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Señovich suffered "because of no father in Austral Open

Kyiv. January 29. UN. Ser Johansch was absent during Nowak's final line against Stefan Tizepas on Rob Laver Arena, where Giovich won the high-22 title of the Big Six, passing NN with a link to AFP - Джокович

the invaders are closing the Cafe and New Cafe Hospital. The staff set before the fact of transfer or release

Kyiv. January 29. UN. Gensteba information, from the local Cakeka and New Canchka hospitals, Russian invaders have taken all the medical equipment to the New East Hernesian region, inform the NN - Окупанти закривають лікарні Каховки та Нової Каховки. Персонал поставили перед фактом - переведення або звільнення

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has freed the head of the Conservative Party

Kyiv. January 29. UN. The Prime Minister of Great Britain, the Great Britain, was released on Sunday by the Conservative Party of Nahiha, who was criticized for his private tax arrangements. This is NNN writing a link to the Sky News - Прем'єр-міністр Великої Британії звільнив голову Консервативної партії

Ukraine needs to reinforce anti-aerodynamic and ballistic missiles - the Air Force of the ZU

Kyiv. January 29. UN. Ukraine needs to reinforce anti-aerodynamic and ballistics protection. In particular, the lskandar / T Russian missile can fight SAMP / T and the Patriot system provided by Western partners. It was said by the head of the Air Force of Ukraine by Colonel Yuri Ignatin on the national telemerist, passing NN - Україні потрібно посилити захист проти аеродинамічних та балістичних ракет - Повітряні сили ЗСУ

Park First stop in the Middle East: The U.S. Secretary has arrived in Egypt

Kyiv. January 29. UN. The U.S. Secretary of Derton Blinken arrived Egypt on Sunday at the beginning of a regional tour where he also remains in Israel and on the West Bank, informing the NN - Перша зупинка в турі Близьким Сходом: Держсекретар США прибув до Єгипту

What happened in Iran is the consequence of their politics -- the spiker of Air Force

Kyiv. January 29. UN. The head of the Air Force Government of Ukraine has been commenting explosives to the strategic objects in Iran by saying that what has happened is "the consequence of their politics," says NN - Те, що відбулося в Ірані, є наслідком їх політики - спікер Повітряних сил

President of the New President of Czech plans for the first time to call the President of Ukraine and Taiwan

Kyiv. January 29. UN. New president of Bohemia Peter Paul will be on Sunday, on January 29, on the phone with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zielinski. It informs Wing by referring to BBC - Новообраний президент Чехії планує вперше зателефонувати президентам України та Тайваню

THUNDER: The military factory in Iran attacked Israel-WSJ

Kyiv. January 29. UN. Israel led a secret attack to the defense fighter in Iran because the United States and Israel are looking for new ways to stop the nuclear and military ambitions of Tehran. This tells The Wall Street Journal by referring to the US official people and people who are familiar with the operation are passed to NN - Таємний удар: військовий завод в Ірані атакував Ізраїль - WSJ

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