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Zelensk: Russia hopes to make war

Zelinski's meeting summary of the High Chief's High Command meetings said that the situation on the front was very rigid

we.ua - Зеленський: Росія сподівається затягнути війну

Dmitro Pavlicko sings dead

From 1995 to 1998, Pavlicko's rock boo to Ambassador Ukry to Slovakia and from 1999 to 2002 to Ambassador Ukry to Poland

we.ua - Помер поет Дмитро Павличко

The International Advisor to Merkel for Ukraine's fighter provided

The Court of Justice, "The President of Munich," said that, according to international law, foreign authorities are allowed to supply weapons such as battle tanks and combat airplanes

we.ua - Багаторічний радник Меркель за надання Україні винищувачів

Notre Orban believes that Putin will refuse the war in Ukraine through elections

The Korean Premier Hungary believes that it's not about the full conquest of Ukraine, because it causes the population and the "guerrilla war," but it's about creating a buffer zone along the line on Dongbasa

we.ua - Орбан вважає, що Путін не відмовиться від війни в Україні через вибори

There's another APC junkie who wants to match the date

Mr. Yuri Boiko confirmed that the application for the Manites of the People has written by Natalia Queen and her husband, Yuri Solomon

we.ua - Ще один нардеп ОПЗЖ хоче скласти мандат

Mr. Zielenski spoke to the president of Czech

Mr. Paul has confirmed that he is going to visit Ukraine along with the Slovak colleague Zazana Zucuszawa spring 2023

we.ua - Зеленський поговорив із обраним президентом Чехії

The West is concerned about the escalation of war - media

The ongoing concerns indicate that the capacity window for Ukraine is not infinite, and it needs a powerful Western weapon soon enough

we.ua - Захід стурбований затягуванням війни - ЗМІ

Zelinski's meeting has been held by the pond. Discussed Front

The session was discussed by the question of providing key needs for Ukrainian defenders in arms, military technology and ammunition to perform transactions scheduled for 2023

we.ua - Зеленський провів засідання Ставки. Обговорювали фронт

June Scholz is afraid to provide fighter Ukraine

The minister of the defense of Germany, Boris Pestus, was also committed against giving Ukraine German fighters

we.ua - Шольц боїться надання Україні винищувачів

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