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Odessa National Guards are saving people in Hersonshchina (photo)

Assistance in evacuating the civilian population from the flooded areas of Hersonshchina is provided by members of the National Guard of Ukraine from Odessa

we.ua - Одесские нацгвардейцы спасают людей на Херсонщине (фото)

Iron ore found in Odessa province and owned by a company from the pf was handed over to the State

More than 2,500 tons of iron ore, which belonged to the Russian company Metalloinvest, was handed over to the Ukrainian National Agency for the Identification, Search and Management of Assets derived from Corruption and Other Crimes (ARMA)

we.ua - Железную руду, выявленную в Одесской области и принадлежащую компании из рф, передали в собственность государства

resident of Odessa province who shot at a wedding will pay a fine

The Court sentenced 17,000 hryvnias to a fine as well as compensation in the amount of more than 12,000 hryvnias for carrying out an expert examination of a resident of Belgorod-Dniestrovsky who shot at his own wedding

we.ua - Житель Одесской области, который устроил стрельбу на свадьбе, заплатит штраф

In the area of Bakhmut, Ukrainian troops entered the offensive and were beaten to a kilometre per day in the suburbs

During the month of 6 June, the Ukrainian Defence Forces in the Bakhmut area abandoned the occupiers from 200 to 1,100 metres. Full news and visitors ' comments

we.ua - В районе Бахмута украинские войска перешли в наступление и за сутки отбили до километра пригородов

Sold unserviceable cans to create a food reserve: Black Sea entrepreneur at risk to 12 years of age

54-year-old businessman who has sold unusable canned products to the Black Sea Council will be on trial. She faces up to 12 years of imprisonment. Full news, 2 photographs and visitors ' comments

we.ua - Продала непригодные консервы для формирования продовольственного резерва: предпринимательнице из Черноморска грозит до 12 лет

The collaborator who raised the Russian flag over Volchanski will spend 15 years in prison (photo)

The Court sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment a 45-year-old member of the criminal world by the nickname Chizh of Volchansk, who cooperated with the Fsb and the private military company Wagner during the occupation. Full news, 3 photographs and visitors ' comments

we.ua - Коллаборант, который поднял российский флаг над Волчанском, проведет 15 лет в тюрьме (фото)

Germany will hand over 20 more Marders to Ukraine

Germany will deploy 20 additional Marines to Ukraine before the end of July. Full news, 1 photo and visitors ' comments

we.ua - Германия передаст Украине еще 20 БМП Marder

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