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Dear Mikolywa received modern economic and philanthropist from the charities

Ukraine's "Confidential Fund" has handed over the Santa's modern economic, medical equipment and medications. It was reported on the Facebook page of the Mykolaiv administration. Also from the foundation, they gave warm things to young and temporarily displaced persons. The refraction is endowed by all the necessary furniture, and will be transferred to one of the Santa's nurses. Read also: Check out the lights and help the VAT. 15 relationships [# 8230; The post of Mykolaiv got a modern response and a fertilizing from the charities approached first on Shoo

we.ua - Миколаївщина отримала сучасний реанімобіль і медобладнання від благодійників

The Freedom Battalion directly destroyed the enemy command point of engineers

"Freedom," which is located in the Government of Ukraine, destroyed direct strike by the enemy team of engineers. The video was published on the Svoboda.Army page, which means that through the forced work of nonpilot operators "Liberty" and the 13-year-old lawyers had a powerful explosion and a better hit at enemy engineers' team. Read also: "Russian bombs do not randomly hit crops." Who [# 8230;] ] The pose of the Freedom Battalion directly wiped out the enemy team of engineers suggested first on Shoo

we.ua - Батальйон «Свобода» прямим ударом знищив ворожий командний пункт інженерів

hundred and forty-six "Magra" got a complex "Lelka-100."

Line 47 a separate mechanized "Magera" brigade got "Get back alive" Lelick-100. It was reported on the Facebook page of the bridge. It states that the drone complex of the coal level, the Lelka-100 cost 1.4 million dollars, is two aircraft with land stations, day and negative optimists, spare parts, tools, and transitions. The drone scans and serves fire on enemy targets at depth [# 8230; ♪ The post 47 brigad "Magera" got a suite called "Lelka-100" Applied first on Shoo there

we.ua - 47 бригада «Маґура» отримала комплекс «Лелека-100»

Ukrainian dancers arrived in Britain at Challanger 2 tanks

The Ukrainian dancers arrived in the Great Britain for military training, including Challenger 2 dance learning. It was reported in the service of British defense. "Ukrainian dancers have come to Great Britain for further cooperation with Russia," & # 8211; It's in a message. Also the British government published pictures of Ukrainian crews. Read also: The cap of the occupation is not to be exported? [# 8230; ] The position of the Ukrainian dancers arrived in Britain to learn at the Challenger 2 tanks earlier on the Silk Road

we.ua - Українські танкісти прибули до Британії навчатися на танках Challenger 2

The border border border force was hit by a drone scout in Lugan

The border border border force was knocked down by a drone at the Luhans who was trying to spy on Ukrainian positions. According to this report, on Sunday, on January 29, in the DPNC service, in information, in a backup sector of one of the contractions of drones, our military has detected a flight of enemy drone spying on Ukrainian positions. An anti-drone operator has targeted a drone management channel, which is why [# 8230; - The post of the border got hit by a drone scout on the Luanir appeared first on Shoo

we.ua - Прикордонники збили дрон-розвідник на Луганщині

"Volonter from Siwienuntil" has organized three humanitarian states for the displaced

Peter Swivonchanski named Yuri Muhhan lost everything in his hometown, but didn't lower his hands and organise three humanitarian states to help the displaced people. The story of a volunteer told the East Option. Before the war, Yuri Muhang successfully joined two types of activities: He was a return student, and he was also a social decoder. In a possible rff attack he didn't believe. But 24 February together [# 8230; The post Voltenter from Siwiennian organized three humanitarian states for the displaced were first on Shoo

we.ua - Волонтер із Сєвєродонецька організував три гуманітарні штаби для переселенців

for light and help VAT. 15 relationships and pains to set during the war

In 2022, Ukrainians have shown each other how important support and interhelp are. And along with courage, we've shown a lot of innovation -- the number of useful applications that have come out during a full-blown war, really amazing! Today, Shoo is divided into a collection of plugins and chat fights that the developers have taken care of our safety, our mental and our physical health. Ba more, your phone may now be [# 8230; ] The pose to check the light and help the PM. 15 relationships and pains worth installing during the war were first on Shoo

we.ua - Перевірити світло та допомогти ППО. 15 застосунків та ботів, які варто встановити під час війни

June Legenda of the World Ballet from Kyiv: The story of the famous Serena Lafra (VIP)

sport he escaped from the Soviet in & # 8217; The prison and the heir of European ballet! The heart of Lafar is a legend of a world ballet from Kyiv, who refused to cooperate with each other and didn't change citizenship in French because she felt Ukrainian. A genius artist tells Shadows. "The God of Dance" and the legend of the world's ballet with Kyiv, who refused to cooperate with each other. The Ukrainian who turned the world upside down [# 8230; ] The pose Legenda of the world ballet from Kyiv: The story of the famous Serena Lafarenam (VIP) has predicted first on Shoo

we.ua - Легенда світового балету з Києва: історія славетного Сержа Лифаря (ВІДЕО)

Zaporozhda Tero has destroyed the enemy tank (VIP)

In Ukraine, the military has defeated the enemy tank and in such a way destroyed the occupation plans for new offensive action. The video destruction of the tank was published on the Facebook page of Zaporozhda, a separate team of territorial defense. It indicates that the airstrip of the crew was successful in the training of an enemy to perform offensive action by destroying the enemy tank. Read also: We were intimidated by the "guerilla" and they met us with arms. [# 8230; The post of Zaporozhad Tro destroyed the enemy tank

we.ua - Запорізька бригада ТрО знищила ворожий танк (ВІДЕО)

Mikolawski's Akias are made for panverbank defenders and nightdrive devices

The example in Mikolako is that the IT scientists combined and began to produce powerful pankers and devices for driving night vision for defenders. We also have military electronic repair. The volunteers were talking about Natalie Kulenenko in social networks. "My son's friends from the beginning of the war are making great-power bankers (60,000 mang) and nightrides for our warriors," [# 8230; ] The position of Mykolaiv are made for the papircans and the instruments of the night riding first on Shoo

we.ua - Миколаївські айтівці виготовляють для захисників павербанки і прилади нічної їзди

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