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"You begin to believe the prophecies": The archbishop of the USC MP has tied up the Kachovsk HAC offensive with events in Lavar

The archbishop of the Moscow Patriarch, who supports Ukrainians' genocide and is praying for the Russian terrorist army, Jonah (the Turtle), was closely responding to the vast forces of the Kachovsky -

There was a dangerous broccoli in the shop shop

The main management returned an information message of the fast food product responsiveness system and roots # RASFF for detecting chloroplasts in frozen colons exported from Poland - На прилавки магазинів потрапила небезпечна броколі

Mr. Zielenski talked to Ergon investigating the Kachovsk GAC invasion

President of Ukraine Vladimir Selenski conducted a telephone conversation with President of Turkey, Rejp Taipec Erbeon. In particular, the leaders have discussed the investigation of the Khov GAC Rebel - Зеленський обговорив з Ердоганом розслідування підриву Каховської ГЕС

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