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To keep the Russian Black Sea fleet in line, it takes only one submarine, Melnik

Andrei Melnik says that Ukraine needs a German submarine because with this technique it can keep the entire Black Sea fleet in line

we.ua - Чтобы держать Черноморский флот РФ “в узде” нужна только одна подводная лодка – Мельник

The perfect student shelter on Kharkowshkin: What it looks like and how much it cost

In the Kharkiv lyceum, a bomb shelter was built according to all the rules and requirements - with desks, beds, bathrooms. This is the first shelter built in the Kharkiv region school

we.ua - Идеальное ученическое бомбоубежище на Харьковщине: как выглядит и сколько стоило

Piño Pavenko, Poet-16K and author of the lyrics of the song Two colors

The quote of 93 years passed by the Ukrainian poet, translator, critic and publicist Distoro Pavenko

we.ua - Умер Дмитрий Павлычко – поэт-шестидесятник и автор текста песни Два кольори

English Terrorites in Israel: The police will sit on the troops at Jerusalem

Admittedly, after recent terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Israeli authorities strengthen security measures

we.ua - Теракты в Израиле: в Иерусалиме полицию усилят военными

rson bombings and SNB sanctions against Russia: What happens on the 340th day of the war (online)

The main events of the 340th full-time war in Ukraine are in the text-based online broadcast of the facts of the ICTV

we.ua - Учения украинских танкистов в Британии и обстрел больницы в Херсоне: что происходит на 340-й день войны (онлайн)

as food is balanced despite the blackout of light

If home is a small supply of useful and diverse products, you're not going to be hungry when the lights are shut down

we.ua - Як харчуватися збалансовано, незважаючи на відключення світла

Israel attacked the defense complex in Iran to stop Tehran's military ambitions - the media

The reason why Israel made a secret hit from a defense fighter in Iran is that together with the United States, we're looking for new ways to numb nuclear and military ambitions of Tehran

we.ua - Израиль атаковал оборонный комплекс в Иране, чтобы сдержать военные амбиции Тегерана – СМИ

Prop Nardep from the BAU of the Lords wrote a statement about how to build a mandate - the media

Written by Delegate Olg of Lords, who entered the restricted Russian faction of the BAU, wrote a statement about the assembly date

we.ua - Нардеп из ОПЗЖ Волошин написал заявление о сложении мандата – СМИ

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