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In Croatia, the Russian oligolic boat has been completed to investigate the disappearance of Russian oil ships, and has been detained

Back in Kyiv, 16-year-old teens, along with a 10-year-old girl, sailed from shore to pontoon, but they couldn't come back on their own. Then rescue people arrived. It informs the head of the Kyiv Police Department. It is known that on January 28th to the op-board of the Obuchsky district, we have reported that the necessary help of citizens, who were found on the frozen river of Krasko, in the Red Sloan village. When we arrived at the scene of the call, we found that we needed help with two children who sailed from shore to pontoon and couldn't reach the beach on their own. "Ponton, who they were on began to drift and the children ended up in a water trap," tells Niybiki. With their queue, the rescue officers are effectively getting a 16-year-old teenager and a 10-year-old girl. The employees were transferred immediately to the ambulance workers. Also, tonight at Odessa's Maritime District was a multi-turn operation. There was an apartment on the street of Marshall Sparrow on the ninth floor. In fact, in Lviv, the DFS employees were rescued from a burning building of 28 animals. In addition, the terrorists were able to save two garage houses, the hardware building

Zelensk: Russia hopes to make war, we can accelerate events

The President of Vladimir Selenski announced that Russia is trying to make war and Ukraine should speed up weapons and supplies. Source: President Direct's evening authority: "We do everything in order for our pressures to influence the possibility of the occupants - Зеленський: Росія сподівається затягнути війну, маємо пришвидшувати події

In the Lugana, the invaders are carved out by the residents in front of the population - Gidi

The arrival on the side of the Luanans of the Russians are expelled from the front-front-dwelling centers of the houses without giving other housing. Source: President of the Lugan OUR Sergei Geyu on the air of a telemarathon language: "People around the front are Silicon, fleeced - are starting to dig out already - На Луганщині окупанти виганяють мешканців прифронтових населених пунктів – Гайдай

Erdogan explained why he has the right to go to the president for the third time against the constitution of Turkey

The year '94, life died by a famous Ukrainian poet, a public political actor, former narducer and diplomat, hero of the Ukraine Dérro Pavenko. Source: The head of the National Writers of Ukraine, Michael Sdorzewski, on Facebook as follows: "Today, Dmitri Paul died

Piño Pavenko

The year '94, life died by a famous Ukrainian poet, a public political actor, former narducer and diplomat, hero of the Ukraine Dérro Pavenko. Source: The head of the National Writers of Ukraine, Michael Sdorzewski, on Facebook as follows: "Today, Dmitri Paul died - Помер Дмитро Павличко

Europe's skeptics have greatly increased positions on important regional voters in Austria

added at the age of 93 to the death of Dmitri Paul & # 8211; A six-year-old poet, a translator, a critic, a publicist, a public and political actor, one of the organizers of the Natural Movement, hero of Ukraine. He was a jealous communist and a flame of & # 8217; In Ukraine's wars of independence and democracy. And perhaps the most famous people as the author of the & # 8220; song text Two colors & # 8221; (Sighs) The position of the Lord is a prominent poet and the politician Dérko Paiko first predicted on noestnarian

The International Adventor Merkel supports support to provide fighter Ukraine

Former admirer of Angel Merkel from foreign policy and the current head of Munich with the security conference of Christopher Hisgen supports Ukraine's fighter for protection from Russian attacks. It says, "European Truth," Hisgen said on the air of ARD - Багаторічний радник Меркель підтримує надання Україні винищувачів

The Russians on Sunday made 24 shots of the RSV by creating Henstein

On Sunday, Russian troops fired 24 shots from jet fire systems, wounded and killed among peaceful citizens. Source: Hessstaff CBI Production: "The propeller spent 24 shots from jet fire systems, including, and on populated points near the collision line - Росіяни у неділю здійснили 24 обстріли з РСЗВ – зведення Генштабу

There's another narrator from the restricted BAU that is a man

The court of the People depudent by the forbidden party of the Olg Oslaug, has issued a statement about the assembly of a disjoint mansdate. Source: Details source: The phrase books have confirmed that the Lords accept their mandate - Ще один нардеп від забороненої ОПЗЖ складає мандат

The arrival of smartphones in China in 2022 has reached the minimum of 10 years

President Vladimir Zielinski spent another meeting of the Supreme Chief's Head Commander and expressed confidence in the victory of Ukraine in 2023. Source: President, Zielenski's Tellram Details: During the meeting reports of command troops on the front, such as the Danet's direction and south

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