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"Who is it?" "Early to say what exactly happened."

The first thing we need to do is focus on the negative humanitarian response to the situation to help the victim from the flooding

we.ua - Сунак про руйнування Каховської ГЕС: «рано однозначно казати, що саме сталося»

"The Court of Justice"

The Russia needs to be stopped. Together with the international community, we will attract the guilty of this and other international crime. "

we.ua - Україна надала суду Гааги інформацію про підрив Каховської ГЕС – генпрокурор

Kachovsk GEC: The European Union sends assistance to Ukraine

The EU's ETA is in direct contact with Ukraine's emergency services to track exact needs in place, and is ready to coordinate the assistance of Ukraine

we.ua - Підрив Каховської ГЕС: Євросоюз відправляє допомогу Україні

Guidance: The only slave-dwelling plant in Ukraine is flooded

"Given the special security status of native species, the destruction of residential plant will have extremely negative implications for Ukraine's sustainable state and the Black Sea Basin countries."

we.ua - Мінагрополітики: затоплено єдиний в Україні державний завод осетрових риб

In the city of Energy City, people are advising the people to leave the city

"The First Assistant of the City Head of John Samydok," in the comments of Radio Freedom of Justice, "said that because the situation on Zaporizu AEC may be removed from control at any moment, the residents of the surrounding power would better leave the city. "Nothing changes in the entire year of occupation, which they (Russian military) are there. The object of whether they can threaten an accident. Of course, there's no direct threat, but the way the station is being exploited, because there are engineering, ammunition -- in the territory, it's clear that the situation can come out of control at any time and be critical, "said Samydok. There's a satellite strike for any way to leave the power and territory around the city. "For those who are impossible today. If there's transport, keep it completely occupied with all of the disturbing suitcases collected by documents more valuable things and for the first time survival. Because if things get out of control, we can expect that they (occupants are red.) will be obligated and forced to give "corridors" to get the population out of this area, "added the protector of the city's head of energy. Given the battle operations and occupation of Russia, parts of the Southern Territories of Ukraine, the edition cannot receive official acknowledgement of some accountable testimony or no matter what. The head of the Zaporozhye Malashko announced earlier that the situation in Zaporozhye was stable. Secretary Rains Aleksei Daniel said that even though the destruction of the GES may affect the work of Zaporozarzaszuk, the next four months, the situation will be there. Russian troops occupied a city of energy and located near Zaporozhye at the end of February 2022

we.ua - У мерії Енергодара радять жителям залишити місто

Due to support and justification of the RF armed aggression will result in the service of the Prime Minister

An excuse to the RF armed aggression and the calls to support the occupational forces will be served by the Prime Assembly on Ternopeland, reporting to the Ternopil Concert Service. "The prosecutor has led an indictment of the Conduct Act for the Conduct Service, accused of spreading material about the legitimacy of the armed aggression of RF against Ukraine and globalization of the people who have committed it and in requests to support Russian military and temporarily occupation part of Ukraine," is a message. According to the investigation, the Concert of the People's Laws, who lived in a monastery territory since 2017, in his accounts on social networks, "Contact" and "Uniforms" were spreading the posts on the capture of Ukraine and "globalization of Russian military," in which he wanted to pray. " "Also in popular video materials contains public calls to support occupying the occupation administration of the aggression state. The founding of a legal linguistic expert confirmed the presence of the material published in March 2022 -- April 2023 to justify the aggression of the RF and its military, "said the prosecutor. Previously on Ternopil Court made a fine decision in 8.5 cents for burning a religious feud "for the First seminary of the UC. At the beginning of April, a group of deputies in the Supreme Council of Ukraine registered a proposal to dissuade the treaty with the beginning of the UPC (MP), located in the Ternopian region, followed by an analogy with the Kyiv-Pelcera. The Committee of the humanities and information policy recommends the government to check the terms of the new laurel agreement on the use of the building complex and to discover the breach of dissemination of the treaty

we.ua - За підтримку і виправдання збройної агресії РФ судитимуть послушника Почаївської лаври

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