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the invaders reported a hit on the Miliatol Bridge

According to the occupational administration of Zaporizan, they reported that they hit the HIMARS at the bridge under the Melitol. They say there are dead and wounded

we.ua - Окупанти заявили про удар ЗСУ по мосту під Мелітополем

The International Adventor Mercel Hoisgen has supported Ukraine's fighter delivery: International law allows foreign power to supply combat airplanes for Ukraine

Former admirer of Angel Merkel from foreign policy and the current head of Munich with the security conference of Christopher Hisgen supports Ukraine's fighter for protection from Russian attacks

we.ua - Багаторічний радник Меркель Хойсген підтримав надання Україні винищувачів: Міжнародне право дозволяє іноземним силам постачати Україні бойові літаки

Rezakov expects Ukraine to receive Western tanks in March

The Minister of Defense of Aleksei Rezov has expressed the hope that Ukraine promised tanks will be ready to apply on the front of March 2023

we.ua - Резніков очікує, що Україна отримає західні танки у березні

Poster Nardeppe of the Lords wrote an application to the assembly of the manner- Bobo

The assistant of the People's deputies of Olg Lords, who entered the former faction of the BAU, wrote an application for the assembly of the manet

we.ua - Нардеп Волошин написав заяву на складання мандату, - Бойко

The chief of the Zeppelins of the weapons production in Iran was attacked by Israel, --WSJ

Israel led a secret hit by a werewolf drone in Iran. Since the United States and Israel are looking for new ways to numb nuclear and military ambitions by Tehran

we.ua - Завод із виробництва зброї в Ірані був атакований Ізраїлем, - WSJ

been six months since the attack in Ollikov. We didn't get the expected international response, the Lubin

In half a year since the day Russian terrorist in the colonies in the occupied Oensky, resulting in the deaths of Ukrainian military, Ukraine did not receive an expected reaction from the international community, but will continue investigating the murder

we.ua - Від теракту в Оленівці минуло півроку. Ми не отримали очікуваної міжнародної реакції, - Лубінець

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