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ould take 45 kilos of explosives: At NYT, they called the most likely cause of disaster on Kahevsky GAC

The experts concluded that the destruction of the Kahevsky HS occurred due to an explosion from the inside, using at least 45 kilos of explosives, because that's the only way to break the dam

we.ua - Знадобилося би 45 кг вибухівки: в NYT назвали найбільш ймовірну причина катастрофи на Каховській ГЕС

Some animals have saved: The network told us about the fate of the people on the sinking of the Zoo in New Cafe. Photo

Throughout some animals at the Zoo Kaziarow in New Canchakov, where through the flood after the blow-up of Kahevsky HIS, they were killed by animals, they were able to save them

we.ua - Деяких тварин врятували: в мережі розповіли про долю мешканців затопленого зоопарку в Новій Каховці. Фото

Festival support for Flbot Foundation is a free struggle section for children at the SpartaBox Club

The team of the foundation continues to develop the project Syllabi Together, called to provide Ukrainian children more opportunities for sports development during the war. So kids started visiting one of the popular sports teams -- the fight

Bills, thunderstorms, and slams: The synpeptide told us where the weather is at Thursday

Canada Thursday, June 8, Ukraine expects non-uniform weather: There will be rain and thunderstorms in the west, and in the south, who will be targeting the consequences of undermining the Kahov GAC occupation, waiting for dry and warm weather

we.ua - Зливи, грози і шквали: синоптикиня розповіла, де в четвер чекати погіршення погоди

The price of the dollar in Ukraine will be more flexible: The NBA has revealed details

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) does not exclude steps on moving to a more flexible exchange rate, but you should not be waiting very soon for a full swim mode

we.ua - Курс долара в Україні буде більш гнучким: у НБУ розкрили деталі

The cries and asks for help: In the occupied lakes of ZW drone, the water of a woman with a child on the roof. Video

As a result, the Russian occupation of the Kahevsky HIS continues to flood Hersons. In the occupied Olek of Ukrainian military officials, the quadrotor gave a bottle of water to a woman with two children sitting on the roof of the house and begged for help

we.ua - Плакали і благали про допомогу:  в окупованих Олешках  ЗСУ дроном передали воду жінці з дитиною на даху. Відео

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