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Scott Vodafone, Kivstar and lifell will now take the money for one free service

The EU's Court does not rush to implement the principle of "growth," as home "for Ukrainian citizens. The European Commission has pledged up to the EU's Free Programming with its Member States. At the same time, European regulators did not specify specific expiration terms for the rower for Ukrainian users. The details of the March 2022, the number of users in Ukrainian SIM cards used by & # 8217; mobile phone services Key facts and figures 11 / 10 / 05 12: 55 Page 38 [Vodafone's message, Kivstar and lifell will now take the money for one free favor at Technofinian

we.ua - Vodafone, Kyivstar та lifecell тепер будуть брати гроші за одну безкоштовну послугу

Ports How to get free products from [WRlTE / ENTER] in multiple clips: I don't know what it takes

In the ACP network, Ukrainians can get free grocery sets. All you have to do is fill out an application on the help website. The participants will get a certificate that can exchange cash and pay the selected product. In Mincesspolicy, it says that the requirements of those who fill the questionnaire are no good. The funds for buying food can be filled in by a form of statements. Such help release charities [# 8230; ] A share of How to get free products from "ATB" in a few clips: I can't believe this was necessary at Technofinian first

we.ua - Як отримати безкоштовні продукти від «АТБ» в декілька кліків: що для цього потрібно

Note how to remove all Google information about yourself: new tools

Google company started a new tool that allows you to remove your own search engine data. This Google service launched last year. A new item appeared in Google for Android -- & # 8220; Resources about you & # 8221; (Sighs) This plugin shows an alternative which information is on a search system about it and on which sites it is placed. & # 8217; section It is clear how to clean [# 8230; ] Message how to remove all Google information about yourself: The new tools showed up first at Technofinian

we.ua - Як видалити всю інформацію з Google про себе: нові інструменти

Add two other Xiomi smartphone got a stable version of MIUI 14 in Ukraine

Supported versions of MIUI 14 continue to form permanent versions for their devices outside the sky. Now, this exhibition was received by Xiaomi 11T and Poco F4. It will not all be possible to install it, only the members of the pilot's beta test program. The constant MIUI 14 for these models is based on Android 13. The tape size is 3.5 GB, it includes the December security updates [# 8230; The message of another two Xiaomi smartphones received a stable version of MIUI 14 in Ukraine first appeared at TechnoFan

we.ua - Ще два смартфона Xiaomi отримали стабільну версію MIUI 14 в Україні

Big factories until retirement: which changes will be March 1st

According to the law, the Pension Indexing must be about 24%. So this would have been the greatest improvement since the implementation of the annual indexing. But the exact numbers are not known at the moment. Is there going to be pensions? It depends on the calculus size of the pension. This is about the amount that is calculated by the pension fund based on the formula (Medium wages for [# 8230; ♪ The Big Counties until retirement: The changes that will be on March 1st first showed up at Technofinian

we.ua - Великі надбавки до пенсії: які зміни будуть 1 березня

Flutness link to the mobile operator Kyiv

Alt of Avonets Kyiipre trained price increases and work as well as bad relationships for & # 8217; Thanks. & # 8217; Kyielder gives an answer, which causes pain in & # 8217; The key to solving a problem makes a company. Cyberiard has given an explanation that if in a certain area the infrastructure is damaged, or if there is no electricity, the basic station will get worse. "Under these conditions" Kyiv "provides the work of vital areas [# 8230; [Indistinct conversations] The key to the Cyberman's mobile operator showed up first at TechCrunch

we.ua - Погіршення зв’язку в мобільного оператора Київстар

The new financial assistance for Ukrainians of 27,000 dollars: how to obtain

The Ukrainian public can get another help from the & # 8220; fund Ubuntu & # 8221; The application's already begun. Founders seven & # 8217; So, with kids, it's a priority category. To get help, go to the & # 8221; website https: / utely.com / apply / military & # 8220; (Sighs) In this platform, you will need to give personal information, tell us about your family and the situation you're in. When the foundation checks your statement, [# 8230; ] New financial assistance to Ukrainians of $27,000: I don't know how to get here first at TechCrunch

we.ua - Нова грошова допомога для українців у розмірі 27000 гривень: як отримати

The Action has launched a calculator to calculate the cost of driving

& # 8220; Ukrainian officials want to make cars easier because of the Action Plugin. Cersei was supposed to be running at the beginning of summer, but is still developing the bill for digital redesign of & # 8221; cars. & # 8211; It is reported in Mindigit this function will simplify the process of diffusion and prevent corruption schemes. According to the plan, the cost of fractional payments will depend on the following settings: the year of the car release; type [# 8230; "Action" has launched a calculator to calculate the cost of car discovery first at TechnoFan

we.ua - «Дія» запустили калькулятор для розрахунку вартості розмитнення авто

The lamp used to dry fingernails turned out to be dangerous for health

group of researchers at the University of California at San Diego made a discovery that would surprise the female half of the population. It turns out that ultraviolet shell of nail polish can cause damage to DNA and mutations threatened by skin cancer. From the moment you get the gel polish market, the traditional nail polish had gone to the second plan, because the gel is more resistant to the damage and stores the glitter to [# 8230; ] The lamp-making for nail drying was found unsafe to & # 8217; I came to TechCrunch first

we.ua - Лампи для сушіння нігтів виявилися небезпечними для здоров’я

The Party and Redmi Band 2 for the global market became known as anonymous

The Redmi Doc introduced the Redmi Band 2 patent at the home market at the end of December last year, and now the news is ready to go outside China. Sudhansha Ambhor has published a mass of advertising materials about the device. They're English and they're describing exactly the global version of the philanthropist. However, in terms of special differences from the Chinese version, there will be no: Redmi Smart Band 2 (so [# 8230; And the price of Redmi Band 2 for the global market became known for the anonymity first at Technofinian

we.ua - Характеристики і ціна Redmi Band 2 для глобальною ринку стали відомі до анонса

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