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The Russians shot Herson in order: There are dead and wounded. The Mexicans are asking for blood

Today's shooting of Herson is the greatest of victims and victims for all of January, at least three people died and six were wounded - Росіяни масово обстріляли Херсон: є загиблі і поранені. Мешканців просять здавати кров

enty-eight famous films about the Vietnam War

In the United States, 50 years ago, the US ended up in the Vietnam War. She left a big legacy in American cinema - Вісім знаменитих фільмів про В'єтнамську війну

They found a sarcophagus that didn't open 4300 years ago. What's in it?

The son of Archaeologists found a mummy covered with leaves gold sealed in a sarcophagus that had not been opened for 4300 years - У Єгипті знайшли саркофаг, який не відкривали 4300 років. Що в ньому?

English Time in the war plays on Russian arm WSJ

The firms need a new powerful weapon quickly, because Moscow is set up for a long-term war - Час у війні грає на руку Росії - WSJ

The British photographer presents rare pictures of Kyiv in the '90s

The British photographer Peter Ford will soon publish a book of 300 photos of the daily life of Ukraine in 1996-1999. The famous Ukrainian photographer Yafr Lukacki called the "unrated contribution to Ukraine's history." - Британський фотограф презентує рідкісні знімки Києва 90-х

Look what's going on in February: Best prime prime argument

"The Anarchy Man," Bear's high, "" Super Mike, "and a documentary about Pamela Anderson. The ACARS has put together a prime-time debate - Що дивитись у лютому: добірка найкращих прем’єр

& Keep inner calm

To be calm under any circumstances is the sign of passive and recklessness or contrary, superpower? BBC Culture is looking at ideas underlying rest as well as how to achieve it - Як повернути собі внутрішній спокій

Toy surrogate. "How I gave the kids to the celebrities"

Shenna St. Claire was twice giving children to known people, and it was a completely different experience every time - Сурогатне материнство.

Meanwhile, in Iran, there were explosions in military objects

According to the great explosions, there was a night against Sunday on military infrastructure objects in Iran. These are military warehouses, air base, and ammunition factories, exploding in Tehran - В Ірані лунали вибухи на військових об’єктах. Хто і що атакував?

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