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Kyiv has opened an ant in Zaporozhye, which killed 7 Russian aircraft

June 6th in Kyiv opened an ant devoted to the youngest hero of Ukraine, Roman Gimba, known as "Zaporized vigilante." Guard destroyed from PZRK City seven Russian aircraft and a missile wing

we.ua - У Києві відкрили мурал

They would go, they would jump and dance -- in Cherkas, they would put "Jura" for senior citizens

Thirty-six retirees have been involved in the Jura competition in Chercass. They're divided into three teams. The participants traveled in a lane of obstacles, fled, jumping and dancing

we.ua - Бігали, стрибали й танцювали – у Черкасах організували

Bugger stuff for laundry water. Based on the Danchins Organisation supporting the cherries: How to turn around and what to do

Welcome to the residents of Hersons from the hood of the drowning community by bribing Russian ladies of the BF volunteers and giving birth to address and psychological support in the nearest communities

we.ua - Від баків для води до білизни. Релокована з Донеччини органіція підтримує херсонців: як звернутись і чим допомагають

Right Exhihead of Slope City: The court meeting in Poltava has been postponed again

month-long meeting has been postponed in the case of the former Slowhand Mortarpiece of Nly Shocps in the county court. The accused's defenders have arrived

we.ua - Справа ексголови Слов’янської міськради Штепи: судове засідання у Полтаві знову відклали

Lubwina: I call international organizations to do anything possible to evacuate Ukrainians on the left coast of Dnieper

According to the invaders, they don't care about people. They are not evacuated and led to the risk of their lives in the flooded regions of Hersons, declared the Ombudsman of Ukraine. He called international organizations to do whatever it takes to save people -- public

we.ua - Лубінець: Закликаю міжнародні організації зробити все можливе для евакуації українців з лівого берега Дніпра

The channels on the street of the 1st tank crew in the Blackwater end up renovating work in a house that hit 30 shells

We have a 14-story team on the street of the 1st tank crew built in the Blackwater. Now it's done with renewable work: put the broken walls, left the floor, and put the windows in and out the door

we.ua - На вулиці 1-ї танкової бригади у Чернігові завершують відновлювальні роботи в будинку, в який влучило 30 снарядів

Palm 122 closed and 523 unusable: Security test results on Odessa

According to the Council of Oz, the findings of the shelters were published in the region. Three days later, 1993 was covered with shelters, 523 of which were not usable -- shared

we.ua - 122 зачинених та 523 непридатних до використання: результати перевірки укриттів на Одещині

"We've arrived and left on the road." Two boys and a teenager are going to be prosecuted for an accident in the Rommenian district in Sumrain

On January 1st, 2023, there was a car in the Smiths of the Rommenian village in which four people were attacked by a man. A man left behind. He died on his way to the hospital

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