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According to the invaders, they don't allow us to evacuate the zone of subtoning - Genstaff

Back in the city of Hall, the occupants of the two-story houses are thrown out of the apartment and placed in them themselves, and on the rooftops of these buildings, adjust the firing positions

we.ua - Окупанти не дають можливості евакуюватися із зон підтоплення - Генштаб

"Setting up the ground" (% 1)

The amount of prevention of water will be applied to maximum number of prevention measures, to prevent acute gut infections, including cholera

we.ua - Україна готова швидко реагувати на спалахи холери - головний санлікар

we're not here

The doctor's chief, who is also a deputation of community council, was in hot trouble, decided the question of the report of the suspect

we.ua - У Рівному головлікар вимагав хабар за оформлення групи інвалідності

ZW's hit the Russians in four directions

Pushing Aviation has led 15 hits around the area of a person's composition and two on top of enemy rocket complexes

we.ua - ЗСУ відбили атаки росіян на чотирьох напрямках

Germany, for the first time, has passed to Ukraine Bandvagn 206

MS ZW already uses Bandvagn 206. Partners used to wire it before, although they didn't officially report it, they reported it

we.ua - Німеччина вперше передала Україні всюдиходи Bandvagn 206

Ukraine's six countrieshave entered the thousands of most stable universities

The introduction of this year's Times Government has launched 1,591 universities from 112 countries in the world, 32 of whom Ukrainian

we.ua - Шість вишів України увійшли до тисячі найбільш стійких університетів

The chemical disaster threat. New Russian Terrorization

The Russian military has damaged the ammonia pipeline in the Kharkiv region. There was a leak of 134 tons of ammonia

we.ua - Загроза хімічної катастрофи. Новий теракт Росії

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