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In four cities at DonBassi will speak radio station for the FM Army

The inhabitants of Bahmont, Saleck, Torosek and Chessu Yir will be able to listen to a radio on the frequency of 102.4 MHz

we.ua - У чотирьох містах на Донбасі мовитиме радіостанція «Армія FM»

Force of rotten carrots

Thanks to the Doztorrent lens, we have a corrupt & mdash; or, at least opaque and linked by & rsibreak; Granted with & mdash; 's Budgeting Money The story of the media sphere

we.ua - Сила гнилої моркви

You can't talk about bullying in Ukraine, and then in Dubai, you can't go to the beach

I'm writing about the non-public part of our work, but this week, the manipulation rate has taken over every possible level of acceptance

we.ua - Не можна в Україні в національних ефірах розповідати про зубожіння, а потім в Дубаї засмагати на пляжі

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