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The International Adventor Merkel supports support to provide fighter Ukraine

Former admirer of Angel Merkel from foreign policy and the current head of Munich with the security conference of Christopher Hisgen supports Ukraine's fighter for protection from Russian attacks

lling for Northern Macedonia: Russia is interested in gathering conflicts in the Balkans

In addition to the latest intensity in relations with Bulgaria, the British Foreign Secretary of Northern Macedonia, Osman called Russia the third party, interested in deepening this and other conflicts in the Balkans

Countries of Northern Europe ask their citizens in Turkey to be free

Finland followed Sweden, Denmark and Norway called their citizens in Turkey to avoid the mass collection of people and demonstrations in the background of tense relationships between countries

Mr. Zielinski spoke to the president of Bohemia and invited him to Ukraine

President of Ukraine Vladimir Selenski conducted a telephone conversation on Sunday with the former president of the National Committee of St. Paul who won the President's election in Bohemia

In the Alpian Las Vegas, they refused to ban the casino

The introduction of the referendum on Sunday, the Liechtenstein citizen, the overweight majority of the votes rejected the offer to ban the activities in this microstate in the West of Europe, which is regularly called the Alpian Las Vegas

Half the Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania found a job, but almost 80% of them want to change it -- research

Since the beginning of a full-blown Russian war against Ukraine in Lithuania, 21,000 Ukrainians were employed, which is about half of all the working refugees

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