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The Russians hit a business in Creative Rogg & # 8722; CHAPTER

The morning of September 26, Russian invaders were targeting one of the Creative Rose businesses, reported the head of the Section. Source: The head of the Dnieper OUR Sergeac and the head of the Dnieppetrovsk community of Miro Lukasz Leszak, "The morning began from the explosion in Creative Rose

You know what? The wounded two people, burned down six feet, damaged warehouses

The Russian invaders, on the night of September 26, were hitting on the Odei Offensive, resulting in a missing building, folded, 3 tens of trucks, burned by 6 feet and wounded by two drivers - Окупанти вночі гатили по Одещині: поранені 2 людини, згоріли 6 фур, пошкоджені склади

Energy atom has taken out all 7 active energy tanks to maximum capacity

The IPP has reached the maximum capacity of all 7 atomic energy cogs currently running. Source: Energy enterprise site: "The 25th of September the DP" gives us the maximum capacity of labor, which was previously limited by market conditions, all 7 of them working at the current atomic energy system, adding 300 MW capacity to the energy system. " -

In Latvia, they'll be fine for the "I'm Russian!" label on the car

The officers of Latvia called an illegal car label with "potentially provocative written Russian," for example, "Russian / Russian." Source: The authorities of Latvia to Twitter Details: So law enforcement responded to a social network published X (Twitter) car photo with a license number and a "I'm Russian." - У Латвії штрафуватимуть за наклейки

syndicated alarm in multiple areas due to the threat of ballistics: In Creative Rose, the explosion exploded

In the English regions of Ukraine announced air anxiety due to a threat to ballistic missiles. Baby Rose had an explosion. Source: Airborne forces at Telegram, head of two Olloss Wilcula at the Tregram domino: "Vinnika, Cherkska, Kiravograd, Odeka, Mikolańska, Hersonian - The threat of applying ballistic weapons!" - У кількох областях була оголошена тривога через загрозу балістики: в Кривому Розі пролунав вибух

In Libya, eight officials were detained by a whore in which thousands of people died

On Monday, the chief prosecutor of Libya ordered the eight officers to hold the eight officers for investigating the two jobs that led to the city of Derne was underwater and killed thousands of people. Source: Deutsche wine Details: According to the humanitarian agencies, the number of dead are between 4,000 and 11,000

Mr. Vicickler, please! Every president did not like Parliament very much

The Treaty of Ukraine's Department of Defense tells us why the Ukrainians need Parliament during the war, explains why all presidents did not like munitions, commented with Russian delegation on G20, talks about illegal elections during the war, new political requests for Ukrainians and future attempts to parasite on military and volunteers - Віцеспікерка ВРУ Олена Кондратюк: Кожен президент не дуже любив парламент

sample of a blocked Donchet loses control: Using censorship of notes and calls

The court of the occupation has increased the Counter-Versions to temporarily occupied areas of the Danuka area. Source: Center of National Simplified Details: In the region, the curfew has been introduced, and the lawn, Des Pushlin, has declared the need for military censorship in writing and phone calls

In German society, there are no secondary support for Ukraine - the HSV of Germany

In German society, despite economic difficulties, there is no sense of internal secondary support for Ukraine in the background of a full-blown Russian aggression. Source: The German Foreign Office has told CNN, European Truth: The question is, does it feel in Germany an interior second from Ukraine on the background of economic issues, the Ministry said, "No." - У німецькому суспільстві немає втоми від підтримки України – МСЗ Німеччини

In Czech, Russian agent spread propaganda

In Czech, Russian agent organized Russian propaganda in the country through public persons for a few thousand euros reward. Source: Waiting for the Security Services and Chechua Michael Kudel, iROZLAS Details: According to Kudelka, the "powerful" Russia agent asked one of the top organs in Russian government "provided the spread in a public space of the radar that supported external political interests in Russian Federation in relation to the war in Ukraine

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