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The occupying forces are closing hospitals in Kahovka and Novo Kahovka, Genstab

24 rocket fire attacks, including on communities near the confrontation line, were carried out by Russian occupation personnel during those days

we.ua - Оккупанты закрывают больницы в Каховке и Новой Каховке, - Генштаб

In Odessa, a cafe burned down on the coast: One person died (photo, video)

One person died as a result of a fire that occurred during the day <#8203; ​ 29 January on the Fontaine Road. Full news, 9 photos, video and visitors ' comments

we.ua - В Одессе на побережье сгорело кафе: один человек погиб (фото, видео)

One instead of eight: Ukrainian Air Force is preparing to rearm US F-16 fighter aircraft

Eleven months of difficult negotiations on the need to hand over American fighters to our country seem to have come to a good conclusion. Yesterday, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuri Ignat, said that F-16 fighters were perhaps the best option to replace the current fleet of combat aircraft. This may indicate a positive decision by the allies, although, of course, there is no certainty in such cases until the last moment... full news, 5 photos and visitors' comments

we.ua - Один вместо восьми: украинские Воздушные cилы готовятся к перевооружению на американские истребители F-16

In Odessa, the collectors threatened to blow up the debtor's apartment unless he contacted them

Collectors in Odessa have learned new methods of debt collection. A few days ago, they called the police and named the entrepreneur and his exact address, said that his apartment was mined and if he didn't get in touch with them, it would explode. The full text of the news and the visitors' comments

we.ua - В Одессе коллекторы угрожали взорвать квартиру должника, если он не выйдет с ними на связь

Ukraine has become the most mined country in the world

Ukraine is the most mined country in the world. More than 40 per cent of the territories are mined because of the fighting

we.ua - Украина стала самой заминированной страной в мире

Gypsy and high school runners. Odessa House of Artists showed antique painting (photo)

During the war, Odessa museum collections were almost entirely evacuated, but this does not mean that only modern art can be viewed today

we.ua -

Odessa Communicators went to the streets to clean up the snow (photo)

The city has been cleared of snow since the evening of 28 January by community workers and the local community

we.ua - Одесские коммунальщики вышли на улицы для уборки снега (фото)

"Noosphere" arrived at the Ukrainian antarctic station "Academic Vernadsky" (photo)

"Noosphere" brought Ukrainian polars to the Academy Vernadsky station on the island of Galindez in Antarctica

we.ua - Ледокол «Ноосфера» прибыл на украинскую антарктическую станцию «Академик Вернадский» (фото)

First snowmen, hungry cats and children's entertainment: In Odessa, the winter weather (photo-raying) was established

For the first time in this winter, the weather in our city was really snowy. Yesterday's wet snow increased overnight, moving into the snowfall, which, fortunately, stopped by morning. Full news, 19 photos and visitors' comments

we.ua - Первые снеговики, голодные коты и детские развлечения: в Одессе установилась зимняя погода (фотозарисовка)

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