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Ported 6 free Python quotes for AI products

Grantuk, co-founder of the IT company of the Kingeek, shared a list of free Python courses that developers mostly choose, including AI products. This is the list - 6 безкоштовних курсів Python для розробників АІ продуктів

website 10 site from AI to make it easier to work and help in business

professor, a consultant and an AI professor assembled an artificial intelligence site for help in work and business - 10 сайтів з ШІ, які полегшать роботу та допоможуть в бізнесі

The Ukrainian constructors reported that they completed the test flight of the BL-9 prototype with a complete Ukrainian planet. The way he's special

The CyberAvia slip published information about keeping the test flight of a heavy, electric wireless jet with a vertical head and landing of the BAU prototype - Українські конструктори повідомили про завершення випробувального польоту прототипу БПЛА «ОКО-9» із повністю українським планером. Чим він особливий

Library of Kharkiv Developer created applications for more comfort when needed by ZU

Now, speaking of Anatolia from Kharkiv, Software Engineers in the NiX company, along with peers and supporting company N-iX, developed the use of Donatta for questioning in the form of a game of Ukrainian defenders - Харківський розробник створив застосунок для більшої зручності донатити на потреби ЗСУ

A penny designers, a fantasy among the requirements and a super-computer designer for $500

Hey! It's again # frying. And today, the September valley will hardly improve the mood for most, but perhaps bring someone in. It's a strange vacancy for developers, designers, not only. Let's go! - #Всратівакансії. Дизайнери під копірку, смисливство серед вимог та суперскіловий дизайнер за $500

The ZW's already using the national battle drone Ireclad on the front is Fedayev

Viceroy Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Michael Feligris has reported that the Ireclad drone is already tested on the front. A robotic platform from Ukrainian engineers with Roboneers helps storm hostile positions, train intelligence, and provide military support - ЗСУ вже використовують наземний бойовий дрон Ironclad на фронті — Федоров

Then, the second time you get to the AI, you get more people who have more than one job. This rate is increasing by 5% every year

The introduction of the American banking lab Morgan Stanley conducted a survey in the United States, Great Britain and India to find out how many people work on several jobs to increase income, and this is a survey from last year's office. And if you compare the data for two years, you can see that the tendency to have more than one job increases, and it promotes general artificial intelligence - Через появу ШІ-інструментів збільшується кількість людей, які мають понад одну роботу. Цей показник щороку зростає на 5%

bought a "crypt" instead of a car on ZPD. Inspector Kharkiv approved an indictment against the head of a charity fund that used someone else's money for their own needs

According to the Harkock, the prosecutor filed the charges of a 34-year-old charity fund, suspected of running a service to capture someone else's property. 4 century. 191 of the Penal Code of Ukraine, and the property assigned by the criminal path. 1 st. 209 - Купив «крипту» замість авто на ЗСУ. Прокуратора Харкова затвердила звинувачувальний акт проти очільника благодійного фонду, який використав чужі кошти на власні потреби

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