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has calculated how much money to restore Ukrainian energy

Ukrenergo has taken over a billion dollars from Western partners to fix energy infrastructure, but it may take several hundred million to recover the energy system completely. Source: Head of Ukrenergo, Lord of Kudor, Public Radio of Details: According to an officer, most of the needs are funded, but several hundred million dollars can be needed not only to restore objects in the format they were in, but to rebuild them in more modern format

The British government of Hersons has complained about the Russian military

The Treaty of Justice "The Treaty of Justice" (writing) Source: Center of National Simplified Details: According to the occupants, there are anti-Russian spirits in the region

In several regions of Ukraine through a missile attack

On September 28th in the six regions of Ukraine announced air anxiety through missile danger. Source: Air force at Telegram domo: "Poltava, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donitsk region is a danger of applying ballistic weapons! Sumese, Zaporozhye area is a rocket hazard! " - У кількох областях України через ракетну небезпеку оголошена повітряна тривога

In Uzbekistan, there was a huge explosion at the airport

In September 28th, the Big Bang occurred in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashknik. Source: Baza Details TV channel: According to the previous reports, the explosion occurred about a third hour of the night in the City Airport - В Узбекистані на складі в аеропорту стався потужний вибух

President of the United States, who was the leader of the Republic of the Senate for helping Ukraine

Ukraine's translation of military operations promotes industrial base development in the United States and creates jobs, and Americans, through Trump's position, have some misplaced. Source: The leader of the Republicans in the American Senate Mitch McConnell, "American voice" direct language: "We stand here against China, Russia, North Korea and Iran

Mr. Panic spirits in the Crimea will be born - a predator

Now, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Source: Adviser to the president of the Office President of Mikhail Adviser on the live telemarathons of the News, "Directive Language Poznan: "The panic mood is a complicated question - Панічні настрої у Криму будуть наростати – Подоляк

The United States State of Russia and PRC

According to official Washington, we believe that during North Korea's visit to Russia, we've negotiated arms supply in the RFF, and they have development. Source: Assistant of the U.S. State Department of Matthew Miller, "Reform" Details: He emphasized that it could be about the potential transmission of arms from PRC to Russia, and that Russia would give technology to North Korea - Переговори Росії і КНДР про надання зброї мають розвиток – Держдеп США

dadda claims Poland wants to spend the summer Olympics

Poland wants to spend the summer Olympics in 2036, announced the president of Andrzej dada Poland on Wednesday. Source: Politicco Direct Dice Language: "After consultation with Poland's Olympian Committee, the Minister of sports and the government, I'd like to announce that our ambition and intention are to begin an effort with the Olympics in 2036 - Дуда заявив, що Польща хоче провести літні Олімпійські ігри

The air alarm spread on Vinnichus and Odessa, and the reason is "Chaheda."

The Air Force Court has reported the threat of Shahds in the seven regions of Ukraine. Source: Air force at Telegram domo: "Udlemme Bushheed type" Shaked "in the south part of the Vinnia in the direction of the west areas! A threat to the Virgin and Odessa region. " - Повітряна тривога шириться країною, причина –

Captain Hersons died on the doorstep of his own house because of the Russian attack

On the night of September 27, the invaders attacked Herson and Herson himself, one man died, another wounded. Source: Dr. Zucker: The head of the Gersoon Oktu Prokeddin in the Telegram Direct Language: "In Hersons on the doorstep of his own death sentence, he received a 41-year-old bullshit - Херсонець загинув на порозі власного будинку через російську атаку

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