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An ass of a fear trap. Every big city has telgram channels that write where they send prostitutes

So what we've done is we've studied telegram channels that inform us about places and time of sales of military mosquitos on the streets of Ukrainian cities. There are a couple of these in every community center

we.ua - Пастка страху. У кожному великому місті є телеграм-канали, які пишуть, де вручають повістки

for an unexpected turn of narrative: The mud can actually go for Ukraine

Whether or not to interfere with the progress of the Ukrainian Defense on Taccak. Why is it that the armistice is approaching?

we.ua - Несподіваний поворот сюжету: багнюка може насправді піти на користь Україні

KPilot Russia can get weapons better than HIMRS. Monitoring the router for September 11th, 2023

Last week Russian propaganda tried to dissuade the consequences of the Ukrainian court-repair factory in Sevastol. The role of the rhubmedia was seen as small gaps in PCs. They assured that wounded ships would soon be repaired, and promised to hit Kyiv. And what the propaganda said was that Russia could get from North Korea a weapon that turns American HIMARS, and was happy to say that Ion Musk was undertaking military operations against Crime

we.ua - Росія може отримати зброю, кращу за HIMARS. Моніторинг росЗМІ за 11–17 вересня 2023 року

У всьому винен Пашинян. Російська пропаганда намагається довести, що Москва не зрадила вірменів

Росія нічого не зробила для захисту інтересів свого союзника - Вірменії. Вірменія є членом ОДКБ, має договір про військову допомогу з Москвою, тісно пов’язана з РФ економічно, купувала військову техніку. Нагірний Карабах - визнається світовою спільнотою як частина Азербайджану.

we.ua - У всьому винен Пашинян. Російська пропаганда намагається довести, що Москва не зрадила вірменів

Part of cooperation and personal freedom. As organized by Norwegian society

The sports of Norway are used to say that personal accounts are not secret to tax users, used to express their opinion from all the leads and listen to other people's minds. As one of the most democratic, most comfortable, most expensive countries in the world and that it's worth borrowing Ukrainians from the home. This tells Katerina Antin, who's been living in Norway for 20 years, works as a cartel consultant at Oslo

we.ua - Співпраця й особиста свобода. Як влаштоване норвезьке суспільство

Written by Private Channels and Data. Silicon Priority - Tilt the United States to your side

Russia is based on the way the Western leaders think. The people responsible for the important decisions in Washington and European capital are also victims of the silicon psychological war. This is a short translation of the articles of Francis Tom, an expert in the history of Communism and the USSR written for the Desk Russee

we.ua - Закриті канали й дезінформація. Пріоритет Кремля — схилити США на свій бік

Assignments are forbidden, builders are allowed. How they use a military state to build the Osokow Ejuice

Place in June, the Stillitsa Group developer has restored the building of a vast housing complex in a region where it should be an Osokara Ecosa ECA in the south coast of Kyiv. These bows, lakes and ligs of activists and whales have been trying to protect themselves from the building for over eight years. Since the beginning of a full-blown environmental invasion, it was completely closed for visitors. This territory has been replaced

we.ua - Активістам заборонено, будівельникам дозволено. Як використовують воєнний стан для забудови “Екопарку Осокорки”

The introduction of Ukraine goes on the basis of oncology. Monitoring the router for 4 - September 10, 2023

Last week, Russian intelligence has been told about the neurological disease by applying ammunition with an infected hurricane. We've seen that propaganda haven't yet learned to build a single line when we have to report the progress of the ZC

we.ua - Україною блукає привід онкології. Моніторинг росЗМІ за 4—10 вересня 2023 року

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