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December 30, which is the church holiday in the Orthodox calendar

What holiday is tomorrow in the church calendar, and who's praying to the horses, read into the TAlDS material. ua. ua

we.ua - 30 січня — яке церковне свято в православному календарі

The units of the coming actions of Russian invaders lead in four directions - Henstab

24-hour delay of the enemy fired from jet fire systems. There are wounded and dead among peaceful people

we.ua - Наступальні дії російські окупанти ведуть на чотирьох напрямках - Генштаб

ACTURE IN Ukraine: or is the legal gift of whore on the street and on the blockages during the war

The army commissioner's Court of Audûd that the Ukrainian citizens have & # 039; Come on, guys, except right

we.ua - Мобілізація в Україні: чи є законним вручення повістки на вулиці та на блокпостах під час війни

In addition to being in the Soviet Union, it was carefully concealed by us that the DonBas created Europeans

According to the Treaty of Ukraine, the Russian authorities will justify the myth, our government, and mostly the Donbas industry, created the Soviet authorities

we.ua - Як у СРСР ретельно приховували від нас, що Донбас створили європейці

You can't accept the defeat of the war. his Hungarian friend Orban explained the reason

Ukrainian Prime Minister has projected a major war and does not believe that Ukraine will help the Western weapons against Russian aggression

we.ua - Путін не змириться з поразкою у війні: його угорський друг Орбан пояснив причину

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