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"2023 will be the year of victory." Zelensky reported on the outcome of the meeting of the Chief Commander ' s Staff

According to the President, the meeting considered important intelligence information on possible Russian action in the near future

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They're 10 years out. Ukraine imposed sanctions against Uralcalya, the NGO "Azot" and 180 other companies from the Russian Federation and Belarus

President Vladimir Zelensky reported that new restrictions had been imposed on entrepreneurs and companies involved in the transport of Russian occupiers and equipment

we.ua - Забанили на 10 лет. Украина ввела санкции против

How to learn to sleep: 5 simple tips

sleep window is the optimal time for a person to sleep in order not to feel tired and irritated in the morning

we.ua - Как научиться высыпаться: 5 простых советов

Minus another one. People ' s MP Oleg Voloshin decided to surrender the mandate

Since January last year, Oleg Voloshin has been under US sanctions for "participating in Russian-controlled influence activities to destabilize Ukraine"

we.ua - Минус еще один. Народный депутат от ОПЗЖ Олег Волошин решил сдать мандат

Ukrainian hackers said they hacked the biggest mobile operator in Iran

Activists from HackYourMom are behind the data drain not only by the operator IranCell, but also by "nearly the entire technological sector" of Iran, said the representative of the Nikita Knish movement

we.ua - Украинские хакеры заявили, что это они взломали крупнейшего мобильного оператора в Иране

Bruce Willis' wife showed a touching picture of her husband

Bruce Willis hardly appears in public and prefers to spend all his time with his family

we.ua - Жена больного Брюса Уиллиса показала трогательные кадры с мужем

Drone kamikaze attack: Israeli media reports a successful attack on Iranian sites

According to journalists, military production in the city of Isfahan, which was attacked by drones, could be related to Iran's nuclear programme

we.ua - Удар дронов-камикадзе: израильские СМИ сообщают об успешной атаке по объектам Ирана

Australia has lost a lethal radiation capsule: The authorities have admitted that she will never be found

The cesia-137 capsule fell out of the truck while driving about 1400 km. The object can cause acute radiation disease and cancer

we.ua - В Австралии потеряли смертельную капсулу с радиацией: власти допустили, что ее не найдут никогда

"The situation is complex but controlled": Reznikov told me about the battles on Donbas

The head of the Ministry of Defence looks forward to the successful outcome of negotiations on the provision of military aviation to Ukraine. He said that this could become possible in the near future. "Anything that is impossible today, tomorrow will be possible," Reznikov stressed

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