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Notes note: Suzanne discovered the secret of his debutal guest for Arsedan

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian football player, Arsenal Alexander Zinenko admitted that his debutal goal on the team became possible by an expert with the training staff

we.ua - «Тонке зауваження»: Зінченко розкрив секрет свого дебютного голу за Арсенал

The European Putin still thinks that the Russians can defeat Ukrainians, Europeans and Americans are a CIA excerpt

David Petroz, who had previously led the CIA and the Central Command of the United States military, says that the Russian dictator of Vladimir Putin thinks that the Russians can defeat Ukrainians, Europeans and Americans

we.ua - Путін все ще думає, що росіяни можуть перемогти українців, європейців і американців кількістю — ексголова ЦРУ

minute and a half. The World Bank has deteriorated the growth of Ukraine's economy

The World Bank has degraded Ukraine's growth rate to 2% with January 3.3%. The main cause was due to economic shocks due to war, including the destruction of energy infrastructure in the fourth quarter of 2022

we.ua - В півтора раза. Світовий банк погіршив прогноз зростання української економіки

The Ultimate Amendment disaster. Four kinds of animals that can disappear because of the Kachevsky GES

The Canadian HES has serious implications for the ecosystem, hundreds of thousands of animals have died, and some rare representatives of the flora can disappear forever

we.ua - Непоправна катастрофа. Чотири види тварин, які можуть зникнути через підрив Каховської ГЕС

x-Ukraine is looking for ways to evacuate the people on the side shore of the Hersoon region - IPC

The Ukrainian authorities are looking for ways to evacuate the flooded regions of a occupied part of the Gersons region after undermining the Russians in the Caucasus

we.ua - Україна шукає способи евакуювати жителів окупованого берега Херсонської області - МВС

Like when the water was bad. NV publishes photos of leading world agents about the events of the last days on Herson

• • "The Commission," • "The Commission," • "The Commission," • "The Commission," and "The Commission," and the Commission, " NV collected a screenshot of the events from REPLACE and AP photos

we.ua - Коли вода стала бідою. NV публікує фото провідних світових агенцій про події останніх днів на Херсонщині

Kachovsk GEC: 10 facts that show the amount of disaster caused by Russian terrorist -- NV index

On Tuesday morning, on June 6, the Russian invaders blew up Kahov GAC. The water rising level from the attack was 5.5 feet, cities and villages below the Dnieper flooded completely or partly

we.ua - Підрив Каховської ГЕС: 10 фактів, що показують масштаб лиха, завданого російським терактом — інфографіка NV

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