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Representation on "Undetergent Wedding" / Shotgun Wadding

The wedding is regularly one of the central events in cinema. The bill of movies in which the wedding is based on a script goes to the tens place, if not even a hundred. The unrestrained marriage is trying to catch up with relatively standard, as for romantic comedy, the approach with warheads. As successful as the author of the film, read in review below. "Heavenly Wedding" / [# 8230; ] - Рецензія на фільм «Нестримне весілля» / Shotgun Wedding

Thomas Representation for "Your and Us" movie

December 27, Netflix presented a new comedy movie "yours and our" with the star of John Gill and Eddie Murphy. " But it's not comedy in pure form, but it's also a film that's trying to be a public satire. In review below, we talk about how successful authors were able to combine comedy and serious. "Your and our" / You People Genre romantic [# 8230; ] - Рецензія на фільм «Ваші і наші» / You People

"Lockwood and Ko" / Local & Co

October 27, on Netflix, came out "Lockwood and Koo" by touching the themes of supernatural and ominous. This adaptation is a very successful and well-known edition of books (or more, the first two) of the British writer Jonathan Strude. This series contains a & # 8217; The first volume was published in 2013. In this review, we tell them that this agency is like, [# 8230; ] - Рецензія на серіал «Агенція “Локвуд і Ко”» / Lockwood & Co

Mike Dipper for signing. The network immediately generates handwritten text -- using the handwriting database above 200 people

KPhotoAlbum of the plugin that works in a browser via JavaScript, instantly converts any text printed in a handwritten text. After entering a sentence, the site offers nine different styles, each of which can be adjusted at speed, width and clarity. You can load text in a SVG vector file. The site is particularly interesting because it does not use well-known handwritten fonts - each letter here [# 8230; ] - Діпфейки для підпису. Нейромережа миттєво генерує рукописний текст — використовуючи базу даних з почерками понад 200 людей

BO continued "The Last of Us" on second season after successfully leaving two hearts

The US cable TV operator HBO has ordered the second season of the Last of Us after HBO and HBO Max have only emerged two episodes of the show. The sequel to the show doesn't cause a surprise, because it's successful both in critics and in audiences. In addition to 97% of positive feedback, among the critics of Rothten [# 8230; ] - HBO продовжив серіал The Last of Us на другий сезон після успішного виходу двох серій

Is NVIDIA RTX 4090 too big? Alphart offers an ultra compact water cooling system to place video cards in one PCI-E slot

The size of the coolant system is the fastest player used to cool NVIDIA RTX 4090 entered the furniture. The options for the different manufacturers are ready to take at least three slots, and also a clear space in length and width. In this case, most of the graphics processor is based on a relatively short circuit. Alphaschool has a solution that allows you to place a flag of productivity just in one slot of PCI-E. YouTube channel [# 8230; ] - NVIDIA RTX 4090 занадто велика? Alphacool пропонує ультракомпактну систему водяного охолодження для розміщення відеокарти в одному слоті PCI-E

Written Reformed Car Design: On Action site, we launched a calculator to calculate the cost of fractional payment

"The Ukrainian officials continue to make it easier to open cars through" Diya. " Remember, this is what the Prime Minister Hans Schmigal was talking about in the early summer of 2022. Then it was expected that the service would run to July 1 (which is true, a year ago he didn't specify it). And for the first time, because of the use of "Action in government," was held in May, and in September Cabin, he approved a particular experimental experiment. [# 8230;] ] - Реформа розмитнення авто: на сайті «Дія» запустили калькулятор для розрахунку вартості митних платежів

The government approved the Act of 2% of the tax tax tax for FlPue and returns the tax check on July 1, 2023

Now, as expected, Ukrainian officials decided to take away from small business tax benefits at the time of military war. This is reported in the approved statement by the "Conduct Act of Ukraine and other Ukrainian laws regarding the special taxation feature during the military state," reported a permanent representative of Cabmine in the Supreme Council of Taras Mancensk in its [# 8230; ] - Уряд схвалив законопроєкт, який скасує пільговий 2% податок для ФОПів та поверне перевірки податкової — з 1 липня 2023 року

The Last of Us Part and probably continue the HBO series with the interview Neal BuzFed

Last of the Us and the future of the game franchise, Neil Merrigan confirmed that the next series will be based on many users. The producer and director also annexed the new set of characters that live in another city that hasn't yet been identified in The Last of Us. "You can take into the world The [# 8230; ] - Потенційний триквел The Last of Us Part та ймовірне продовження серіалу HBO — з інтерв’ю Ніла Дракманна BuzzFeed

The city of the rich. The country of Zimbabwe builds a Cybercity for $60 billion -- places the President's palace and a luxury villa of wealthy citizens

The current leader of Zimbabwe plans to build a new capital along the way to the previous one, the poor and the repopulated city of Harar. The Mount Hampden, 18 kilometers north east of Harare, will be placed by the national Parliament, the Presidential Palace, the President's headquarters of the central bank, the capital court, the stock market, auctioned the prices of useful cogs and branches. & # 8220; Mount Hampden is a new harard. There already [# 8230;] ] - Місто для багатіїв. Влада Зімбабве будує Кібермісто за $60 млрд — там розмістять президентський палац та розкішні вілли заможних жителів

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