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the invaders are closing the hospital on Herson: Hessstaff Summary 29 January

The Treaty of Ukraine (writing): There is a high threat of aviation and rocket strikes all over our country

we.ua - Окупанти закривають лікарні на Херсонщині: зведення Генштабу за 29 січня

Teleport: The border border force hit a spy drone, photo

According to the Bigs of State Border Service, they were able to cure enemy drones at Donbas

we.ua - Долітався: на Луганщині прикордонники збили дрон-шпигун, фото

According to Ukraine, you can wait for gasoline deficit: are known for terms and forecast

The June period from March to April 2023 in Ukraine may reappear the fuel deficit, but the catastrophic situation will not be predicted

we.ua - На Україну може чекати дефіцит бензину: озвучено терміни та прогноз

CHAPTER IN Hersons increased the number of target victims: new data

The result of the artillery shooting of Herson, who did RFF on Sunday, on January 29, almost 3 people died

we.ua - У Херсоні зросла кількість жертв обстрілу: нові дані

Did you bomb Kyiv? Crime died by a pilot involved in the Sclelian tragedy

On January 25, 2023, in the area of a temporary smoker named Crime, was buried by Vladimir Thouvore, one of the fighter pilots who fell on people during the tragic air show in the book. It used to be information that he was in the occupation of the occupants who had been bombed in the spring by Kyiv

we.ua - Бомбив Київ? У Криму помер пілот причетний до Скнилівської трагедії

Add new Russian attack: I don't know where in February it's expected to swim "newly mobilized occupants."

In February, in the region of Lugans, there may be a new RF attack, because Russia plans to direct the occupied region of newly mobilized citizens

we.ua - Новий наступ Росії: де в лютому очікується «наплив» новомобілізованих окупантів

Introduction to clipboard: What are the conditions for schools from occupied areas now

In 2023, Ukraine's anti-control agencies will be joining the VC remotely and without building a national multi-action test

we.ua - Вступ до вузів: які зараз умови для школярів з окупованих територій

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