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2011, 22-year-old Maroon has updated Ukraine's record for a long distance of film jump. He jumped 200 + meters three times a day

Eugene Maroon: A 22-year-old trampoline became the author of a national record on the Cup of the world and scored a note: I don't know how an athlete came in and what his results mean

we.ua - 22-річний Марусяк оновив рекорд України за дальністю стрибка з трампліна. За день він тричі стрибнув на 200+ метрів

Bahmurta died of war from Odessa: During a full-blown invasion, he fought on Kharkiv and Donchina

Pörus Bahmurta died of a 19-year-old military member from Odessa Rushson Baeg, who during a full-time invasion fought on Kharkiv and Donchina

we.ua - Поблизу Бахмута загинув військовий родом з Одеси: під час повномасштабного вторгнення воював на Харківщині та Донеччині

The Plans' highest bidder for Ukraine's easy athletics Championship was available

Pusco in a mixed relay 4x400 meter of a sad quartet in the Eugeny of Sweden, Anne of the Cybuber, Andrireka and Eugenia Muchunia, finish in the first place

we.ua - Сумчани посіли п’яте місце на командному чемпіонаті України з легкої атлетики

We're going to train the displaced. Kharkiv has been repaired by the university bands who damaged the ARF shooting

Mr. Gurtowizinski University at Kharkiv, who damaged Russian troops, continues to repair. He's already living in a crossroads

we.ua - Заселяємо переселенців: у Харкові ремонтують університетські гуртожитки, які пошкодили обстріли РФ

The chief sergeant from the Lord of Kozak has died on Donchecha

June 26, during the mythic shooting of Paul's village, the chief sergeant and archer died of the Carnival of Vladimir Kozak, the joint

we.ua - На Донеччині загинув старший сержант з Прикарпаття Володимир Козак

Put "I'm here because I believe in our ZPD." How the people of the Gulyfields live in Zaporozhye under constant arms by the Russians

The introduction of Niki's inhabitants in the Gullifield, in the Pommovia, traveling 25 km to buy food, cooking food for luggage, but sleeping in the basements and shelters. There were 20,000 people in the invasion, now there's 3,000 left

we.ua -

The 18-year-old Lutland won the first time in his career "silver" was won by the adult Greenwood Tournament

The President of Ukraine received one medal from the first year of 2023 - Greenland in Portugal who won a medal among Ukrainians and all results

we.ua - 18-річна українка Литвиненко уперше в кар'єрі виграла

Income on Luanur 33 athletes will receive a common scholarship

Thirty-three athletes who present the Luganar at the competition will receive a common scholarship for half a year. The sum of the scholarship from 1942 to 4 142 mushrooms

we.ua - На Луганщині 33 спортсмени отримуватимуть обласну стипендію

In downtown Odessa, the router crashed with a slight: Two people at the hospital

In downtown Odessa, the lighter was encountered with a router. A bus crashed on a sidewalk. Two people have arrived at the hospital

we.ua - У центрі Одеси маршрутка зіткнулася з легковиком: дві людини в лікарні

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