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Saint Iran was attacked by drones. In the province of Isfahan, a major ammunition center. It could be the center of the production of the BPL

The rush from the deep night of Odessa fell asleep in a thick snow, which made significant problems with road drivers. There was also a deal with Mr. Moldova, where four o'clock in the morning people couldn't cross the border with Ukraine at the CP. This is reported by local media. Road destruction has not yet begun and the light cars have to stand in a snow trap with the feet. Let's say that this area of the road is paid, so people get excited that no one has ever started with the destruction of the Gulf. And we also have to note that because of the high wind and the late night on the road flipped the flight bus of Odessa-Cysines. Fortunately, it cost no injuries. The dangerous road at the border of the Odessa and Moldova will replace snow with slippery roads. To get information about the state of road and operational response to emergency situations, the only contact center of Ukreddor works: + 38 067 400 60 80. In emergency situations, there are hotlines: The health care care clock is 103; The IPC Patrol Service in Odessa - 102; Operating City Center "Emergency Assistance" - 15-01; City State Department - (048) 705 48, (067) 705 84. What the Ossetia prepared to clean up the roads of 256 units of equipment; 2 493 tons of technical salt; 5 963 tons of frixical materials. Let's remind ourselves that in the early days of winter, the slaveholders stumbled across the problem of road processing. This is related to the lack of counter-ironically reactants, and a significant increase in price for them. The main supplier that was the Artemsali government venture located in the Someldar city near Bahmurtha on the Danchiness. We stopped production in April. Compending the need for this winter's reagents only managed by importing - Іран був атакований дронами. В провінції Ісфахан уражений центр з виробництва амуніції. Це міг бути центр виробництва БПЛА

The Ukmail session plans to sell more goods on the Internet. It's likely to be developed as a marketing player

The UkMail example shows the ability to expand the equipment that the state enterprise started selling on the Internet last year - «Укрпошта» планує продавати більше товарів в інтернеті. Імовірно, вона розвиватиметься як маркетплейс

$20 billion to buy drones in 2023. Many of them are Ukrainian production

The Ministry of Defense has made 16 contracts with Ukrainian production of drones. This was reported on Facebook on January 28 - Міноборони планує витратити 20 млрд грн на закупівлю дронів у 2023. Багато з них – українського виробництва

Mr. Cotta from monobank will now help the Parton dog. Together they will be raising children's customers

The total beloved dog Patrol will cooperate with monobank. Cooperation is designed to help customer service, which is now over 18,000 - Коту з monobank тепер допомагатиме пес Партон. Разом вони будуть виховувати клієнтів-дітей

The programmer worked on a whole deal with the customer. I got $13,000. But the court forced him to return his money. Why

Abbreviation for the software developer $13,000 for seemingly unrelated execution of Axsiya software at the Android base. We're talking about the Dniprovsk court - Програміст працював на усній домовленості із замовником. Отримав $13 000. Але суд зобов’язав його повернути гроші. Чому

xro Hillnet attacked German airports and the Finnish after the decision of Germany

After the decision of Germany to pass the tanks to Ukraine Russian hackers have created a kind of liberal effect that has been able to minimize thanks to the efforts of professionals - Хакери Killnet атаковали німецькі аеропорти і фінсектор після рішення Німеччини про пердачу танків Leopard Україні

Directed by KGB bio-enabled co-founder of Wargming to "terrorist list."

Mr. KGB has incorporated the co-founder of Wargaming Mykazawa to a list of people associated with terrorist activity, writes devo. io. He's being charged with funding for terrorist activity - КДБ білорусі включило співзасновника Wargaming до «терористичного списку»

Sebastian Skynetua drone-bombing developer. There are trials going through the days

Розробник серії українських дронів Skynetua Михайло Дронов зібрав нову версію безпілотника — тепер це бомбардувальник. - Розробник безпілотників Skynetua зібрав дрон-бомбардувальник. Днями проведуть польові випробування

Math again about language. Ukrainian QA engineers offered a vacancy, and the rebreather asked to speak Russian. And it's not a unit case

The Ukrainian QA-Professor Julius Herek in Linkedln told a story about the relationship with the rebreather, which, by appealing to an international company, asked to communicate Russian - Знову про мову. Українській QA-інженерці запропонували вакансію, та рекрутерка просила спілкуватия російською. І це не одиничний кейс

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