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Ukraine's banks have gotten over $170 million from international partners

The International Partners provided Ukrainian reservations for over 170 million dollars. The President of the Ukruvauvevici Conference announced during the briefing. "Today, international partners have already funded support for over 170 million dollars. Now, we have a $310 million demand from the reservoirs that we have already passed to foreign organizations. This is about priority operations, [# 8230; ] The position of Ukraine's reservoir got over $170 million from international partners suggested first on Shoo

we.ua - Українські водоканали отримали понад $170 млн від міжнародних партнерів

Poland has handed supplies and tanks to Ukraine

Poland has passed 10 major tank for water and 10 highly productive pumps. The Secretary of Internal Affairs and the administration of Poland, Mariusz Kaminski. "Due to the dramatic state of the civil population after Russia destroyed the dam on the Dnipro River in New Canchakov," we and Prime Minister Mataryu Morajevo made decisions for Ukraine to pass 10 quotes for water of 18 [# 8230;) The position of Poland passed the pump and tanks for the water scheduled first on Shoo

we.ua - Польща передала Україні насоси та цистерни для води

The World Bank will provide $10 million in development of the medical sphere

Ukraine will get 10 million dollars from the World Bank to develop the medical sector. This is reported at the N8217 Ministry of Health; Me. It means that the Ukrainian medical sector will get a $10 million free-turn grant within the combined Huel Ukaine with the World Bank. The transaction was signed today by the & # 8217; Minister of Health I am Ukrainian Victor Shushko and [# 8230; ] The purpose of the World Bank will provide Ukraine $10 million in development of the medical sphere planned first on the Silk Road

we.ua - Світовий банк надасть Україні $10 млн на розвиток медичної сфери

The Big City released a map of shelters in Santa, Odessa and Lviv

The Big City launched an interactive map of shelters in Santa, Odessa and Lviv. That's what they reported on the Facebook page in the depth. It means that users will find their official cover on the map as well as institutions that have the basement room. "Given the active evacuation of the people from the Hersons area, the map of the city's shelters added new cities. Apart from official shelters from urban sites [# 8230; ] The pose of a depth town released a map of the shelters in Santa, Odessa and Lviv earlier on Shoo

we.ua - «ЛУН місто» запустив карту укриттів у Миколаєві, Одесі та Львові

Voice of the community, or the magic of effective communication between government and population

Success of any community uninterrupted & # 8217; It has to do with the quality of communication between her representatives and the residents. Regardless of the size or type of community -- whether it's a city, rural or rural -- the ability to communicate effectively and listen to the lodgers is a crucial factor. In this column, I want to focus on what helps the board of the community to build effective communication with the residents, and [# 8230;] ] The post voice of the community, or the magic of effective communication between government and the population appeared first on Shoo

we.ua - Голос громади, або Про магію ефективної комунікації між владою та населенням

The forces of defense destroyed the enemy's anti-race gun, the BK to it

The Bil-Force of Defense of Ukraine has wiped out the ACT-12 missile and a combat kit to it. This is reported in the telecommunications center of the RSD satellite. "On one side of the front line of the Force Defense of Ukraine worked well in Russian anti-tank tech 12 & # 8220; & # 8221; Rapra ", & # 8211; It's a message. It means that, as a result, our warriors destroyed not [# 8230;) The pose of the defense forces wiped out the enemy against the Raipar gun and the BK gun before it

we.ua - Сили оборони знищили ворожу протитанкову гармату «Рапіра» та БК до неї (ВІДЕО)

The Cenchins of Hersons can find a flat apartment through the "Priest" program

The IPs of Evacuated residents of Hersons can find free homes using the Prashstock program. It was reported on the Interintegration website. In the Ministry, an announcement about giving shelter are placed by housing owners and that every temporarily moving person has the opportunity to get houses for free for a given period of time. The program predicts that the people who have provided a home are going to receive a refund from the state to [# 8230;] ] The position of the Aventine Hersons can find a flat house through the "Adventory" program mentioned first on Shoo

we.ua - Мешканці Херсонщини можуть знайти безоплатне житло через програму «Прихисток»

nnichsk sent the payload back to Hersonet

Dr Vinnisch sent equipment to Herson for topping effects. It was reported by the head of the Vinyl Sergei BATT. It means that the first help of the Winnish One was acquired and delivered to Herson, who suffered from subcharges due to the demolition of Kahevsky HIS. Read also: Protect the idea or make it different? Why is business directly dependent on intellectual property protection [# 8230; ♪ The pose of Vinisch sent the payload back to Hersonsland appened first on Shoo

we.ua - Вінниччина відправила вантаж допомоги на Херсонщину

Civil Organizations can get up to $70. In addition to cyberbilling against young people

The USAID program is called Mariya and Doing "propends a massive contest of objects to amplify cyberhygiene skill and contraction of cyberbilling among youth. It was reported on the program site. About the Conference "Looking for a skilled partnership organization / organizations to implement youth learning program with cybergiene themes, preventing cyberbilling," & # 8211; It's a message. It means that this contest is based on activities aimed at civil education [# 8230; ] The position of civil organizations can get up to $70. In the contrast of cyberbilling, among young people came first on Shoo

we.ua - Громадські організації можуть отримати до $70 тис. на протидію кібербулінгу серед молоді

The GSL boys with the carcass destroyed the technique of the occupation

ZRC, 3 RC, and two occupants. This has been reported by the Minister of Mikhail Fedrav's digital transformation. It means that the GIB destroys the technique of Russian drones of Warmate on the most hot areas of the front. Read also: The Church is about donations? It's a stereotype. " A priest's Caz, who discovered the mini-bakery on the Hampshire, and prepares [# 8230; [OVER radio] The pose of the GED's soccer team has destroyed the equipment of the occupational invaders

we.ua - Бійці ГУР за допомогою дронів-камікадзе знищили техніку окупантів (ВІДЕО)

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