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In Zelensk, they responded to the night explosions in Iran

Meanwhile, in Iran at night there were powerful explosions at a low range of strategic enterprises - У Зеленського відреагували на нічні вибухи в Ірані

The authorization forbidden for departure is discrimination for women -- drug

Anina Heraschenko has been paying attention to the fact that the innovation is spreading out and on the deputies of local council - Заборона на виїзд є дискримінаційною для жінок - нардепка

The South American country has rejected request for ammunition for Ukraine

The German government turned to Brazil to get its ammunition for their tanks going to Ukraine. The President of the South American country refused to meet Germany's request - Південноамериканська країна відхилила прохання про постачання боєприпасів для України

Dr. Bear from Mars. NASA published an amazing photo

NASA posted another picture from Mars's surface, but this time an unusual image brought public attention - Ведмідь з Марсу. NASA опублікувало дивовижне фото

FOUR Attack of IRAN: What it says is, why is the risk of Third World?

The argument is that the conflict between political West and Russia begins to expand and pull into itself, which is that more and more often became called political follows - Атака безпілотників на Іран: про що це говорить – чому з'явився ризик Третьої світової

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