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The coin at MIZ has detected the probability of the cholera explosion due to the Kachevsky HAS blow-up

Asserts about this journalist said chief sanitation doctor, deputy of the head of Myr Kizin. "We don't exclude cholera, the situation becomes clear after the water levels go down," said the official. Kazin pointed that the algorithms of reaction to cholera are clearly written. In order to apply quarantine measures to injured regions, this question will be considered after lowering the water level. Kuzyn also announced that medical facilities have a drinking water supply for at least two days, with melted nurses conducting an evacuation of patients, hospitals have enough antibiotics in the event of outbreak. On June 6, the Russian invaders were exiled by the Kachevsky HAS campaign which completely destroyed it. The evacuation of the residents of dangerous areas began, President of Ukraine called an emergency and defense meeting. In detail how the situation is developed on June 6, read the link

we.ua - У МОЗ припустили ймовірність спалаху холери внаслідок підриву Каховської ГЕС

Supposed to present national reality: At NBU, they told me how to regulate the market screaming

According to this, NBO writes a link to the strategy and development director of Arsena Macducuk during the Crypto Verference Conference conference. It is reported that the market regulation of virtual asset markets should provide a balance between customer protection, stability and market development conditions. The work of the Kryptonist must be transparent, and the rights of the participants are protected. "Now the main task is to build transparent and clear rules of the virtual asset market, mutually beneficial to everyone: And for service providers, and for their users, "agreed to the head of the department. According to Macakuk, Ukraine's industry standards will not be much different from other European countries, but there may be certain features. "The statement must take hold of certain legal realities, such as having two regulators (NBA and National Commission with securities and stock market) and the division of financial service market regulation between them. The United States of the European Union on Tuesday, on June 16th, finally endorsed the world's first global set of rules to regulate the Kryptonite

we.ua - Привести до національних реалій: в НБУ розповіли, як регулюватимуть ринок криптовалют

The Marines' supplies destroyed 6 Russian tanks, truck and 2 artillery systems

This says the official Facebook of the Marine Command. "Military parts and subdivisions of the USS Marine team continue to investigate the resolution of the full-size arms aggression RF. Last day, June 6, the Marines destroyed 4 tanks and 7 Russians, "said the Marines. The loss of the Russians were provided by the artillery, which was a firearm for aggression. We know about the destruction of 2 cannon "Giacent-B," two tanks, trucks and 10 Russian troops. The final casualties of the enemy are determined. Since the beginning of a full-blown invasion in Ukraine, 212 030 military troops, 3640 artheads and 3873 enemy tanks were eliminated

we.ua - Морпіхи знищили 6 російських танків, вантажівку та 2 артилерійські системи

Levon "Russian Freedom" published a position about Crime and turned to the peninsula

According to the official LSR channel in the telegraph. "The lodgers are temporarily engulfed by Ukrainian Crime! We don't recognize the Pythoseference of 2014 and the RF-force crime on the peninsula. Legion thinks it's a duty to bring back Ukraine what it is right to be able to create a clean conscience to build a new Russia. We need your support to approach our shared Victory, "it's about a message. The combatants of the legions of Russia need information about: The exact location of the diversification and location of the occupation forces (location, location of the board of the occupation), location and movement of the military, accurate data of local collationists, which have gone to the enemy (location, location, location, COW, position and job); The people who sympathize with the occupants and other fans of occupation and their data. The residents of the temporarily occupied Crime call to avoid these objects. "If you live beside and faithful Ukraine, report this. We travel every life, and we do everything we can to keep it, "says Legion. On June 5, the legion "Russian Freedom" has turned to Eugene's request to exchange Commander 72 of the crew to run the RF Romanian on several Russian prisoners

we.ua - Легіон

Erdohan has offered Zealand to create a joint commission with the Russian commission to investigate the Khojevsky GIS bombing

