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Barbra Strysund got a embroidery's embroidery with Ternopil seeds

Mr. Actor and Mrs. Strysund's singer told his Facebook that he got a embroidery from the United24 platform. Barbara Strysund told me that she got a French embroidery, a Facebook satellite from Facebook on this embroidered page, you can see the patterns of the Ternopil region where my grandparents came from and my father's line, She also pointed out that you could get a similar shirt, - Барбара Стрейзанд отримала вишиванку з візерунками Тернопільської області

The 1st of September PPS goes to the new holiday calendar

"The Treaty of Ukraine" (2023) "by the Treaty of Ukraine," which is approved by the Treaty of Austerity on the Treaty of Ukraine, which was determined to move to the new calendar from September 1, which is the foundation of the Greater Ministers and Montenegro who want it, to use the old calendar. "This is the decision that awaits from - З 1 вересня ПЦУ переходить на новий календар свят

Andrew Marek created an artificial intelligence about the genius of John Marczuk's present in Lviv

Directed Mail Mark "John Marchuk" by the Ministry of Ukraine "has been made bad at the Lviv military administration on May 22. She has two features. This is the first stamp in Ukraine done with artificial intelligence. And it's not meant to send correspondence, and it's going to be presenting the foreign partners. A new stamp has become an international public actor named Yuri Cantent. And he brought out his idea - Марку створену штучним інтелектом присвячену генію сучасності Івану Марчуку погасили у Львові

The Star Wars meeting the lights in order to match the money for the targeted school (photo)

The star Antor, who played Luke Skowker in Star Wars, was a front with light dreams. This is the gift of Mira Hermyl de skateform UNITED24, the ambasadodor he is. And the other at the same time, Dr. Hermyl's embroidery's embroidery, decided to play in order to rebuild the targeted school, wrote an actor in twitter. He pointed out that there are only two such embroidery. To play a game - Зіркa “Зоряних воєн” розігрує вишивaнку з світловими мечaми, щоб зібрaти гроші для укрaїнської школи (фото)

PZZU has allowed the draft to line up on holidays

The room in Pravavesan church in Ukraine was told that to join in church holidays is not sin. The clergy also called to "walk away from the fictional old superstitions." The Church is not a law institution, and faith is not a limitation, but freedom! The hipsters pointed out that the board at church holidays wasn't sin if the man was right to figure it out - ПЦУ дозволила займатися рукоділлям та вишивати в свята

Pubin in 'Tuzwav Lies' in Odessa flew in pink flamingo

The first thing that happened is that the birds were whirling over the wording, and then they landed on the lakes of the academy, they're reporting on the Facebook park page. The zoo members have calculated 210 birds. "The main food is now for them, the private layer of motivation," they write in the commandments. In the comments of the Ukrainian truth. The life of the "scientific co-worker of the park, the biologist named Ivan Russov said that the pink flamingo could come to any one - У нацпарк “Тузловські лимани” на Одещині прилетіли рожеві фламінго

SEO-2023: The features of a unique phenomenon, or lucky for him to see Ukrainians

The pre-Moon eclipse of this year, which will happen on May 5, ends the first current eclipse cycle. The next lunar eclipse is the foundation, October 28. As for the astronomical phenomenon that people can watch today, it's a semi-shadow Moon eclipse. A disc of the Moon is now falling shadow. For a full moon eclipse, remember, we need to make the Earth, the Moon - Місячне затемнення-2023: особливості унікального явища, чи пощастить його побачити українцям

Day of daughter 2023: holidays history

Teens are all so different, but everyone is special in their own way. They give joy and pride to their parents. The daughter's day has been popular in recent years and surely is a very important holiday for parents and their daughters. He wants to congratulate his daughters and thank them for all the emotions they bring in parents' lives - День доньки 2023: історія свята

Fifty-seven percent of the Russians would like to go to another planet

Fifty-70 percent of the Russians are ready to go to another planet, including gas giants. Source: The survey of the universe center of the study of the public thought of Details: In particular, 24% of the Russians reported that they wanted to go to Mars. The second place is the Moon (10%). 9% choose Venus, 6% is the gas giant Jupiter, 5% - Saturn. RBK says that since 2014, the number of Russians has increased dramatically, - 70% росіян хотіли б полетіти на іншу планету

The members of Tesla published private videos taken by car cameras

Video from electric cars cameras spread without the consent of car owners in Tesla because employees regularly share cameras installed on the company's electric cars, without consent to the car owners. That's what Reuters says. According to the media, a company staff from 2019 to 2022 shared with one of the Tesla car videos. Sometimes by

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