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Mr. Mercel Extraxant has been charged with Ukraine's fighter transmission

The introduction of the Extraxian Angel Merkel and head of the Munich Safety Conference of Christhe Goisgen has followed the transmission of the fighters of Ukraine

we.ua - Ексрадник Меркель виступив за передачу винищувачів Україні

Zelensk gathered the Rock: We said that we would need ZW to be scheduled for 2023 operations

The President's senior was discussing the situation at the front, and the scout reported the plans of the Russians at the nearest period

we.ua - Зеленський зібрав Ставку: розглянули, що потрібно ЗСУ для запланованих на 2023-й операцій

Zeland invited the new President Czech to Ukraine. Pawel has already been criticizing the spring visit

Mr. Zielenski first spoke to the newly elected president of Bohemia: Welcome to Pavel with victory and waiting for him in Ukraine

we.ua - Зеленський запросив нового президента Чехії до України. Павел вже анонсував приїзд навесні

There is no whole building left in the marina: # The video of the memorized city war #

The argument is that there is no permanent building in the Maroon Dunka, which is one of the hottest points on the front, and there is no whole building left -- solid ruins

we.ua - У Мар'їнці не залишилося жодної вцілілої будівлі: відео понівеченого війною міста

Mr. Reznick is hoping for an obligation to allies for ZW fighters in the next week

The Reichstag plans for the next two weeks to negotiate with allies on the IPA aircraft will lead to accepting commitment

we.ua - Резніков сподівається на зобов'язання від союзників щодо винищувачів для ЗСУ в найближчі тижні

Dr The Jerusalem Post says "tremendous success" at the arms plant in Iran

Night attack on Iran in Isfahan "had a huge success," although Iran had the opposite statement written by The Jerusalem Post

we.ua - The Jerusalem Post заявляє про

The Russians are calling Herson artillery: Chapter says a lot of wounded and dead

Chapter two says the Russians are fighting housing blocks of Herson, known to many victims, wounded and dead

we.ua - Росіяни накривають Херсон артилерією: в ОВА говорять про багатьох поранених і загиблих

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