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In two years, the number of new podcasts dropped dramatically

According to Listen Notes, there was a huge increase in the number of new podcasts in 2020. But after two years, he declined five times. AIN.UA editing has chosen the most interesting numbers from the study. Why is that interesting? The most likely jump for new podcasts is tied to - За два роки кількість нових подкастів різко впала

kTuck spits out a single video in a tape. What does that mean?

"individual videos," which will manually increase their popularity and the number of views from the tape recommended. There are six different sources of information from which journalists Forbs came from. Edit AIN.UA per - TikTok сам «підігріває» окремі відео в стрічці. Що це означає

Syncing Solid intelligence forms water marks on images in a matter of seconds

The answer between artificial intelligence and creative industry is so intense that there are several court cases already. However, as The Verge says, they can soon become even more complicated by starting a new service that can be p - Штучний інтелект стирає водяні знаки на зображеннях за лічені секунди

The Anode program was added to the name n ggers or term all n ggers

The Canadian Russian culture received another vivid illusion: Well, I think the Yanddex code recently found racist swagger like "g"? Maybe that's how the Yandex developers tried to make fun of their peers. This isn't everyone - Програмісти «Яндекс» додавали у код назви типу n*ggers або terminate all n*ggers

The most popular product of 2022 is smartphone. OLX Research

By the end of 2022, Ukraine's online purchase rate was restored to 2021 and completed 77%. OLX and the CBR company published a study of what they bought and how much the Ukrainians spent in disturbing 2022. What goods were most interested in Ukrainians - Найпопулярніший товар 2022 року — смартфон. Дослідження OLX

The "New Mail" example plans a third issue of a bond - a series of "C"

The "New Mail" example aims to put the third in its history of bond series, "C." As the Interfax of Ukraine, the National Cooperation with securities and stock market has already registered a closed release of named corporate bonds, but deet - «Нова пошта» планує третій випуск облігації — серії «С»

According to Proteus, the IT support classes, marketing and Google online trade

The Ukrainian educational platform Proteus opens registration for the second set of and INCO. The program provides free access to professional certificates from Google to Coursera. What kind of class is this, who can serve and how - Prometheus анонсує курси по IT-підтримці, маркетингу та онлайн-торгівлі від Google

the Kyielster's owner is not allowed to sell the Exterminator and get out of the Russian market

And in November of 2022, the Vion telecommunicational containment that owns the Kyiv operator, announced the sale of his Russian asset, the company of the Extras, which belongs to the brand online. But as Russian media writes, the RFF government did not agree to the pp - Власнику «Київстар» не дають продати «Вымпелком» і вийти з російського ринку

Is your company shrinking people / planting gas? Polling AIN.UA

The problem with the beginning of the new year, some IT companies faced that customers don't continue projects. So companies view budgets, they put projects in the field, and people either sit on gas or they release them. In discussions like this, they're breaking up with - Ваша компанія скорочує людей/садить «на бенч»? Опитування AIN.UA

Dérro Shimki bought 50% of the AeroDroone drone manufacturer

The English Extecitor in Microsoft Distiro Schimok acquired 50% of the Ukrainian company AeroDrone, who, before the war, developed drones for the aggraders, and now for the military. As Forbs writes, this is the first public investment in Ukrainian MillitaryTech startup. Cho - Дмитро Шимків викупив 50% виробника дронів AeroDrone

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