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The Court of Justice, "The Court of Justice," has done a search on the potential of the RF

The Court's office held more than 10 rounds in former Justice Arthur Yelyyyyevov for the chance of the RF Association. He's currently a lawyer

we.ua - В екссудді Вищого госпсуду Ємельянова провели обшуки щодо можливого пособництва РФ

The White House has sent a list of reforms to continue Ukraine, the media. MONT

The introduction of the document, in particular, is about changing the operation of the Government's Council, NACU, NZRA, and the judicial branch of power

we.ua - Білий дім надіслав перелік реформ, які має провести Україна для продовження допомоги, - ЗМІ. ДОКУМЕНТ

The power of the Kursk region reported the drop of explosives to the electrical station: 7 populated

The unknown drones continue to have the RF Dome. Governor of the region Roman Starvart has reported the supposedly dropping of an exploding device on an electric device

we.ua - Влада Курської області повідомила про скидання вибухівки на електричну підстанцію: Знеструмлено 7 населених пунктів

The passenger invaders released nearly 500 airports on Herson last day, six people died, 10 more wounded

The last 24 hours were taken by 93 shots of Hersonian, releasing 491 rounds of copper, artillery, grays, tanks, AC, aviation and BL. In particular, there was one rocket strike

we.ua - Окупанти випустили майже 500 снарядів по Херсонщині минулої доби, 6 осіб загинули, ще 10 дістали поранення

The attack of the enemy is breached in the Climate area, Austria, and Mayor. 25 warcollisions in the day - Henstaff

The Russian invaders continue to ignore the international humanitarian law, not just the positions of the Ukrainian troops, but also the civilian infrastructure of the population, terrorizing peaceful citizens

we.ua - Відбито атаки ворога у районі Кліщіївки, Авдіївки та Мар’їнки. За добу 25 боєзіткнень, - Генштаб

Mr. Latvian Police can tickets to "I'm Russian" in a car

The officers of Latvia think it's impossible to glue on cars with "potentially provocative written in Russian," including "I'm Russian / Russian."

we.ua - Латвійські поліцейські можуть штрафувати за наліпки

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