the "shadow ban" on Twitter: I don't know what it is

er has another wave of jars of Ukrainian activists and volunteers. This time, a lot of known trenches came into a so-called shadow bat, or a shadow drum. This happened the next day after the crash: Ruined Russian invaders of Kahov GAC

Maintainer Firedry Aerospace plans to launch NASA CubeSat mission already in August

The maintainer of Firefox Aerosspace, which in 2017 the Ukrainian entrepreneur Max Polyakov founded, plans to launch the CabeSats party for NASA in August this year. As TechCrunch says, this launch is part of a contract for $9.8 million, which Firefox won in December 2020 in the era - Firefly Aerospace планує здійснити запуск місії NASA CubeSat вже в серпні

The Startop Neuralink Ilalink mask has already estimated $5 billion, although for commercial success, years

According to CNBC, the startup of Neuralink Ion Map received new investments and raised scores strongly. Remember, Neuralink is developing the brain interface. The floor is a brain implant called Link, whose goal is to help patients with severe paralysis - Стартап Neuralink Ілона Маска вже оцінили у $5 млрд, хоча до комерційного успіху — роки

Type in the presentation voice from Pinch Avatar. Ukrainian-Austrian artificial intelligence project today is starting for Product Hut

The nickname of the ROI4Presenter team introduced a new platform release to make presentations and deliver content to & # 8211; Pitch Avatar. It increases the effectiveness of your slides and other type of content thanks to the generated scripts, the comment of any - Надайте голос презентаціям з Pitch Avatar. Українсько-австрійський проект зі штучним інтелектом сьогодні стартує на Product Hunt

Cancelled 2% tax: What was there to prepare for FlP, who was at this pond?

On May 29, 2023, Parliament voted for the removal of 2 percent tax. It was introduced as a temporary decision for the FPP and the juxtaposition, and after the bill was voted and the regulations would be performed, the entrepreneurs needed to - Скасовують 2% податку: до чого готуватися ФОП, які були на цій ставці

festival Apple declared the winner of Apple Designer Award

comment at the WWDC conference by Apple choosing the winners of Apple Design Award's own prize. The winner is 12, half is a conspiracy, half is a game. The winner is six categories. From Ukraine there is no one in this list, but one of the winners is - Apple оголосила переможців Apple Design Award

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