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The following satellite pictures of the Hersons area are published until and after the destruction of the Kahov GIS

According to the Maxar Technologies Company, they published the new Hersons pictures of the Hersons region, where you can see the amount of disaster caused by the destruction of the Kahov GAC dam dam dam. Grabel,

we.ua - Опубліковано супутникові знімки Херсонської області до та після руйнування Каховської ГЕС

Ukraine's roads appeared a new unique markup (Photo)

The intersection in Odessa was the first diagonal transition. Now the pedestrians can cross all directions. Unique markup executed

we.ua - На українських дорогах з’явилася нова унікальна розмітка (Фото)

cd below $40 / l: For Ukraine, prices have fallen on diesel

On Tuesday, June 6, the retailer prices went down for the first time below $40 / l. A new minimum of national networks established

we.ua - Нижче за 40 грн/л: на АЗС України впали цiни на дизельне пальне

NASA Honda has rendered a completely electric Aura ZDX car with a built-in Google system

Over time, electric cars have become popular, Honda is actively developing electric cars (EV), and has succeeded in the field. Company commitment to

we.ua - Honda представили повністю електричний автомобіль Acura ZDX із вбудованою системою Google

Find out about the benefits of having a camera drone

the increased popularity of drones, more and more people are investing in camera drones. As a result, drones with cameras are becoming more and more

we.ua - Узнайте о преимуществах владения дроном с камерой

Why do you need a shelf block?

If you've ever had to install shelves, you know how important shelves are. The shelves provide the necessary support that

we.ua - Зачем нужен кронштейн для полки

Porsche Cayenne statements: It's more tech than that

The company Porsche introduced the Cayenne Cayenne Coupe 2024 model rock. The planned wrestling is a bit of a call and a taco

we.ua - Представлений оновлений Porsche Cayenne: ще технологічніше, потужніше та швидше (Фото)

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Global version seen on SG Bluetooth before starting

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will soon be released to the world market. But before the presentation of the 12th of June, the future flagish smartphone was spotted on the certificate website. So let's see. Xiaomi Release

we.ua - Версія Xiaomi 13 Ultra Global помічена на Bluetooth SIG перед запуском

Kia's car was up 60%

Kia's Korea is no longer a budget brand, but it's a big deal. Kia America Director Sean Yoon

we.ua - Автомобілі Kia подорожчали на 60%

The introduction of a Psychedary has overcome depression with an unexpected mechanism

The following authors of the new study have shown that the psychedelics can contribute to neuroplasticity and & # 8217; Its effects are due to their high-Athenical & # 8217; patch with one receptor. At

we.ua - Психоделіки подолали депресію за допомогою несподіваного механізму

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