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Russians attacked Hersonis: There are seven air bombs in the village, Herson has dead

On September 27th, the Russians attacked Hersonand. In the middle of the country, the Russians killed a man, and in the country of Mykolaiv Berisław, there were seven air bombs

we.ua - росіяни атакували Херсонщину: в районі села скинули 7 авіабомб, у Херсоні є загиблий

The passenger of war criminals in tribunal ways: The goal of the rff was to return to the U.N. Council of Human Rights

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has commented information about the attempt of Russia to return to the U.N. Council of Human Rights. In the domain, the rf can't go back there until he's responsible for his crimes

we.ua - Місце воєнних злочинців на лавах трибуналу: МЗС відреагувало на наміри рф повернутися до Ради ООН з прав людини

The Medoporum plugin was able to buy maintenance equipment for the sick of 47% cheaper

As Ukraine's State Training Organization, Ukraine has acquired 15 valuable and innovative linear accelerators for promological therapeutic therapeutic diseases, and could save them

we.ua - «Медзакупівлям» вдалося придбати обладнання для онкохворих на 47% дешевше

stole 132 Ukrainian officers, 14 of them are still in the prisoner - ZMINA

Since the beginning of a full-blown war, the Russians kidnapped 132 representatives of Ukraine's local self-governance and authorities. According to the law guards, 98 of them have already been released, but they still have 14 officers in the building

we.ua - рф викрала 132 українських посадовців, 14 із них досі в полоні — ZMINA

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