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In addition to the impact of occupational occupants on Herson, people died

Sources by the Russian military struck Herson, causing three individuals and six men to be wounded

Back in the Hemevsky region died tragically by a couple of border owners of Berjansn

The gentleman and the woman were leaving the front to see his 13-year-old son in the evacuation room

Three of these earlyndods from the BAU were made of manners

Supposed Natural Deparations by Unauthorized & mdash; In the life of the Queen, her husband, Yuri Solomon, and close to the partner of the chairman of the Olg Lords, wrote statements about the customs of the folk deputies

Over 40% of Ukraine's territory is replaced, media

Ukraine has become the most important country in the world. The scale of the population is more than in Syria and Afghanistan

The police aren't able to travel to military service either

The adjourned for the service squad, except for the equipment squad, it already works

Cannot solve this nationality: In the Prickula, children brought in their own works by 53 thousand dollars

The four girls were trading with their own slaves on the cross. The workers decided to give it to Sophie

Video Trahdia in Kyiv: Three people died because of the generator

In addition to poisoning the fuel from the generator in Kyiv, three people died

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