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Former Cygan from Ternistene Comms to millions of views on Youtube

Philip 17-year-old blogger and Ternoire's singer of the Water Cygan began singing on the street, and a month ago released his first clip. The video on the Cosonian song has taken nearly a million views on the YouTube. The guy's already cooking the premiere of a new song - about a bagel at a supermarket. The Gipan Water will remember his first performance at the Terminus Center. The guy tells me it was more than that - Вова Циган з Тернополя від співів на ринку до мільйонів переглядів на YuoTube

The following changes are expected by the WCC and the CPU from September 1st

The morning of September 1st, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will celebrate all the present holidays for the new church. Going for both confessions means that the dates of the immobile (which are year 1 and the same date) are changed, which is to shift to 13 days. "U.S. Life" has learned how to switch to a new calendar,

Sloan Svetlana Spotter from Zram won the NGO Mission

"In the garden so young a rock of goats will reach gently to their arms..." Right at the time of the maturing of the valley to the hand of the young star singer of Zumaramana Flaminek, who's been in Kyiv for 25 years. It's called "Dear Parents." The words to her wrote a talented poet named Vladimir - Світлана Прокопчук зі Збаража виграла гран-прі Міжнародного пісенного конкурсу

Student from Ukraine has developed a unique device to place

17-year-old student from the Ukraine of Igor Cliumenka has been recognized by the best student in the world than the version of the global World Prize. It's got a prize for the solvent's mercury. Device will be able to quickly find the explosive unsafe objects on the surface and below the ground and minimize the human participation in these machine jokes. This questioning can save many people's lives. It took a lot of work - Студент з України розробив унікальний пристрій для розмінування

"Moscow's military ship, idie..."

"The most famous Ukrainian subscription" by the Russian military ship, idie...! "got a grant by the international philanthropist professor of Azigo in Italy. This is the prize for the organizers themselves called the philatonic Oscar. They reported it in Wickmail Service. "Ukrainian postings continue to rule the world and receive international competitions," says the message. It means that this brand's reward was given a unique reaction - Поштова марка “Русскій воєнний корабль, іді…!” отримала філателістичний “Оскар”

In Ternold, children sold lancets for victory

In the middle of the Ternoire, at the cathedral, the children were selling lancets. All the money that was made from the sale, they put it in the military. "We will win every day! The Southern theronapolis organized a special event to collect funds for the Ukraine's Armed Forces. They sell cufflinks of flash support, and the funds offered to convey to the war with the Ternopines. Little kids with adults - У Тернополі діти продавли букети лаванди заради перемоги

The Ukrainian teenager has gone up to the peak of an international art rankings

The Ukrainian 14-year-old chief of Alexander Bond has led an updated international athlete from the painting by FIA International King Renking (IKR). It reports the Civil Police Agency of Ukraine Bond, and has been elected among all 12 categories and over 1,000 professional pilots of the world. In Africa, it reminds us that the Ukrainian fan recently received an event on the third stage of the International Series "Champons of the Foundation" in Silicon, - Український підліток піднявся на вершину міжнародного рейтингу картингістів

Barbra Strysund got a embroidery's embroidery with Ternopil seeds

Mr. Actor and Mrs. Strysund's singer told his Facebook that he got a embroidery from the United24 platform. Barbara Strysund told me that she got a French embroidery, a Facebook satellite from Facebook on this embroidered page, you can see the patterns of the Ternopil region where my grandparents came from and my father's line, She also pointed out that you could get a similar shirt, - Барбара Стрейзанд отримала вишиванку з візерунками Тернопільської області

The 1st of September PPS goes to the new holiday calendar

"The Treaty of Ukraine" (2023) "by the Treaty of Ukraine," which is approved by the Treaty of Austerity on the Treaty of Ukraine, which was determined to move to the new calendar from September 1, which is the foundation of the Greater Ministers and Montenegro who want it, to use the old calendar. "This is the decision that awaits from - З 1 вересня ПЦУ переходить на новий календар свят

Andrew Marek created an artificial intelligence about the genius of John Marczuk's present in Lviv

Directed Mail Mark "John Marchuk" by the Ministry of Ukraine "has been made bad at the Lviv military administration on May 22. She has two features. This is the first stamp in Ukraine done with artificial intelligence. And it's not meant to send correspondence, and it's going to be presenting the foreign partners. A new stamp has become an international public actor named Yuri Cantent. And he brought out his idea - Марку створену штучним інтелектом присвячену генію сучасності Івану Марчуку погасили у Львові

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