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Written by Legenar Ruler and the actor Hulk Gogan got married

ypical 70-year-old WWE champion became a 45-year-old Sky Dale, with whom he met at a friend's party a year and a half ago

we.ua - Легендарний рестлер і актор Галк Гоган одружився

Cross-close border with bilot and Russian: It became known for the conditions of Latvia to take such a step

Deputy President Edgaras Ringechaz spoke with the Secretary of Defense for Germany Boris the Security Committee of the region

we.ua - Повне закриття кордону з білоруссю та росією: стало відомо, за яких умов Латвія піде на такий крок

Hard to understand: The European Commission has spoken in Beijing about the relationship of China to the war in Ukraine

In addition to Valdias Dimbrocus, a third of the EU's companies claimed that China was less attractive for investment by treating conflict

we.ua - «Важко зрозуміти»: єврокомісар висловився у Пекіні про ставлення Китаю до війни в Україні

"Forever": The loan for the first time was told about his new lover

Aunt and I are confident of ourselves and in our relationships, so we'll always be together, says Aleksei Forsttown

we.ua - «Назавжди разом»: Позитив вперше розказав про свою нову кохану

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