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Most EU members support Macro position on strategic autonomy from the United States - Research

The 74% of the EU's 11 states support President of France's strategic autonomy, which means that you need to reduce military dependence on the United States and invest in your own defense

Ukraine has arranged with the OECD on a four-year collaboration program

The Treaty of Ukraine (OECD), which launched a four-year-old support for reforms and reconstruction, and will help Kyiv to approach the membership of the organization and the European Union

we.ua - Україна домовилась з ОЕСР про чотирирічну програму співпраці

Moldova has a punishment for creating fairy suits in social media

The Government of Moldova endorsed the bill to make changes to the Criminal Code, part of which the punishment for false identity is applied

Premier Latvia to Putin for good cooperation with Europe

the Prime Minister of Latvia. Kariesh, the Russian president of Putin, says you can thank for a good work with Europe for the first time since 1945

Back after Zielinski Erdogan called Putin and talked about Kahowski HS

Mr. Tureky President Rhap Tayp Erdogan on Wednesday offered Russian viadas Putin to create a joint commission for investigating events on the Kahov Hydropower Plant

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