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The PSD military chief passed the water to a woman with children

Kyiv. June 7. UN. In social networks, the video began to spread, as with the drone, the Ukrainian military provided the water to the woman with the children in the sinking of the house near temporarily occupied Olek, writing NN - Військові ЗСУ на окупованій Херсонщині дроном передали воду жінці з дітьми

The Chinese export fell in May because the world demand fell

Kyiv. June 7. UN. China's export was shrinking much faster in May than expected and the import was reduced even as slower as the producers were trying to find demand abroad and the internal consumption was still languishing. That's what NN writes by the Reuters - Експорт Китаю впав у травні через падіння світового попиту

Genre Yd Query: Ukraine returned to the ISS via the Kahov GAC campaign, but there is no response yet

Kyiv. June 7. UN. Ukraine's Announcing to the International Criminal Court by patrolling the Cachovars, Kachovsk gives green light to the prosecutor ISC to carry on & rsibreak; A objective investigation on its part. Now the official answer from the ISS is currently gone, it's a dialogue. This has been reported by the Genemia of Ukraine's Maxim Post on live telemarathons, passes by correspondent NN - Йде діалог: Україна звернулась до МКС через підрив Каховської ГЕС, але відповіді ще немає

Jackson's in the fire after a mass shoot "The Graves"

Kyiv. June 7. UN. In Russian, the theme of the movie that's in the Belarusian region, there's a violent fire after some sort of mass firing rocket. It's reported by the media, it's submitted to NN - шебекине у вогні після масованого обстрілу

North Ukraine has not yet moved to counter-offensive - Daniel

Kyiv. June 7. UN. Ukraine has not yet begun a scheduled counter, and its beginning will be apparent to everyone when it is requested, has declared the comments of Reuters secretary for National Security and Defense of Ukraine, writes NN - Україна ще не переходила в контрнаступ - Данілов

The combined consequence of the destruction of the Kahov GAC is completely flooded with the only permanent factory in Ukraine

Kyiv. June 7. UN. As a result of destruction of the occupants of the Kahov dam, under the water was the only plant plant plant in Ukraine, which provided more than 1.5 million instances of young dwelling per year. There are now reports of damage installed, from NN with a link to the Minozopoly - Внаслідок знищення Каховської ГЕС повністю затоплений єдиний в Україні осетровий завод

Kachovsk GEC: Ukraine has invited international assistance to the EU, countries are now moving essential equipment

Kyiv. June 7. UN. Ukraine has turned to the European Union in international contact with the destruction of the Canadian Hydropower Plant. As the European Commission says, the union is involved in the Mechanism of civil defense, and is now directing the necessary equipment, passes the NN - Підрив Каховської ГЕС: Україна запросила у ЄС міжнародну допомогу, країни вже направляють необхідне обладнання

has been evacuated over 1.8 thousand people: A photo was displayed on the DIC

Kyiv. June 7. UN. And because of the sinking of the Russian missile, the KhoKKhov GIS invasion in the Hersoon region is evacuated by 1,854 citizens. This is NN reporting from a link to information in the IPC - На Херсонщині евакуйовано понад 1,8 тисячі людей: МВС показало фото

Erdogan, after talking to Zielinski, called the bullet: They were talking about an explosion in the Kahov HAS and a "grain deal."

Kyiv. June 7. UN. President of Turkey Rejp Erdogan in a conversation with the Russian dictator of the pudium spoke with the theme of the war in Ukraine, the explosion at the Kahov GIS and the "grain deal," passes NN with a reference to Anadadadela - Ердоган після розмови із Зеленським подзвонив путіну: говорили про вибух на Каховській ГЕС та

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