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Vodafone became stationary: operator runs the homepage service

Vodafone goes to market with high-fixed home proposal for & # 8211; Vodafone GiabitNet. The defense will connect to a new network with the current GPON technology, which provides speed to 1 Gbit / s, which is 10 times more powerful than the average 100 Mbit / s. In addition to fast transmission, the Internet technology is provided at home even when there is no light. [& # 8230; ] The pose Vodafone became persistent: the operator runs the home Internet service happened first on TechToday - Vodafone став стаціонарним: оператор запускає послугу домашнього інтернету

Add voice mail to iPhone

The English visual voice mail function for the iPhone makes it very easy to access your voice mail and manage it, releasing you from a set of numbers in an old-fashioned way. This also allows you to keep important voice messages on your iPhone in a few steps. To save a voice message, open the Phone program and select the "Voice Mail" in the lower right corner. You must [# 8230; ] The post how to save the voice mail to iPhone happened first on TechToday - Як зберегти голосову пошту на iPhone

You can now share your AirTag with other people

K3Apple has expanded the rules for using her AirTag tracks. Now the owner of this trailer can share it with other people. Many other Bluetooth routers, including SmartStuff and Tile, allow you to share a track with other accounts. So another person can see its location at any time. Apple Find My Network, which is the foundation of AirTag's Orchester not [# 8230; ] The post now can be shared by its AirTag with other people predicted first on TechCrunch - Тепер можна поділитися своїм AirTag з іншими людьми

Square Flood waves promise to be an effective way to fight semi-conducting microcircuits

The online processors have a major problem with cooling, because internal transistors are hot to pass through the layers of the material that's not warm. And as a result of that, the internal CPU chess is going to be very hot, even if the total temperature is no longer normal. Scientists have long been looking for ways to improve internal refrigeration of microcircuits and have recently offered solutions to surface [# 8230;) ] The postlight waves promise to be effective in a way that against half-conducting microcircuits predicted first on TechCrunch Today - Поверхневі хвилі обіцяють бути ефективним способом проти перегріву напівпровідникових мікросхем

[Camera shutter clicks] In real time, I'm going to show you your inner world

This is a team of researchers at George Washington University who developed a camera that will tour your inner world of the intestinal tract. This device is the first of the kind that offers video stream in real time. And you can also control this video pill, instead of relying on natural digestion processes to move the camera around the stomach-shaped tract. The approach of such a palped chamber allows to greatly improve the important [# 8230; ] The pose created a pineapple camera: In real time, I'm going to show your inner world intended first on TechToday - Створили камеру-пігулку: у реальному часі покаже ваш внутрішній світ

You know, you don't know who to buy a mocbock Economy or unique?

The purchase of Cuba, McBock, can be a good choice for those who want a quality laptop at a cost. Techno Heik is a very large choice of different models, with special characteristics and unique value. Below the main reasons why we should consider buying boo McBump: Low price. The Macbook bubble can save a lot of personal budget relative to [# 8230; ♪ The pose why you want to buy a mocbull: Economy or unique? - Навіщо купувати бу макбук: економія чи унікальність?

An iPhone machine from iOS 17 becomes a flat clock with a calendar

In addition to many of the ironworks, among which are the most recent 15-inch laptop in the world, the WDC 2023 Conference also introduced a number of new software functions in existing puzzles. & # 8211; include the opportunity to make an iPhone desktop clock with a calendar. This is the Stander function available when updating smartphone to iOS 17. A function called Stanford actually converts an iPhone [# 8230; ] The post iPhone from iOS 17 turns into a flat clock with the calendar appened first on TechToday - iPhone з iOS 17 перетворюється на настільний годинник з календарем

Note how to hide columns and rows in Google Tables

Sometimes it is often necessary to navigate through the full information of the spreadsheet. Finding the desired cell may take a long time. In this case, it is convenient to hide columns and rows to quickly jump to the desired area. Here's how to hide columns and rows in a table opened in Google Tables. How to hide one column in Google Tables Do these things [# 8230; ] The pose how to hide the columns and rows in Google Tables dated first on TechToday - Як приховати стовпці та рядки в Google Таблицях

What is a USB condom and who should buy it?

Failed to connect to USB port can infect your crash, cause private data and loss of money from bank accounts. Although that threat in practice was a little common, the FBI recently released a warning about it. Anyway, if your kids and your data are able to secure what's called a USB condom. USB specific is what it does [# 8230; The pose of what a USB condom is and who should buy it? - Що таке USB-презерватив і кому його варто купувати?

Photo Paragrapac camera doesn't have an objective camera -- it picks up photos

Professor Bjorn Carmanin, a designer from the Netherlands, created an artificial intelligence camera that doesn't make photos, but makes them up. So this camera has no lens. The project is called Paragrapaphica, and according to its website, it offers us a way to experience the world around us without allowing us only visual perception. Paragrapecica, instead of relying on the lens and fixing the environment [# 8230; ] The position of the Paragrapac camera has no object in & # 8211; She's thinking about pictures dated first on TechToday - Фотокамера Paragraphica не має об’єктива – вона вигадує фотографії

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