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Source: Messi chose a new team

The Argentine attacker, Lionel Messi, will continue his career at the Inter Miami Club. The insider Gilem Balagae insists on this development. It is alleged that Messi will report his decision shortly. Leo is also linked to the return to Barcelona and the transfer to Al-Ittihad Club. Previously, Messi did not renew the contract with the PSW. On July 1, the famous Argentine is officially becoming [… ] Source: Messi chose a new team first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - Источник: Месси выбрал новую команду

Officially: Bellingham became a real footballer

"Boruscia" Dortmund confirmed the sale of Hawbek Jude Bellingham to the Madrid Real. This information is shared by the press service of the German club. Borussia will receive 103 million euros for Bellingham as compensation. An additional 30 million in European currency could come to the "smelles" in the form of various kinds of bonuses. Besides Real, Bellingham also claimed Liverpool. However, the footballer himself insisted on the transfer [… ] Communication Officially: Bellingham became a real football player first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - Официально: Беллингем стал футболистом «Реала»

Ukraine's youth team will play sparring with Kuwait

According to UAF, Ukraine's youth team will be playing aspararing with Kuwait. The match will be held in preparation for Euro 2023. The meeting against Kuwait is scheduled for 13 June. The venue is not yet known. We add that on June 16, the young woman will also be sparring with Ireland. Remember, in the group phase of Euro 2023, Ruslan Rothany's team will play with [… ] The Ukrainian youth team will play sparring with Kuwait first on the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - Молодежная сборная Украины сыграет спарринг с Кувейтом

So far, Barcelona has very little chance of signing Messi

Barsa admits that it's very difficult to get Messi back. He may have to wait for the transfer window to close, and Leo's not ready for that. According to Mundo Deportivo, with reference to the club's sources, it would be "very difficult" to sign a contract with Lionel Messi, despite the recent meeting of Joan Laporta with Jorge Messi and the approval of the League of Economics [… ] Message At present “ Barcelonas” Very little chance of signing Messi came first on the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - На данный момент у “Барселоны” очень мало шансов на подписание Месси

Checker will buy Lucas Taylor

Due to certain conditions in the lease, “ Checker” is going to ransom Lucas Taylor's right-wing defender. According to Esporte, this is a necessary step, as certain conditions have been reached as stipulated in the club contract. These conditions relate to the number of minutes played and the titles won. The amount of the transfer is not disclosed. The Brazilian player himself will sign a three-year contract. Clubs are known to be [… ] Message “ Manager” He's gonna buy Lucas Taylor out first

we.ua - “Шахтёр” выкупит Лукаса Тейлора

Maguire is offered to West Ham and Tottenham

In addition to Tottenham's interest, West Ham also received a proposal to sign the Manchester United lawyer Harry Maguire. ESPN confirms the information. In addition to Tottenham, who is interested in a 30-year-old football player, West Gem has also made such a request. We still don't know what position the hammers need. Manchester United purchased Harry in the summer of 2019 for 87 million euros. Current [… ] Maguire's message is “ West Hamu” and “ Tottenham” They're starting with the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - Магуайра предлагают “Вест Хэму” и “Тоттенхэму”

Liverpool processed McAllister's transition for £35 million

Liverpool crossed Alexis McAllister's halfback from “ Brighton” 35 million pounds, according to Fabrizio Romano. According to the insider, the club activated the ransom money under a 24-year-old Argentine contract. After a successful medical examination, all the necessary documents were signed. Previously, Mac Allister advocated “ Brighton” Since 2019, purchased for 8 million euros. During his time [… ] Message “ Liverpool” ==History==Mac Allister's transition for £35 million was first introduced to the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - “Ливерпуль” оформил переход Мак Аллистера за 35 млн фунтов

Barcelona can register Gavi on the first team

The Court granted the Barcelona's claim concerning the ban on Gavi's registration with the main team, reports Mundo Deportivo. In January 2023, the club was allowed to sign a new contract with Hawbek, but La Ligue appealed. As a result, the court reversed the previous decision and rejected the club's appeal, as Barcelona failed to meet the deadline for filing. Later, the club was refused [… ] Message “ Barcelona” can register Gavi with the first team first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - “Барселона” может зарегистрировать Гави в первой команде

Erling Holand is the world's most expensive CIES player

According to the International Sports Research Centre (CIES), Kilian Mbappe is the tenth most expensive football player in the world. CIES published its own rating, where the players were valued on the basis of their statistical model. Here's the top 10 players in CIES: Erling Holand ("Manchester City") – 245.1 million Euro Vinceius Junior (real) – 196.3 million Euro Bucayo [… ] Message from Erling Holand – The world's most expensive CIES player first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - Эрлинг Холанд – самый дорогой игрок мира по версии CIES

Obamayang is interested in Saudi Arabia's clubs

Obamayang is being asked to move to Saudi Arabia, but he's not interested. Pierre-Emeric Obameyang, a forward from Gabon, draws the attention of clubs from Saudi Arabia. “ Al-Ahli” and “ Al-Shabaab” Call the player “ Chelsea” with a possible transfer proposal, according to the famous insider Fabrizio Romano. According to Romano, a 33-year-old Gabonese is planning to leave “ Blue” this summer, but his preference is – stay in [… ] Obamayang's message is interested in Saudi Arabia's clubs first appeared on FUTBOL PRO

we.ua - Обамеянгом интересуются клубы Саудовской Аравии

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