Speaking of this, he said to the president of Vladimir Zielski during the phone talk, passes over the chancellor of Erguan. In the opinion of the Turkish leader, there may be a committee for the experts of Ukraine, Turkey, United Nations, the international community and Russia for "detailed explosion investigation in the Kahov dam." Erdogan pointed out that Turkey is ready to do everything possible to investigate and negotiate. "As the continuation of conflict cannot prevent human loss that occurs daily, and therefore must prevail the idea of returning to negotiations. We're going to continue our efforts to establish fair peace, "says the chancellor of the Turkish president. On June 6, the Russian invaders were exiled by the Kachevsky HAS campaign which completely destroyed it. The evacuation of the residents of dangerous areas began, President of Ukraine called an emergency and defense meeting. In detail how the situation is developed on June 6, read the link

we.ua - Ердоган поговорив із Зеленським і Путіним про підрив Каховської ГЕС: запропонував створити спільну комісію для розслідування

The second thing that happened was, by shooting the ammonia, RFF started to make the fake video "the airstorm."

Communication center and information. It turns out that the video on the toxic cloud in social media was spread to Russian propaganda and Z-warlords channels, which shows "the effects of the 'Toilet cadaver' -- Odessa. However, according to the expectations of Kharkiv Oleg Sinubova, there has actually been a dismantation of ammonia in the Cuban area through Russian fire. Because of the safety of these valves, ammonia will be avoided. "Staff by 22: On June 29, there's no danger to sharing dangerous substances in the Cuban community. Continue monitoring pollution, situation controlled, "said the chief of the area. The Russians again attacked the Cuban district at night by 6 June, six flights near the Mazatka pump station. "Macotov has replaced seven nanograms per cubic meter, security rates up to 10 nanograms. In Cuba there's no ammonia in the air at all, "added Sinubova. What's known about the firearm of the ammonia on Hartons on June 2, head of Herpine One, warned us about the probability of chemical attack with Crime and told us how to act in case of danger. On Monday, on June 5, the Russians hit the Ballauxia Death, one man died, nine more wounded. June 5, RFF claims they can't see the progress prospects for "the grain deal." The former minister of the external cases of RF Sergei Verbeek emphasized that the requirement of Russia to continue the deal is permission to transfer ammonia. As a result of the destruction of the amacopone, which happened in the Kharkiv region on June 5, there is no threat to the residents as the need for evacuation. On June 6, Russia was shot again during the day by an amanco at Kharkiv, which requires a "launch" in terms of "grain agreement."

we.ua - Двічі обстрілявши аміакопровід, РФ почала ширити фейкове відео

Kachovsk GEC: The only permanent home factory was flooded in Ukraine

reported by the Ministry's press. According to the message, the factory provided more than 1.5 million copies of the young homemade. "At this point, the destruction scales and the losses are set. Given the special security status of domestic species, the destruction of the housing plant will have an extremely negative impact on Ukraine's ecological state and the countries of the Black Sea Basin, "said in the domain. According to the previous accounts, the Ministry, due to the destruction of the Kahevsky HES, only adult people can reach about 95,000 tons or about four billion dollars. The total damage to all biomaterials, the home rate, is going to be 10,000 billion dollars. Help: The only plant in Ukraine is located in conjunction with. Snow White County Dnieper. He worked in 1984. On June 6, the Russian invaders were exiled by the Kachevsky HAS campaign which completely destroyed it. The evacuation of the residents of dangerous areas began, President of Ukraine called an emergency and defense meeting. In detail how the situation is developed on June 6, read the link

we.ua - Підрив Каховської ГЕС: затоплено єдиний в Україні державний осетровий завод

F-16 will be able to take part in the counterfront of the ZW, the Chief's military expert

