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Former Alpha Commander explained the consequences of leaving the ZW from Soladar

Maxim Jorin said that there was nothing good about it, but the passage of Ukrainian troops from the city didn't lead to a critical situation - Колишній командир

DVB How to clean the mattress: a simple way to continue his service term and improve sleep quality

Aunt Matraz is one of the often used objects in the house. There's a lot of people who don't mind doing it for years. And some people will admit that they never cleaned a mattress that they sleep on at all - Як почистити матрац: простий спосіб продовжити термін його служби та покращити якість сну

Ukraine owns a resource in which the United States will fight Russia and China, Newstrack

The second one of many reasons why the U.S. and their allies are aimed at winning the Russian war solved is to create a new channel of Titanium extraction, which is crucial to developing the most advanced military technology - Україна володіє ресурсом, за допомогою якого США стримуватимуть Росію та Китай, – Newsweek

Mr. Epiphonia told me how many parophis had left Moskowska patriarchy after the PTU was created

December four years after receiving the Orthodox church of Tonos from the International Patriarch of the UPC MID to PPS passed about 1700 paraphii. In total the Orthodox Church of Ukraine now counts over 8,000 religious communities - Епіфаній розповів, скільки парафій покинули Московський патріархат після створення ПЦУ

US military officials force the Pentagon to send F-16 fighters to Ukraine, Polyico

In US, a group of military officials are formally suspended on the Pentagon until they approve F-16 fighters to Ukraine. This will help our country protect themselves from Russian missiles and drones - Військові чиновники США підштовхують Пентагон до передачі Україні винищувачів F-16, – Politico

member of the Queen and his husband wrote allegations for backgammon manners, Media

The introduction of the Supreme Council of Nazareth of the Queen and her husband, Yuri Solomon, wrote an application for the Manshans. In Parliament, they represented the faction of the forbidden Russian party at the BAZA - Королевська з чоловіком написали заяви на складання мандатів нардепів, – ЗМІ

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