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In the meantime, the Russians are shutting the hospital down on a blocked Herson - Genstaff

From the local Cakecka and New Cakeka hospitals, the Russian invaders have taken all the medical equipment to the New African Square

we.ua - Попри обіцянки, росіяни закривають лікарні на окупованій Херсонщині – Генштаб

Zelensk's meeting is: I don't know what I'm talking about

On Sunday, on January 29, there was another Supreme Commander's meeting. We talked about the situation at the front and the arms supply

we.ua - Зеленський провів засідання Ставки: що обговорювали

We don't have the lights turned off in Bassam. They were reactivated

In several of the populated areas of Zachatanian areas, the vacation yard did not turn the lights off

we.ua - Базам відпочинку на Закарпатті не вимикали світло. В ОВА відреагували

Add access to thousands of files: Ukrainian IT-Army hacked the Gazsom Archive

The Ukrainian IT-army attacked a Russian group of Gazsom companies and received information about one of the largest Russian gas plants

we.ua - Отримали доступ до тисяч файлів: українська IT-армія зламала архів «Газпрому»

the Putin of Oculated Meletol has been blown up by a bridge, the shock came from the HIMARS

The result of the attack is to estimate loss in technology and living forces. Probably at the time the trail was carried by a military payload

we.ua - Поблизу окупованого Мелітополя підірвано міст, удару завдали з HIMARS

The officer's office does not control the wagymen state, its function is media and political intelligence

Thomas Eugene Aegovin is doing a media function and a political function, but does not manage the members of Wagner's company in Ukraine

we.ua - Пригожин не керує штабом «вагнерівців», його функція медійна і політична – розвідка

Pixel Herson: increased number of victims due to Russian attack

The second stage of the enemy's shooting in the city began about the first hour of the day. We now know about the three dead because of Herson's today's shooting

we.ua - Обстріл Херсону: зросла кількість жертв внаслідок російської атаки

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