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В Україні формують перші у світі ударні роти БпЛА, — Генштаб

Про це повідомляє Кий-інфо з покликанням на Генштаб. Це необхідно, щоб втілити низку ключових реформ та масштабувати виробництво БпЛА, щоб забезпечити ними Сили оборони України. Крім цього, вже відібрали найпрофесійніших військовослужбовців, які очолять ударні роти. Кожна з них отримає дрони та боєприпаси, Starlink та інше необхідне обладнання.

we.ua - В Україні формують перші у світі ударні роти БпЛА, — Генштаб

Hungary will shine all new sanctions against the rf

According to Qi-Info, calling for Reuters. Ukraine called 27 EU countries to include the Russian atomic power company & # 8220; & # 8221; Rosate under the sanctions, but Hungary, which is built by the Atomic Station which aims to expand with & # 8220; & # 8221; Rosatum It blocks those intentions. At & # 8217; interview I repeat, at the atomic power sanctions of & # 8220; Obviously, you need to put & # 8221; . & # 8220; We're not [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Угорщина ветуватиме всі нові санкції проти рф

Poland will transfer 60 tanks to PT-91 Twardy along with 14 Leonard 2 tanks

According to Coe-Info with a called CTV News. "If we don't want Ukraine to fail, we must be very open and bold in Ukraine's support [...] And I think that if Europe wants to have sustainable and long-term growth, stability and growth in a peaceful way, we need to reflect all these barbaric attacks on the side of the Russians, "said Moravicki. He noticed that Poland was the first country that [# 8230;] ]

we.ua - Польща передасть Україні 60 танків PT-91 Twardy разом із 14 танками Leopard 2

The first group of Ukrainian warriors arrived in Germany to learn from BMP Marder, DW

The group of Ukrainian military landed in Cologne Thursday, 26 January. This tells Kee-Info with calling for Deutsche Wolle with a link to the dpa agency. Their preparations for the BMW Marder should start soon. Germany announced that they were willing to put the BMF Marder and the Pattriot air defense complexes. This was about 40 units Marder, and also an organization of learning [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Перша група українських воїнів прибула до Німеччини для навчання з БМП Marder, — DW

has detected a traitor in the ranks of Ukraine's Security Service

& # 8220; The main management of the internal security system in CBI has uncovered an employee from one of the security subdivisions in Zaporizoo, who has done a recon-bombing activity on the benefit of Russian secret services of & # 8221; , & # 8211; It's in a message. That's what the Coe-Info says about calling the SBI. As the law had established, after a full-blown invasion of the SBU employee has begun to collect the data of his service partners [# 8230; ]

we.ua - У лавах Служби безпеки України виявили зрадника

copy hits: We know about another mass attack

The morning morning morning morning, about six aircraft, 95 (pre-urban areas) flew and released rockets. That's what Coe-Info says. The head of the CHAPTER Pappko announced that the enemy released more than 15 ice rockets in the capital direction of the city: & # 8220; Thanks to the great PO, all the air targets have been hit! But the danger of air blows didn't pass. Be warned before closing & # 8221; • & # 8230; ]

we.ua - Є влучання: що відомо про чергову масовану атаку

Germany can provide Ukraine repaired combat tanks of Challenger 1

According to Qi-Info, calling for Army Record. The Jordan tanks of Challanger are no longer armed, replaced 141 with a B1 Centauro 8 & # 215; 8 former Italian army, and the former German caterpillar armored car by Marder 1A3. RBSL, a German company, Rheinmetall and British BAE Systems company founded in Britain, [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Компанія RBSL планує викупити та відремонтувати Challenger 1 для передачі їх Україні

already defined aircraft type, which will probably be provided by Ukraine, --Yuri Ignitant

coding about this tells Coe-Info with a call on the Air Command & # 8220; East & # 8221; . & # 8220; Give Ukraine a weapon like a multi-purpose airplane, we asked them before the beginning of the Russian invasion. It's clear, because without aviation, without safe air cover, it's very hard to do any war in & # 8221;. , & # 8211; Tell Yuri Ignal. Colonel Ignatit said that the aviation theme never came from [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Уже визначений тип літака, який, імовірно, буде наданий Україні, — Юрій Ігнат

The President of Ukraine will receive the first tanks from Germany in three months, and the Secretary of Defense of Germany

According to this, Coe-Info is reporting with a Tageshau called. Ukraine has to get total 80 major combat tanks from Europe. The government called the supply of & # 8220; tanks for Ukraine Leopard & # 8221; A catastrophic plan, "This is another mistake, quite deep." "These tanks will burn like all [# 8230; ]

we.ua - Україна отримає перші танки від Німеччини через 3 місяці, – міністр оборони Німеччини

In Spain, the defendant was arrested in the spread of the mail with a proletarian substance in the Ukrainian embassy

According to this, Kevin Pais, a few days ago, the New York Times published an investigation that said that crime was held by an ultra Russian terrorist organization, acting as a team of war intelligence RF. Remember, 30 November, in Ukraine's embassy and Spain, when opening an addressed field, a letter exploded. The package exploded in the hands [# 8230; ]

we.ua - В Іспанії заарештували підозрюваного в розсилці листів із піротехнічною речовиною в посольства України

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