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The carver from Ternopil received the prestige of an international prize

The International Prize of Culturno diplomacy was awarded to Basil Petrovov, a carver, a sculptor, a novelist, a wizard of Ternopelian. It was reported on the World Order of Cultural Dicomatic public organization. The decision to reward was taken in January 6th. Basil Petrowski was born on April 4, 1976 in Czyrichi Reviensk village. Graduated the labor training department and the drawing of the Creonecolic College, the Prikaracarat National College. Worked - Різьбяр з Тернопільщини отримав престижну міжнародну премію

Ukrainian Victoria Aparasenko came on stage "Miss Universe" in terms of "The War of Light."

December 12th in New Orleans (USA) at the beauty competition of Miss Universe, the member of Ukraine Victoria Aparasenko introduced a costume of "The War of Light" at the national suit. The girl from Chernikov. As the organizers say, the armour symbolizes a monochrome compound, and the white dress is stylized under the embroidery. There's a log on the main side. The collection was made in Ukraine for four months, by sounds - Українка Вікторія Апанасенко вийшла на сцену конрсу “Міс Всесвіт” в образі “Воїна світла”

forward SpaceX 3 January will take you into the orbit of Ukrainian nanometer

In the United States, we're going to go to the orbit of a Ukrainian nanometer called PolyITAN-HP-30, Kiyyiv Polyengineering Institute. I'm afraid of the Seahound. The paradox was created by specialists at the Institute until the 30th anniversary of Ukraine. Starting with Cape Canaveral in the United States, with the Falcon-9 rocket from the company Ion SpaceX. The action will be broadcast online in the CNC channel name. Blessing of Seacorn for 16 hours (whawski) - SpaceX 3 січня виведе на орбіту український наносупутник

omic Planets: all solar system planets are aligned in the night sky

You can see the planets of the solar system on the night sky. Five will be seen with the naked eye, while the two farthest, Uranus and Neptune will be seen in binoculars. To see Mercury and Venus can be more difficult for their position in the sky below. The best time to watch this sight is soon after sunset. In countries located - Парад планет: усі планети Сонячної системи вишикуються у нічному небі

The Pope's book was handed over to the thernopil writer about Ukrainian Christmas

The Pope, the Pope, was handed over a book of famous writers from the Ternoxian Herbiesh, dedicated to the tradition of Christmas celebration in Ukraine. It was reported on his page on Facebook by a writer. What was interesting was the way of the book to the Holy Front. "The Pope reads our book from Jerome," A Ukainian Christistmas, "who brought him back for the Christmas Eve Coolda. Ungh - Папі Римському передали книжку тернопільської письменниці про українське Різдво

"Euroview-2023" became a Tvorchi duet

due to the war of Russia against Ukraine the final was 90 meters underground. The audience's vote was only in the Action plugin. Today, on December 17th, Ukraine has elected representatives in the English contest "Europe-2023." It became the Tvorchi oak with the song "Hart of Steve." They were given nine points of the bug and 10 points of the audience. There were 10 contests in the final suit: Moisi - "I'm Not

"An old heart in your chest." TORCHI has presented a clip on the Head of Stel song for Incremental Development of 2023

The members of the National Assembly in Europe have presented a music of the High of Stel with which they want to represent Ukraine in Europe at 2023. In a song that the band prepared for Nzevation for Europe, the TVORCHI sang about the innumeration of Ukrainians they've been studying the world for over nine months. The song's Head of Stel for the first time will last for December 17th. She's also going to enter the same IRA

2003-10-2023 Europe: Marina Cruz is one of the main fans

In a few days before the final, an artist presented a sensual click on a song called "Klinkeva." This year, her third of a surfaced pain and hope that is now in every Ukrainian person's life. Millions of families are waiting for families from war. There's no exception to the artist itself - Євробачення 2023: хмельничанка Марина Круть одна із головних фавориток

Like alive: Ukrainian military himself creates puppets that are easy to confuse with living children

So if you and I were wondering, "are these living children or dolls?" then we're happy to introduce you to the author of these incredible creatures! The creator of all rotations is Sergeist Sergeist Bondard. There are only two male renegade masters in the world -- one Italian and our Sergei. That's the kind of penny women do. Sergei uses US quality silent silence, special - Наче живі: Український військовий власноруч створює ляльки, які легко переплутати з живими дітьми

"Szcdrick" got back on the stage of New York

The son of Lillian Guzenko and Basil Black are participants in the English choir of the Thought, and the love of the Stump-Shoclach is the concert master of this community. They were all involved in the resignation of the century of the North American premiere of Jaws, which happened in the most famous New York concert hall, Carnige Hall. These are former graduates of Ternopil art fast college of the name of Solomon Krushler. Lillian completed his training at the Music Theory, Basil's Orchestra Spirits - “Щедрик” повернувся на сцену Нью-Йорку

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