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Zelensk and Erdogan have negotiated the creation of an international commission on Kahoska HAS

President of Ukraine Vladimir Selenski conducted a telephone conversation with the Turkish colleague of Reggie Tyepe Erjon in the course of which the parties were discussed by the Russians - Зеленський і Ердоган обговорили створення міжнародної комісії щодо Каховської ГЕС

lot of water went up in Mikolaj because of the Kahevsky GIS

In the Mykolaiv Trade Cathedral, he rose at 7cm by bribing the occupants of Kahov GAC. Source: The mayor of Alexander Sinciewicz in Mikolaj has risen much - У Миколаєві значно піднявся рівень води через підрив Каховської ГЕС

Ph-ph. In Belgordi the Russians began to go to protest

Back in Belgorde, RF, the last days had gone through a series of prosthetic shares under the hashes at the & hellip; "and" Help "was right. Source: in Bieltown - Шойгу — п*дарас. У Бєлгороді росіяни почали виходити на акції протесту

In fact, it was probably due to the explosion from the inside, NYT

The most likely cause of the destruction of the Kahov Hydropower Plant is to blow the inside. The missile hit wouldn't do that. Source: The - Руйнування Каховської ГЕС, найімовірніше, сталося через вибух зсередини — NYT

how to help Herson after blowing up Kahevsky GIS, the RF Army is a list of initiatives

We put thousands of people and animals in danger. We have a list of initiatives to help them. Source: Natalie Mirova - Як допомогти Херсонщині після підриву Каховської ГЕС армією РФ — список ініціатив

The RF Army has moved to 5 - 15 km from Dnieper after the Kachovsk blow up - OK South

After the bombing of the Kahevsky HAS on Herson, Russian invaders have gone from Dnieper to 5 & minus; 15 km. But they keep firing the right shore, where it continues - Армія РФ відійшла на 5−15 км від Дніпра після підриву Каховської ГЕС — ОК Південь

The Kachovsk GES could only have been blown up by the instructions of Putin - Daniel

The Russian troops could have blown up Kahowski HES just by a statement from the Russian president of Vladimir Putin. This has been announced by the National Council secretary - Каховську ГЕС могли підірвали лише за вказівкою Путіна — Данілов

No missile can destroy Kahowski GIS. The expert has led evidence to the bombing of the Russians

The Ukrainian volunteer and volunteer member of the volunteer delegation of Ukraine's Ministry of Defense answered the so-called experts who say - Ніяка ракета не може знищити Каховську ГЕС. Експерт навів докази підриву дамби росіянами

The Senate of Switzerland has voted for permission to reexport weapons to Ukraine

June 7th, Upper House Switzerland, State Council, approved an amendment to the law allowing the country to reexport arms to Ukraine. Now you have to vote - Сенат Швейцарії проголосував за дозвіл реекспорту зброї в Україну

Written by ZW in Bahmurth, moved from defense to offensive, Malar

Countries of the United States military in Bahmurth have moved from defense to offensive. In the last day, they fired to 1100 meters on some of the front lines. Source: - ЗСУ на Бахмутському напрямку перейшли від оборони в наступ — Маляр

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