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This is Secretary Conclave. Which decided the world's major intelligence in Singapore

Paul George Friedman: United States and China are feeling the decline of Russia and talking about what the future should be

we.ua - Секретний конклав. Що вирішували головні розвідники світу у Сінгапурі

The military had saved his mother and children in Olek Bay (video)

to temporarily occupied Olek on Herson after undermining the Russians in Kahevsky HIS, there was a critical situation

we.ua - Військові врятували матір із дітьми в затоплених Олешках (відео)

Krita Lukashenko was wrong by a friend of a TV-channel Nexta Prosetovich

President Zapang was apprehended by the Belarusian police during the attack of 4978 on May 23rd, 2021 with Roman Prosasovich

we.ua - Лукашенко помилував подругу ексредактора телеграм-каналу Nexta Протасевича

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