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"Setting up the Canadian HAS" will change Ukraine's plans

Assuming the Ukrainian army has prepared a Dannra Foraging operation in its lower stream, the plans will now change. Who won more than a Canadian war disaster? - Як підрив Каховської ГЕС змінить плани України форсувати Дніпро

Pallets under water and hundreds of people on the rooftops. What's happening in the flooded villages of the occupied Hersons

The people on boats are trying to get out of flooded territories, but a lot of them are just forced to hang out on the rooftops of houses and wait for the rescue - Олешки під водою і сотні людей на дахах. Що відбувається у затоплених селах окупованої Херсонщини

Rebrol became a new Ukrainian collection coach. We know about the legend "Dionymo."

June 7, he was introduced as the leader of the team at the House of football in Kyiv. Took out all the most important things about Sergio Rebrova - Ребров став новим тренером збірної України з футболу. Що відомо про легенду

Introduction from the reservoir to the Black Sea: New picture of Kahevsky GAC crash

In addition to the destruction of the dam and the vault of the Kahov GAC, this is a technical blow, and after which nature needs to regenerate for decades - Від водосховища до Чорного моря: нові супутникові фото катастрофи Каховської ГЕС

The demolition of the Kahov HAS and the reservoir: who and where most people are affected by disaster

Income after the destruction of the Kahevin reservoir due to the lack of water due to the number 5 regions of Ukraine and agriculture, particularly growing vegetables - Знищення Каховської ГЕС і водосховища: хто і де найбільше постраждає від катастрофи

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