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"The oldest" Egyptian mummies

dcop archeologists have figured out what & # 8220; might be. Oldest & # 8221; and & # 8220; most complete & # 8221; The muse, once discovered in Egypt, reported the fourth speaker

we.ua - Археологи виявили “найстарішу” єгипетську мумію

And what problems are occurring on Chinese cars on big run

So everybody who buys themselves a new car realizes that the next two years, and in the current economy, five to seven years, you have to drive

we.ua - Які проблеми з’являються на китайських автомобілях на великих пробігах

According to Online Tesla, it's cheaper, due to a new platform

The following generation transport platform is in development, and more details will be introduced to the "Dame investor," which

we.ua - Автомобілі Tesla подешевшають вдвічі, через нову платформу

entering Google introduced a tool to remove personal data from the Internet

The Google developers created a tool that allows you to remove personal data from the global network. For the first time, he was presented in a civil court

we.ua - Google представила інструмент для видалення особистих даних з Інтернету

how China sets a cross in the future of the US automotive

Electrification of automotive, times global competition for global economies, sometimes leads to strange effects for participants in this race. The "AutoView" portal tells you about

we.ua - Як Китай ставить хрест на майбутньому автопрому США

Named Best cars 2023 relative to the price of quality

Maintainer has been published every year by Best Cears For The Money 2023 (best cars for their money) in which US News & experts

we.ua - Названо найкращі автомобілі 2023 року за співвідношенням ціна-якість

Why would a car battery explode even in low ice cream

Car battery gas increases in winter. The result is a series of AKB's digits. But the problem may be far more serious than the engine, which is not

we.ua - Чому автомобільний акумулятор може вибухнути навіть у слабкий мороз

Audi shaved a crossover

The company Audi presented the fourth automob of the concept of Spere. Activesphere is a creation for active repair of an electrical crossover

we.ua - Audi схрестила кросовер із пікапом

Meanwhile Rosated a Band-Aid which stops the bleeding quickly

The loss of blood is often the main cause of death as a result of trauma. As a solution, scientists developed plastics that quickly stop blood behind

we.ua - Розробили пластир з мікроголками, який швидко зупиняє кровотечу

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