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The loss of Ukraine is smaller than the Russians, though ZW and goes to attack,

The loss among the Force of Defense are smaller than the Russians, despite the fact that this is the case for the Sod attack. This reports the RBK-Ukraine link to an interview & # 8217; I am the head of the GDR MO Cyril Buddenska. He noted that with the beginning of transition to active offensive actions, the loss of the ZU virus has risen & # 8211; Like killed and wounded. However, they are & # 8230; The position of Ukraine's loss is smaller than the Russians, though ZW and goes to offensive, & # 8211; The buildings suggested first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Втрати України менші, ніж у росіян, хоч ЗСУ і йдуть в наступ, – Буданов

Fonts In Dnieper Sound Displayed explosions

The morning of September 23rd was on the Dnieper during the explosion alarm. This report tells RBK-Ukraine with a link to the Union. The explosions exploded at approximately 5: 20, an hour after the announcement, there's an air alarm. Local Teleram Channel reported at least & # 8217; Five explosions. In the Air Force, the ZW has warned us about running firewood-carcass like Shaked and associated & # 8217; with & # 8230; The post at Dnieper went through the sounds of explosions backwards on the Natural Truth

we.ua - У Дніпрі пролунали звуки вибухів

Russia is the most important thing to increase tariffs on gas for its own vote

The Russian authorities are preparing the record for 11 years to raise gas tariffs for their own population to fill the budget of & # 8220; & # 8221; Gizme The one who lost three quarters of the stream. This report tells the RBK-Ukraine link to The Moscow Times. It is estimated that the wholesale tariffs for the Russian population from July 2024 will be scaled up by 11.2 percent, and from July 2025, & # 8230; The position of Russia is going to increase the gas tariffs to its own burden applied first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Росія рекордно підвищить тарифи на газ для власного неселення

Bulgaria buy more than 180 Stryker armored machines

The United States of Bulgaria approved the purchase of 183 American war machines Stryker with the purpose of modernizing country's land forces and bringing them to NATO standards. This report tells the RBK-Ukraine link to Associated Press. In Bulgaria government, the purpose of an experiment is to ensure that the country reaches the NATO responsiveness, as well as the opportunity for & # 8230;. The post Bulgaria buy in the United States more than 180 carriers of Stryker executed first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Болгарія купить у США понад 180 бронемашин Stryker

United States expected India to work with Canada on the murder of an activist

United States of America expects the government of India to cooperate with Ottawa in investigating possible involvement in New Delhi agents to murder the raw leader in Canada. It says RBK-Ukraine with a link to Readers. Premium & rsibreak; The author of Canada Justin Trido claims that Ottawa has a proper indictment of & rsibreak; Due to an Indian government agents killing a Syetch activist who was a Canadian citizen. White House & # 8230; The event of the United States expects India to work with Canada in the case of killing an activist happened first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - США очікують, що Індія співпрацюватиме з Канадою у справі про вбивство активіста

The drill's not just a hoax. The doctors explained what disease the loss of voice indicate

The loss of voice people often think it's a serious problem because in most cases it doesn't make life worse. But this symptom can actually signal a lot of serious diseases. It writes RBK Ukraine (Styler project) with a link to the RhonoClinica clinic in Instagram. Why may the voice of "Voice" & # 8217; the strings are folds of mucus that are located in the middle & # 8230; The post isn't just a wheeze. The doctors explained what diseases caused the loss of voice predicted first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Не просто хриплість. Лікарі пояснили, на які хвороби вказує втрата голосу

Odeka Night Attack: consequences

On September 23rd, the Russians shot the Midwest side of & # 8220; radio rockets Onex & # 8221; (Sighs) As a result of attack, destruction is in the recretive zone. It was reported during telemarathons by an Athenist at the top of the defense force of South Natalia Gumenychek, passing the RBC-Ukraine. She pointed out that the Russians were using rockets again, which had launched from the coastal complex of "The Basket" from the cocked Crime. "Two rockets made recretive & # 8230; The position of the Night attack on the Odessa region: The consequences happened first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Нічна атака на Одеську область: наслідки

Places of rain, but by + 29 in the day: Weather forecast today

The Weather in Ukraine today, on the 23rd of September, will be in parole. In a low range of areas, there may be rain of thunder. It says RBK-Ukraine with a link to UkrohydrometCenter. The weather in Ukraine is forecast for synonyms, today is a short-term rain waiting at the west of our country. Precipitation is projected in Lviv, Wolverine, Ravinsky, Ien-Frankika and Zakatatatsk. There are various threats. Other locations for # 8230; The post of Places rain, but by + 29 in the day: The weather forecast for today was first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Місцями дощ, але до +29 вдень: прогноз погоди на сьогодні

ste and juicy: a very simple recipe to remove barbecue from the star chef

In the meantime, the weather allows us to have a picnic at nature, try and cook on pork cream with a barbecue sauce. The recipe is divided by RBK Ukraine (Styller) with a link to the Lord of Israel's chief cook in Instagram. I wanted to show you this delicious recipe and finally got the chance. This recipe makes you delicious and juicy, "& # 8211; writes & # 8230; The pose is delicious and juicy: A very simple recipe to reserve barbeque from the star chef appested first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Смачні і соковиті: дуже простий рецепт реберець барбекю від зіркового шеф-кухаря

On Dnieper, 12 chess hit: The debris damaged critical infrastructure

On the night of September 23, the Russians attacked the Dnieper area & # 8211; a public center has been damaged by & # 8217; The object of critical infrastructure. It says RBK-Ukraine with a link to the head of Dnipropetrovsk OSYA. The night attack is just over the area at the top of the PFC was hit by 12 enemy Blades like Shaked. In this case, debris damaged & # 8217; The path to the Dnieper's critical infrastructure. # 8230; The post over Dnieper was hit by 12 chess: The fractures damaged the critical infrastructure predicted first on the Natural Truth

we.ua - Над Дніпром збили 12

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