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Trido apologized for inviting an SS veteran into Parliament, CBC

Prime Minister Justin Trido apologized to behalf of Canada after the SS veteran of the Air Lullaby's "Jarosław Gonko" was included until the event after President of Vladimir Zielenski last week, reported CBC on Wednesday

we.ua - Трюдо вибачився за запрошення ветерана дивізії СС до парламенту – CBC

The sample governments have found the "best decisions" from the grain question:

The Prime Minister of Romania said that the government discussed the system of licensing grain exports from Ukraine, as well as the question of cooperation between countries, he announced in his route to the Digi24 television channel on Wednesday

we.ua - Уряди знайшли

Therefore, due to the firing of the Hersons area, there is a dead, yet another wounded - the head of CHAPTER

According to the Hersoon shooting on Wednesday night, a 41-year-old peace resident was killed, another wounded, reported in his telegram channel the head of the Hersian military administration Alexander Prokindin

we.ua - Внаслідок обстрілу Херсонської області є загиблий, ще один поранений – голова ОВА

Written by Actor Mark Strong became an ambassador for UNITE24 - Zealand

The new application of the UNlTED24 phantom platform became the British actor Mark Strong, said in the video on Wednesday, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zielinski

Key facts and figures 11 / 10 / 05 12: 55 Page 38

The President of Ukraine, Vladimir Selenski, believes that the soldiers need more tools to destroy rockets, drones and aviation. "A special assignment to the military will be a separate assignment and anyone who's involved in international directions. Our warriors need more tools to destroy and Russian rockets, and Chajda, and other beat drones, and Russian aviation, and he said in video on Wednesday

we.ua - Воїнам потрібно більше інструментів для знищення ракет та дронів – Зеленський

The United States has launched sanctions against the trans-national production network of Iranian BL

The United States Foreign Agency (OFAC) has introduced sanctions on five legal and two physical individuals based on Iran, the Chinese People's National Republic (PRC), Hong Kong, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates (OAA), involved in purchasing sensitive details

we.ua - США запровадили санкції проти транснаціональної мережі виробництва іранських БПЛА

And when you hear about it, when you see it, it's under a massive firearm, the head of

Hudson had a mass shot on the side of the aggregation force, the great probability of a missile hit, in his telegram channel, tells the head of the Gerpine Orchestra in the military administration of Alexander Procudin on Wednesday night

we.ua - Херсон перебуває під масованим обстрілом – голова ОВА

The incremental reproduction of e / e-energy and Ukronto helped balance the energy system in the summer - RECER

The IPAC and PRATT have reconstructed the power production plan in June of 2023, and the heat generation business has failed and reported the National Commission in areas of energy and communal services

we.ua - Перевиробництво е/е

The Treaty of Zealand adopted a poem from the words of Estonia, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Great Britain, Canada and the EU

The President of Ukraine, the President of Vladimir Selenski, has taken a poem from the teachings of Estonia, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Great Britain, Canada, and the European Union

we.ua - Зеленський прийняв вірчі грамоти від послів Естонії, Франції, Словенії, Угорщини, Великої Британії, Канади та ЄС

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