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The bytes of the known 72 Xiaomi smartphones that get MIUI 15 on the Android 14 database

The debt of many owners of smartphones believe that smart device itself will take care of its safety and keep track of new functions. Well, part of that is true, because the producers have done everything we can to even unprepared users can get access to all the necessary functions, making a minimum effort. After all, a lot of people don't realize how electricity works and [# 8230;] ] The conversation of the known 72 Xiaomi smartphones that get MII 15 on Android 14 showed up first at TechnoFan

we.ua - Стали відомі 72 смартфони Xiaomi, які отримають прошивку MIUI 15 на базі Android 14

In July, the retirees will add 1,000 dollars to their payments: Who gets

The coin is now in July, in the country, the third wave of the Pension Index that touches the citizens who are out on their deserved rest for their special law. It's about officials, journalists, scientists and other categories of individuals. It should be noted that laws don't work now, for example, for journalists go on their well-earned vacation under general rules. This will be about those who have managed to do [# 8230;] In July, the retirees will add 1,000 dollars to their payments: Who gets a picture first at Technofinian

we.ua - У липні пенсіонерам додадуть до виплат 1000 гривень: хто отримає

Sandecell provides free internet and communication to the Ukrainians

The portfolio of lifecell mobile communications has decided to support Ukrainians in flooded areas by bridging the Russians in the Caucasus. For this company, they'll get free minutes and gigabytes of Internet access to people in injured areas. It was reported by the lifecell press service. The company noted that because of the destruction of the GHC dam, many people are at risk zone and need support and help. "lifecell [# 8230; ] The lifecell community gives Ukrainians free internet and & # 8217; The company came to TechCrunch first

we.ua - lifecell надає українцям безкоштовний інтернет і зв’язок

Copy Compare Realme 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro +: Which of the three new smartphones should be selected

Recently, the Chinese company Realme had an anonymous new series of Reella's smartphones 11, where three models came into. This is the base Realme 11 and the toast Realme 11 Pro and Realme 11 Pro +. How they are different and how they should be stopped based on the needs and the budget, let's think about it now. Design first to start with is a look [# 8230; ] Talking about Reella's smartphones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro +: Which three new smartphones should be picked first at TechCrunch

we.ua - Порівняння смартфонів Realme 11, 11 Pro та 11 Pro+: який із трьох нових смартфонів варто вибрати

Ukrainian pensions will get a new type of help: Who can pay for the payout

The Ukrainian people will be able to get another cash payout that will come from a charity organization of the Red Cross. The amount of benefit the citizens can get is 16,000 dollars. Receive money from war veterans with disabilities I and II groups. Today, there are 25,000 citizens in our country. Last month, the second step of the statement ended, and now [# 8230; ] The Ukrainian pensionaries' contributions will get a new type of help: Who can pay for the payoff first at Technofinian

we.ua - Українські пенсіонери отримають новий вид допомоги: хто може розрахуватись на виплату

The Kyielster, Vodafone and liferell started sending messages via text

The military survey started using a new way of delivering a hooker by sending SMS citizens to a mobilization age. If you ignore the military, it's a fine. This was reported on his YouTube channel by Ukrainian attorney Roman Smutin. As a lawyer says, he's working on a similar business now -- a legal warrant for recognition of an illegal fine for an implicit and unavoidable. Despite the lawsuit, next day [# 8230; [Sighs] The Kyielster report, Vodafone and lifell, started sending prostitutes through the text, first came to Technofinian

we.ua - «Київстар», Vodafone та lifecell почали розсилати повістки через смс

Vodafone and lifecell greet Ukrainians with free internet and communication

And the consequence was that the rabble was blown up by Kahowski HAS, mobile operators were helping Ukrainians. In one of the social networks, Vodafone's mobile phone operator pointed out to provide free minutes and Internet. So the people of Hersons are going to get 10 GB and 1,000 minutes to keep up with their family and friends. The package will be automatically counted and will be valid for 30 days. Remaining [# 8230; ] Vodafone and lifecell report gives Ukrainians free internet and & # 8217; The company came to TechCrunch first

we.ua - Vodafone і lifecell надає українцям безкоштовний інтернет і зв’язок

BACTBank has launched new limitations for using its terminals

The Bank's financial institution reported to its clients that the bank limited the operations in terminals. The thing is, now, customers won't be able to give up foreign currency through terminals. Until the bank explained why, but he promised that once the service was restored, the institution would send its clients immediately. The terminals have stopped their work at the end of May. [# 8230; ] The AttakBank has released new limitations on using its terminals first at TechnoFan

we.ua - ПриватБанк запустив нові обмеження на використання своїх терміналів

KSpread started a new fare for youth

This is a copy of the MBC operator presenting a new summer fare within the "Everything Together" line. Tarif was given the name "Everything Selenine," which costs only 200 dollars a month. This is an offer that will be used until August 31, 2023. So for that opportunity cost, they're going to get: Home Internet speed to 100 Mbit / s (3 months reading speed access [# 8230; [Sighs] Cyberire's message launched a new fare for the young people first appeared at TechnoFan

we.ua - Київстар запустив новий тариф для молоді

Currency setting up Xiaomi smartphones which place a 30% battery faster: as a disconnect

Most of the users of the Xiaomi smartphones, especially Xiaomi 12 Lite, need to test some configuration that after updating the system is dropped to the standard state, which causes a rapid battery's distribution. To do this, go to Preferences - Location - Access to gedata - Google. If Google has a persistent access to your device, we recommend changing this configuration to "Allow only under [# 8230; ] Allowing configuration of Xiaomi smartphones, which stretch the battery 30% faster: I don't know how to turn it off first at Technofinian

we.ua - Налаштування смартфонів Xiaomi, яке розряджає батарею на 30% швидше: як відключити

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