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Shots fired from the CDDC: The Russian Federation tried to kill those fleeing from the drowned Herson, the U.S.A

The occupying forces targeted dozens of people who were travelling by bus from the Island neighbourhood. Evacuation continues - more than 1,700 people have left the city

we.ua - Стреляли из РСЗО: ВС РФ пытались убить спасавшихся из затопленного Херсона, – ВСУ

Battle of the Titans: Supercar Bugatti Chiron challenged the space shuttle on a straight line

The French 1600-strong supercar Bugatti Chiron Super Sport can run to hundreds in just 2.4 seconds. The space shuttle has over 37 million horsepower

we.ua - Битва титанов: суперкар Bugatti Chiron бросил вызов космическому шаттлу на прямой (видео)

"Rossia needs to be stopped." Ukraine provided information to The Hague on the bombing of the Kahov HPP

Ukraine is ready to cooperate with the ICC and provide all necessary evidence collected by prosecutors to bring to justice all those responsible for the bombing of the Kahov HPP

we.ua -

Shebecino of Belgorod region under fire: (Video)

According to Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, 60 shells were fired from the Grad FMLN by the settlement. Most of them went to the prom

we.ua - Шебекино Белгородской области под обстрелом: в городе сильный пожар (видео)

"Drained positions": After the Kakhov power plant was destroyed, Russians moved from Dnieper to 5-15 km, OK "South"

According to Natalia Gumenyuk, Russian forces continued to fire directly on the right bank during the evacuation and operation of police and rescue workers with the local population

we.ua -

Arnold Schwarzenegger told me who could play Terminator

According to the actor, O offered the role of a robot from the future. Jay Simpson wasn't sure he was gonna play the murder machine

we.ua - Арнольд Шварценеггер рассказал, кто мог сыграть Терминатора

"To deprive Ukraine of energy": The Russian Federation will attempt to destroy other HPPs, Colonel SBU

According to Roman Kostenko, thermal power plants were attacked by rockets during the winter. In this way, the Russian Federation will try to stop a counter-offensive by the SCU

we.ua -

Erdogan spoke to Zelensky and Putin: Leaders discussed the bombing of the Kahov HPP

According to the Turkish leader's office, Erdogan called on the Russian Federation and Ukraine to negotiate constructively on the "grain deal" to avoid large daily humanitarian losses

we.ua - Эрдоган переговорил с Зеленским и с Путиным: лидеры стран обсудили подрыв Каховской ГЭС

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