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Countries of Northern Europe called their citizens in Turkey to avoid people

Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway urged their citizens in Turkey to avoid the collection of people and demonstrations on the background of the relationship between states

we.ua - Країни Північної Європи закликали своїх громадян у Туреччині уникати людних місць

the invaders reported a hit on the Miliatol Bridge

According to the occupational administration of Zaporizan, they reported that they hit the HIMARS at the bridge under the Melitol. They say there are dead and wounded

we.ua - Окупанти заявили про удар ЗСУ по мосту під Мелітополем

Ukrainian IT-army hacked the Gizum Archive

The Ukrainian IT army broke the archive of the largest Russian gas company in Gazprom and got access to 6,000 files

we.ua - Українська IT-армія зламала архів «Газпрому»

The Ukrainian government paid $100,000 a year for assistance to 462 Ukrainian polio

The Ministry of Reintegration of temporarily occupied territories in 2022 has paid 100,000 assistance to 462 Ukrainian policy for & # 039; Miss silicon or their families

we.ua - Уряд України за рік виплатив по 100 тисяч грн допомоги 462 українським політв'язням кремля

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