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The GglobalLogic example of the most promising IT specialities and directions

Meanwhile, GglobalLogic asked his experts about how and why they were learning, the most promising, they think, IT special and whether it helps a profile education in jobs. As a result, most experts called the most promising directions for you - В GlobalLogic назвали найперспективніші IT-спеціальності та напрями

The Ukrainian taxi service partner did not pay $40 million of taxes

Detectives Bureau of Economic Security has established a World Bank-renowned shipping company that has been exempt from paying $40 million tax. According to AIN.UA, this is the mediator of all large companies that provide hearts - Український партнер таксі-сервісів не сплатив 40 млн грн податків

Google beta launched 25 years ago: That's what the company is today

enty-five years ago, Google was launched to help users find answers to millions of different questions. Since then, billions of people have turned to the products of the company to satisfy their curiosity, to get comfortable services or to just see - Google запустився 25 років тому: ось якою компанія є сьогодні

US software has started another big trial against Techganian - Amazon

We wrote about the beginning of the largest process in the last 20 years against the tech company accused of a monopoly. We're talking about Google, and we can read a lot more about the case below. In short, the company used the pov

"Aurora" returns the beloved Cossack! Go to the adventure in the mobile game and help rebuild Ukraine's school!

On September 27, on the Ukrainian multimarket network, the Cozacca and Aurora commissioned the Cozka initiative to collect funds to restore Ukraine's schools. This is implemented as a partnership with the phantom platform of UNITE24, within direct - «Аврора» повертає улюблених Козаків! Відправляйся до пригод у мобільній грі та допомагай відбудувати школи України!

Philipeus runs 600 scholarship on I.T. courses from GlobalLogic, Cylum and others

The Ukrainian educational platform for Proteus runs a scholarship for studying IT courses created in the GglobalLogenc, Cikim, Intellias, EPAM. 600 people who will be willing to go free to learn from Java, Frontend, QA Manal, QA Auto, D - Prometheus запускає 600 стипендій на IT-курси від GlobalLogic, Ciklum та інших

That's where Bance finally comes out of the rff market. Russian business sells CommiX

According to the largest crisis market in the Bank's world reported the full exit of the rff market. A local business company will sell to the CmyX Kryptonian. Kryptonist Russia proposes a long process of & # 8211; They're going to be able to move on to the CommuX or - Binance нарешті виходить з ринку рф. Російський бізнес продають CommEX

How do you do with your work education? Polling from AIN.UA and EngliFreedom

Do you want to learn English at work? Or develop the soft skills to interact effectively on the team? AINA and Englishability are polling professionals who work in Dijil. Our goal is to figure out how - Як у вас із навчанням на роботі? Опитування від AIN.UA та Englishdom

er Mask is the largest social network share of deformation. In particular, Russian

When Ion Mask was bought Twitter (now X), the freedom of speech was promised to protect there. In practice, he redesigned the social network to the largest place in the distribution of subjects, as shown by a study of a startup of the Custom Lab, which was commissioned by the European Council - У Twitter Маска — найбільша з усіх соцмереж частка дезинформації. Зокрема, російської

Internet IoT system: 2nd Yalantis-mittap in Warsaw

According to Yalantis, the second time we collected a French IT community in Warsaw at Yalantis Meetup: Icon Edition. The Company has several current objects in the green energy sector, medical and industrial IT, and implementing knowge curing for online experts and online. West - Екосистема IoT проєктів : другий Yalantis-мітап у Варшаві

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