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Germany has handed a new package of military aid to Ukraine, where Mandvarn 206 came in

Germany handed over another package of military aid to Ukraine, including eight objects from Bandvagn 206, reported at the German government website

we.ua - Німеччина передала Україні новий пакет військової допомоги, куди увійшли всюдиходи Bandvagn 206

In the Snowbury region, the city is completely flooded - the head of the M2

The Canadian Mortar trip near the village of Basil, who connected the Snowbury with the Babylonian, Pavelian and Tamaria districts, completely flooded, said the head of the Snowbury City Administration John Kuhta

The six Ukrainian countrieshave entered the thousands of most stable Impat Rankings rankers

The introduction to thousands of the most stable universities every year's Impan Ranks ranking on the High Eastern Arts agency has entered six Ukrainian universities

we.ua - Шість українських вишів увійшли до тисячі найбільш стійких університетів рейтингу Impact Rankings

According to the Identity Committee, Radi recommends the basis of the VO housing bill

The Parliamentary Committee of the Human Rights Committee recommends the Supreme Council to take over the base of the bill # 9310 on making changes relating to domestic residents for temporary living, to the law "Information Rights and Freedom of Internal Affairs."

we.ua - Профільний комітет рекомендує Раді прийняти за основу законопроєкт про забезпечення житлом ВПО

The Parliament of Iceland has condemned the delegation of Russia to Ukrainian children

Addition of the Alliance (Iceland Parliament) has condemned the illegal delegation of Ukrainian children Russian children, reported the Supreme Council Vitrac

we.ua - Парламент Ісландії засудив депортацію Росією українських дітей

Ukraine's troops have not yet begun counter-offensive, Daniel

The Ukrainian troops have not yet begun a scheduled counter to return occupied Russian territory by the Secretary of National Security and Defense of Alexey Daniel

we.ua - Українські війська ще не розпочали контрнаступ - Данілов

Mr. RF is constantly working on creating social tension among the families of the prisoners, as a provocation, the state of the military abuse

In addition to the coordinate state of the military, there have been an online meeting with the families of the National Guard of Ukraine, at which the state officials responded to the question of their loved ones

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