The first thing he'd like to say is that patience is the philosophy of our victory. The silence mode is a fundamental phenomenon of any major operation from which factors depend on the counter attack, where and how it begins it is a very special question. I can answer for the first part probably the counter attack depends on the accumulation of forces and tools. This process continues. And to detail where, in which directions and in what time limits, it's to give enemy ready intelligence. Even if we were talking hypothetically or analyzing information. The silence mode is a fundamental phenomenon of any serious operation, a true artist of war, someone who will be able to cheat an opponent and to challenge an unexpected blow as in the counter-offensive stages, will help us with the Western weapons. A man must fight something, but an adversary is armed, and has all technique classes -- starting from a gun gun, finishing the air -- the Western technique is better in all senses. Let's take an example of BMW-2 Russian Federation and M2 Briadley. Bradley only loses at one, in a vase: BMP-2 weighs 13.5 tons, and Bradley is 25 tons. There's no competition at all. BMP Garmatha has 500 gun guns, M242 Bushmaster cannon (in Bradley) 900. There are also lots of anti-offensive weapons, and BM2 is practically missing. Another important recharge mechanism: The Russian BMW has a problem with the fact that after a firearm shot, it has to go from the front to recharge, and in Bradley, recharge can be made in place. Now, the American machine gun is designed to build a projectile of 2091 miles a mile can turn BMP-2 into a recession. Russian armored car in order to make Bradley harm close at least a mile away, or closer to it. Same thing about armor. And it's not all the advantages, it's the technique class you can do. The main conclusion is very simple: Let's say that in the race, there is a car called Walg Russian production and Mercedes. What do you think the car wins? And all we need to understand about Western weapons and its benefits relative to Russian is the probability that the F-16 aviation will be attached to the counter action, can we expect in this case, for our counter-election fighter F-16? I think there's such a high probability. Given that Ukrainians have shown high-intellectual technical quality, the MM-104 Patriot is considered to be a very complex machine, which our military has evolved quickly. No one thought we could beat a hypersound missile, and we won a match with a score of 6: 0 for us. I think that's a great success for intelligence, and I think that the Ukrainians can do the same thing to learn flying complexes from 3 to 4 months. If June is now and they say that F-16 has already begun (and I think it's before) the fall when the first cars come and the weather is dry, there's a probability that the aviation will join the counter action. Here's the important thing to remember: War is the path of deception, the true artist of war, who will be able to fool the enemy and challenge an unexpected strike. And what we're looking at here is the dominant opponent, or involved in military operations, that have been trained in partner countries? 100% yes, and what about the preparation of our Western allies is an unprecedented phenomenon in history. Western instruments have gone through tens of thousands of our defenders. They're all well-distributed, eudicized and waiting for their use, some are already being applied. Remember, the level of phase training is very important. And here we are doubly outnumbered, but the number on the other side of the enemy has never been undone

we.ua - F-16 встигнуть взяти участь в контрнаступі ЗСУ, – військовий експерт Черник

Video found in Australia is the F / A-18 Hornet fighter for features better than F-16, voice of the Depression Express of Cassettes

According to this, on the air of Espresso said the master editor of the License Express. "To Australia, we're talking about 41 units now, it's very important, it's a huge number of machines that can only pass one country under the consent of the United States. F / A-18 Hornet is the deck machines. They are capable of fighting, better than F-16. More importantly, this machine was designed for conditions of extremely hard exploitation for the deck of aviation. Even though these machines were produced at the end of the '80s, they went through a constant modernization, "said the Cassettes. According to the expert, this fighter can already do all the fighting problems. "There are AIM-120 AMRAAM rockets, modern digital radio station. They can cause the impact of the JASM ice rockets, use the Harbon missile, high-precision bombs. These machines are already taken out of exploitation -- they're stored. Australia planned them or sold them to a private company, or put them in a museum, "he summed them up. According to the media, the United States, Australia and Ukraine are discussing the ability to transmit the CSD / A-18 Royal Air Force

we.ua - Наявний в Австралії винищувач F/A-18 Hornet за можливостями кращий за F-16, - головред Defense Express Катков

The United States of Ukraine

The introduction of this informs the Ukreltrain. 248 / 247 will leave Odessa Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 17: 11 will arrive in Kyiv at 08: 53. In reverse, from Kyiv, the train moves on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 17: 14, and it will arrive at 09: 12. The first train to sail to the capital of June 11, and the next day we go to Odessa. This route will connect the Zacas to Odessa and Kyiv. Also, the train will stop at the Balkans, the Lubashiki, the Persian Bunce, the Novemony, the capitalists, the Paliries, and the others. Tickets on this flight are available in apply, on a website, in chat and in poop. Photo: The ironworks, remember, Winston Railroad announced a pilot's experiment on implementing women's compartment. From June 10, for the first time since the beginning of a full-blown war, Ukclile will resume the performance of Internet + 732 / 31 on the Kyiv route - Dniepot - Zaporozhye

we.ua - Укрзалізниця призначила додатковий потяг Одеса - Київ

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