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All bashed buildings are the memory of & rsibreak; The ages of architecture are national. The rooms are corrupted or broken

we.ua - Через ракетну атаку росіян в Одесі пошкоджено 9 об’єктів зі списку ЮНЕСКО

"Setting up" the current Government of Poland

The Ukrainian side did not receive any of these suggestions, intended to interfere with the inner affairs of Poland, and did not have any

we.ua - МЗС спростувало інсинуації у польських ЗМІ про «обіцянку» Німеччини та Франції забезпечити Україні швидкий вступ до ЄС в обмін на «повалення» нинішнього уряду Польщі

The "Bouch" movie The Statisian Tiwa will be shown within a scene of Russian propaganda in New York City

The artistic film is based on a real event that is happening in Bocha, Worsel, Gothale, and Power during the Russian occupation in February & ndash; April 2022

we.ua - Фільм «Буча» Станіслава Тіунова покажуть у рамках проєкту з протидії російській пропаганді в Нью-Йорку

The Russians destroyed in Ukraine the ammunition with a stable uranium -- fairy fairies for the 25th of September

In the episode, we take care of Russian propaganda spreading a lie that Russian troops were supposedly taking rocket strikes in Kyiv, which is a series of ammunition with a combined uranium. It's also called for the whales to evacuate as soon as possible, to "save from..."

we.ua - Росіяни «знищили» в Україні склади з боєприпасами зі збідненим ураном — фейки за 25 вересня

The Court left Igor Colomsky in custody, regardless of complaining about the press "1 + 1"

Gentlemen, with a busy day taking a businessman to show the main rabbino of the Dnieper County of Shamiel Kaminsky, as well as the reporters "1 + 1" Alla Mazur, Nalim Mossechuk, Igor Cigarnik and lead by Yuri Gorbwanov

we.ua - Суд залишив Ігоря Коломойського під вартою попри клопотання журналістів «1+1»

Phone 2 + 2 sets the 6-season "Opera by Call"

The second major role in the series was done by the actor Paul Whitnikias, who was from Belarus, but since 2014, lives and works in Kyiv, doing a volunteer as well

we.ua - На телеканалі 2+2 стартує шостий сезон серіалу «Опер за викликом»

= = sync, corrected by elderman = = @ elder _ man The network is mocked by the "1 + 1" employees who have come to support Coloman in court

& ndash; it is not like & ndash; We have less vivid events called the mil dril, and here is the God of clubs. And by the way, it's interesting that many social network users of the press were extremely surprised

we.ua - «Рімінг–2023 Awards». В мережі кепкують з працівників «1+1», які прийшли підтримати Коломойського у суді

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