Convenient communication channels

List of WE.UA channels

The WE.UA Web Platform offers the following communication channels for private use and business:

  1. Instant messages in applications (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows).
  2. Instant messaging on a Social Network website.
  3. A feed of posts in the Social Network with a short address of the Profile.
  4. Own news channels in the Social Network with the short address of the Channel.
  5. Free bulletin board about goods and services.
  6. System of interactive comments in the services of the Platform (especially: News, Notice Board, Social network, etc.).

Channel capabilities

These communication channels allow you to exchange messages, links and photos. The length of API messages is limited to 255, the length of a post - up to 3000 UTF-8 characters. Link text is automatically converted to in-text hyperlinks, image links to image embeds, YouTube video links to video embeds, so there's no need to pass any additional HTML tags (all tags are automatically cleaned up in posts and posts).

Photo files are stored in temporary Senders' directories on WE.UA servers and are sent as links to photos. Transfer of links to images from third-party servers is available, provided that the HTTP status of "200 OK" is returned

Sending via API

You can also send messages and post via our public API. Creating and receiving posts in your own channels is free.

Restrictions on messages

Working with instant messages via the API is paid based on the contract for the provision of information services and involves a number of security restrictions, including:

  • The sender can only be a citizen of Ukraine;
  • The full name of the sender, his registered address and alternative contact details are clearly recorded in the contract;
  • The contract for signature is sent to the Sender's registration address for its validation;
  • The name of the Sender coincides with the name of the User in WE.UA and is fixed in the contract;
  • As part of the contract, the Sender receives 1 unique API key, which he undertakes to keep secret and not to distribute to third parties;
  • Sending messages to the WE.UA API is carried out using publicly available encryption methods and personal keys, according to the API documentation, which makes it impossible to transmit the Recipient's data in an open (decrypted) form;
  • Calculation for each message is carried out by advance payment according to the tariff specified in the contract;
  • It is impossible to send messages via the API to WE.UA users from unauthorized or insolvent Senders;
  • When sending messages, you should specify not only the mobile number/Email/nickname, but also the valid name of the recipient in the WE.UA system; this option is intended to prevent spam mailings and involves sending transactional or personal messages only with the prior consent of the Recipient and the transfer to the Sender of consent to send such messages and his personal data (Name + phone number); if the phone number and Name of the Recipient do not match the data on WE.UA, the message will not be delivered;
  • The Sender is fully responsible for preserving, ensuring the integrity and security of the Recipients' data;
  • WE.UA does not store contact and personal data of Recipients in an open or readable form and cannot provide Senders with a list of contact data based on their previous mailings;
  • The WE.UA API provides Senders with a log of messages, which contains an identifier, time stamp, message length, status and other information;

Additional options

Separately, we note that WE.UA offers additional options when sending messages to a mobile number or Email using the services of domestic providers of our partners (SMS or Email letters at competitive rates), which increases the guarantee of delivery of messages to Recipients.

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