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The Treaty of Arabia has offered to create a commission for experts from Ukraine, RF, UN, and international community

Erdogan claimed that Turkey was willing to do "everything is possible in this regard" and suggested to follow the negotiation format, "as in the grain corridor." This tells Qi-Info with a call on CNN Turk. He emphasized that it would be impossible to prevent human loss that occurs every day, but Turkey will decisively continue his efforts to establish fair peace. The President also summarized the results of an Ergon phone conversation. He talked about the humanities and environmental consequences [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Ердоган запропонував Зеленському створити комісію за участю експертів з України, РФ, ООН і міжнародного співтовариства

June, send the help of Ukraine through the destruction of Kahevsky GAC, MBC Lithuania

To send aid to Ukraine through the help of Kahov GIS in the Hersoon region. This is what Cy-Info reports with calls for the Internal Affairs Department of Lithuania, Agorn Belarus. "We understand that this is a very difficult situation, and we have to do everything we can to help our friends and brothers in Ukraine," she said. Lithuania is going to pass 30 hits to Ukraine, 240 [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Литва відправить допомогу Україні через руйнуванням Каховської ГЕС, – МВС Литви

Proparagandan Trump published video about "Ukraine blew up the Kahov GHC"

Now, as an argument he gave, the station was under the control of the Russians, and the most damage was the savagery of the population. This is what Cue-Info says about calling on the Twitter of Thacker Carlson. In eight hours, the video took 41 million views to Twitter. They supported and distributed Matt Geatz's American Congressman, a Russian representative at the UN of Dérro Polsky and Ilon Mussk. Journalist [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Пропагандист Трампа опублікував відео про те, що «Україна підірвала Каховську ГЕС»

The Ukrainian Truth has found restaurants in Kyiv receiving officials at curfew

The Visitors checked the capital restaurants on the night of Saturday Sunday, June 3. This is what the Coe-Info tells us about by calling the story of the VP. "As it turns out, institutions don't just work at night, and they even visit the guardians and whales, who have to monitor the custody of the curfew," says the material. In 15 minutes before the beginning of the curfew [# 8230; ]

we.ua - «Українська правда» виявила ресторани Києва, які приймають чиновників у комендантську годину

Sample reshoots did not lead to the release of ammonia in Kharkiv

repeat-shot of tubes did not bring amok to the Kharkiv region. In Kharkiv, after reshooting of Toiletti's ammonia, Odessa did not have a ton of ammonia. In his telegram channel, the chief of Kharkiv Oleg Sinubou wrote info. According to his data, in particular, under the fire of the occupants were hundreds of the Cossack, the veterinarian, the Stretler, the Snowler, the warrior, the Orient, the Pincayans, the Noveminsk, [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Повторний обстріл трубопроводу не призвів до витоку аміаку в Харківській області

The United Nations adopted five unconstant members of the Security Council

On June 6th, the United Nations adopted Slovenia, Algeria, Ghana, South Korea and Sierra Leone, non-permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. This has been reported by the organization website, and has been handed over to us by Kee-Info. From January 1, 2024, the chosen countries will be replaced by U.N. Gabon's Security Council, Ghana, About & # 8217; United Arab Emirates, Albania and Brazil. & # 8220; On one side of the Eastern European Union, there were two countries called Slovenia [# 8230;] ]

we.ua - Генасамблея ООН обрала п’ятьох непостійних членів Ради Безпеки

Finland speaking nine Russian diplomats: named reason

this decision was explained in the domain that good diplomats are police officers of intelligence. The Finland Government made the decision to send them out of the 9# 8217; country. Five employees of the Russian embassy who are on intelligence. That's what Yle says, passing in the Coe-Info. The decision was taken by the Ministry's Committee of foreign policy and security policy in the President's Republic and the government. "Their actions contradict the Videnian Convention for diplomatic relations," [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Фінляндія висилає дев’ять російських дипломатів: названо причину

Bayden was talking about the Kachkowska: We will not leave this and help Ukraine

The President of the United States, Joe Bayden, first comment on Russian Kachevsky HIS, which happened yesterday, June 6. This tells Kate-Info with a link to & # 8220; America's voice & # 8220; . & # 8220; We won't leave it. We will help Ukraine with & # 8221; According to Bayden, answering the question of a journalist about the destruction of the Kahevsky Gans Russian troops in the Hersoon region

we.ua - Байден про підрив Каховської ГЕС: не залишимо цього і допоможемо Україні

South Korea has raised fighters to intercept Russian and Chinese military airplanes

In South Korea, South Korea announced that the military planning aircraft and China entered its recognized PO area without a previous message. This tells Qi-Info with a plea blog. Russian and Chinese planes didn't break South Korea's air space before they left this area, they told the military. Before, in China's Minnesota, they said that the VC airline was [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Південна Корея підняла винищувачі на перехоплення російських і китайських військових літаків

The second one in Czech will start renovating and modernizing Ukraine's T-64 tanks

Thomas Remmont and Redesign T-64 calculates the contract that the Ukrainian company & # 8220; & # 8221; Oxronon Prop And the Czech company of VOP CZ. This tells Qi-Info, calling for the press of the Ministry of Defense of Bohemia. According to the Head of the VOP CZ, the tanks have been placed for decades, so to restore the technique capacity, they will need to be completely redistributed and replaced with many spare parts. & # 8220; Total modernization will pass [# 8230; ]

we.ua - У Чехії почнуть ремонтувати та модернізувати українські танки Т-64

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