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Double-live the occupation. How the Russians forced cooperation, and how the Ukrainians fought it

The introduction of information hunger, the coocationism, the pressure on the side of the occupants, the mistrust towards the long-lived world -- these are key challenges before the community arrived in a temporary occupation. How did they cope? We learned to look for alternative sources of information, and we've done all of the available ways, and we've used the benefits of decentralization and digitization. The center of close-up research in the examples of two unoccupied communities at Hersonian -- Stalin and Green -- learned that transformation has occurred on local territories. TED made a contest with a presentation on the study that was run by the head of Sergei Danilov

we.ua - Пережити окупацію. Як росіяни змушували співпрацювати, і як українці цьому протистояли

The Travination Blues. Like when Russia attacked a capital out of air

Recorporated 15 days in May of Kyiv was attacked by enemy missiles and drones. In fact, there were 17 attacks together, but twice in May, the Russians attacked the French capital twice a day. Ever since the beginning of the great scale invasion of Kyiv, there was no such system impact

we.ua - Травневі нальоти. Чим, коли і як Росія атакувала столицю з повітря (інфографіка)

kke became the new Rutherra Russian motto

In February 2023, Bloomberg was reported in the Tik-Tak Russian intelligence network spreading the state propaganda of Ukraine

we.ua - ТікТок став новим рупором російської дези

riangle of inresponsibility in Kyiv created the Treaty of Zealand. Now they plant a wafer

Call the guards. Looks like they're just answering something. And they also have the keys to the shelters. Kyiv is the only capital in a democratic world where there is no comprehensive local self-governance. Now there are three lines of conditional triangles running Kyiv

we.ua - Трикутник безвідповідальності в Києві створила адміністрація Зеленського. Тепер садять вахтера

Porting is not without sin. To two-thirds of Judges BC is a question of kindness

parable of the council of Justice 1 June has chosen a new council of Judges. One of its first decisions is to form public for goodness, which cannot continue the cash change in the judicial system. The civil council did not work since 2020, and the previous warehouse of the Supreme Quality Court in many cases ignored negative conclusions about the good candidates, including the Court of Justice

we.ua - Не без гріха. До двох третин суддів ВС є питання щодо доброчесності

"Coca-Circle" for Nazi service. Monitoring the router in May 22-28 2023

Last week, Russian media continued to spread the news about the conflict between the military and the political leaders of Ukraine. The propaganda kept saying that with the head Commander Zosa Valerious something happened and he can't do his duties. Also, in Russia, the Americans were saying that Hitler was helping the Americans, and that's why they were partners of the Holocaust. And the deceivers were nervous because they thought Japan could become a member of NATO

we.ua - “Кока-кола” на службі в нацистів. Моніторинг росЗМІ за 22–28 травня 2023 року

Subway of the Night's subway. The more active PCO, the more people are going underground

The first ones come home animals with their pesticides and their families and their babies. When it burns so that the windows shake, the underworld fills the families with the elders of the children. They sleep in the subway and go to school in the morning. Minnyy doesn't make excuses

we.ua - Нічне метро. Що активніше працює ППО, то більше людей збирається під землею

"It won't happen overnight." 10 things that would cause Russia to spread

the American policeman Janusz Bouguski in his book "Unsimplistic State. The Russian Poission Manual says that only if Russia falls apart. TEMPT was contacted by Janek Bouguian

we.ua -

not about injury, it's about our strength. The country in Bohemia created a refugee dance show

first part of the triptych is dedicated to Ukrainian refugees and has already been seen in Czech and other countries in Europe. With the second part of the triptych Jan and his team going to Brazil in summer

we.ua - «Вистава – не про травму, а про нашу силу». Українка в Чехії створила танцювальну виставу про біженців

The Polish Republic of Russia and Minnesota will follow Bahsenth. Monitoring the router for the 15th-21 May 2023

Last week Russian media had written a lot about Russian weapons. The protesters continued to prove that they were able to beat the Hypersound missile "Kingjell" and Western rockets were easily intercepted. Also, the company was talking about the radiation cloud moving from Ukraine to Western Europe

we.ua - Пригожин та Міноборони Росії сваряться за Бахмут. Моніторинг росЗМІ за 15–21 травня 2023 року

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