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Germany has handed a new package of military aid to Ukraine, where Mandvarn 206 came in

Germany has handed another package of military aid to Ukraine, which has entered the eight locations of Bandvagn 206 and 2.000 ammunition towards Gepard's foundation

we.ua - Німеччина передала Україні новий пакет військової допомоги, куди увійшли всюдиходи Bandvagn 206

Nickname of questions in the universe: 8 June 2023 horoscope

Sebastian Horoscope 8 June 2023 promised to 16: 26 is a good time for everything, especially for small things. The University of Nikisphorus, June 8, the universe is open to our questions. Think what's important to you right now, and ask him questions. You'll hear the answer, and you'll find yourself that [# 8230;] ]

we.ua - Ставте запитання Всесвіту: гороскоп на 8 червня 2023 року

How do you feel about being dirt under your feet, living mad? The EU has turned to the Russians

he wasn't able to hold up and emotionally request to the Russians. She doesn't understand how they can quietly look at the fact that Ukrainian cities go underwater

we.ua - Як вам бути брудом під ногами дідів, які вижили з розуму? Єфросиніна звернулася до росіян

Deputy RF is pushing the fairies that don't seem to be involved in the Kachevsky GIS bombing

The proparganists are spreading awards that the Canadian hydroelectric plant situation seems to have nothing to do with the interest of RF, and denying Moscow's involvement in the blow-up dams

we.ua - РФ просуває фейки, що нібито не причетна до підриву Каховської ГЕС – ЦПД

The Russians destroyed the Kahowski's ecosystem: I don't know what ecticides are and what consequences are

Now, what is ecticides and what this notion is that the ICTV facts were asked in a scientist, an environmental specialist from Maxim Soids

we.ua - Росіяни зруйнували екосистему Каховського середовища: що таке екоцид і які його наслідки

Answer & ndash; Silence: It is said that Ukraine warned the plans of Russia in October

In October of 2022, the President's office reminded us that they were warned in October of 2022 that Russia was preparing a technical disaster

we.ua - У відповідь – тиша: Подоляк нагадав, що Україна попереджала про плани Росії щодо ГЕС у жовтні

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