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Recent names for "Ukrainians": investigation of German media in the anniversary of the Arctic Northern streams

The investigation says that Germany's government has discovered several suspects -- all of them come from Ukraine, but most people deny their involvement

we.ua - Нові імена

MF RF: Russians collect money for the victim's crew

According to RF, they said that "there are casualties among the crew" submarine-on-the-Duna "hit by Ukrainian aviation

we.ua - Наслідки ураження підводного човна ВМФ РФ: росіяни збирають гроші на постраждалий екіпаж

You know, where are the communist collapse?

Now, if the Conceptors blame the Holocaust, do they carry the blame for the Holocaust or the Ukrainians who wore the Red Army's uniform?

we.ua - А де ж

Russia wants to return to the UN Council of Human Rights. MIT: Their place is in the midst of a tribunal

Russia must not have the right to return to the U.N. Council of Human Rights until it is responsible for all crimes, declared the Ministry's Guide

we.ua - Росія хоче повернутися до Ради ООН з прав людини. МЗС: Їх місце на лавах трибуналу.

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