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The President of Ukraine has conducted another Supreme Commander's meeting

The treaty was heard by the report of troops on the front, including the Danet's road and south. It also looked at information from intelligence on possible enemy action at the nearest period

Ukraine's President has honored the Memory of Heroes Raven

The member of the State in Kyiv put flowers in the remembering cross of Heroes Cruz. The Court also took part as President of the Presidium of Andrew Hermmak, Secretary of National Security and Defense of Ukraine by Aleksei Daniel, Secretary of Defense of Aleksei Rezow, head Commander of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine of Valerious City, Deputy Commander of Justice Roman Masquerade

Ukraine needs more EU professionals protecting European values - the President during relations with students and teachers in Europe

After victory over the state-aggressive and Ukraine, and Europe will need citizens who can protect European values from tyranny to destroy them. It was announced by President Vladimir Zielski for online conversations with students and teachers in the European College in Natali (Poland) and Brussels (Belgium) within the teaching area of Ukraine's day and Lithuania

Any neutral flag Russian athletes stained with blood - the President of Ukraine's

Russia needs to stop violence and terror, and only after that you can talk about Russian participation in the context of the Olympic movement. Olympians and war are fundamentally opposite to each other

Андрій Єрмак провів розмову з представником МЗС Великої Британії, який курує питання санкційної політики

The President of the State of Ukraine has conducted a telephone conversation with the CEO of the economy, science and technology of the foreign Ministry, and the co-help of Great Britain called Ira

Brazil the president honored the memory of the Holocaust victims

The President of the State has established a lamp near the memorial sign "Menora" in the territory of the National Historically Memorial Law. The Committee also took part as head of the Alte Hermak State, representatives of the diplomatic headquarters of European countries, USA and Canada

The President of Ukraine has arrived at the opportunity for the International Memory sacrifice of the Holocaust

Today we repeat even more than we used to say: Never - hate again; Never - indifference again. The more peoples of the world overcome indifference, the less space in the world will remain for hatred

Russian aggression can only be stopped by an adequate weapon - the President of Ukraine

This Russian terror needs asymmetrical answers. We need a new movement of our forces at the front. We need to secure the international forces of terrorists. Whatever the Russian invaders plan, our training must be stronger. We're talking about it with partners. And we're talking about that at the Statue meetings

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