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UTF-Fi instead of registration: Google created a teabot for the Mayo clinic, and he would structure medical data for patients

TEDo is one of the largest private health and research centers of the world located in the American Rochester -- since 2019, co-working with Google Cloud for digital transformation, and the current partnership involves creating AI-terrors - ШІ замість реєстратури: Google створила чатбот для клініки Мейо – він структуруватиме медичні дані пацієнтів

Peter Vodafone runs a gigabitNet online on GPON technology

The Vodafone link officer released a new proposal -- a high-speed fixed Vodafone GigabitNet home access. The defense will connect to a new network using GPON (gigabbit optical network) which provides speed to 1 Gbit / s - Vodafone запускає гігабітний домашній інтернет GigabitNet на базі технології GPON

krusader-Version iOS 17, watchOS 10 and macOS Soma is already available (unpaid) all available by Apple ID only needed

krusader-Version iOS 17, watchOS 10 and macOS Soma for developers currently available to anyone. Before, the last quiz needed a payment in Apple Development ($99 per year) - now Apple has made access for free. All you have to do is have an Apple ID - Бета-версії iOS 17, watchOS 10 та macOS Sonoma вже (безплатно) доступні усім бажаючим – потрібний лише Apple ID

Synchronized GPS sequencer: MS Great Britain successfully tested quantum navigation to determine the exact position of the vessel

The leading Royal Navy of Great Britain reports successful trials of quantum navigational systems, able to determine the exact location of the vessel around the world without relying on GPS. The technical detail of the technology developed by the physics of Imperial College in London knows a little -- most of the time people talk about the use of unique properties of an atom - Потенційний наступник GPS: ВМС Великої Британії успішно випробували квантову навігацію для визначення точного розташування судна

WebOS 17 developed support for external webcam and USB cameras

The IPPads finally got support for external USB cameras and webcam. New input is implemented in beta version iPedro 17 for developers. There are also support for USB webcam wired through devices such as Elgato Cam Link 4K, or unmirror cameras with webcam modes - У iPadOS 17 з’явилася підтримка зовнішніх вебкамер та USB-камер

Casting the best SSD discs in Ukraine - 120 10 model models of M2 NVE

SSD disks - one of the most important components of modern & # 8217; Cell phones and laptops. They affect the loading rate of the operating system, programs and files. The most popular SSD generator is M2. In the last year, this type of manufacturer was cheap almost twice, so now it's a good time to add his computer / laptop a little bit of memory. In this article, we're going to look at the best SSD M2 NVM score of m [# 8230; ] - Рейтинг кращих SSD-дисків в Україні – Топ 10 моделей M2 NVMe

The Chessers have learned how to make blue checkmarks in Gmail - Google is preparing an urgent update

Now, Google introduced a new belief system to Gmail a month ago by checking that the additional "check will secure users and help us distinguish real e-mail from rogue messages" -- but last, it seems to have found a way to circumvent the test - Шахраї навчились «‎підробляти» сині галочки в Gmail — Google готує термінове оновлення

er has raised time to edit tweets by 1 hour, but the function is still available for money

The return of Twitter Blue, paying $8 a month, gets one of the priority functions -- the ability to edit tweets within one hour after publishing - Twitter подвоїв час для редагування твітів до 1 години, але функція все ще доступна виключно за гроші

Tucker Carlson published on Twitter an manipulative video that Ukraine blew up Kahov GAC - Musk supported and had already seen 50 million times

er came out the first release of the show fired from Fox Prosified by Thacker Carlson. He's talking about the Kachkowska GAC dam explosion -- more precisely, lying about involvement in Ukraine's terrorist attack. He's already got about 50 million views and 150 plus thousands of tweets - Такер Карлсон опублікував в Twitter маніпулятивне відео, що Україна підірвала Каховську ГЕС — Маск підтримав і його вже переглянули 50 млн разів

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