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"We need to reduce the dose of the scarier." In Ukrasov, they took Zakarzow apart and threw the fairies off about Nazi stamps

"Nazi" sign of the report in Ukraine. This time, the spokesman Marie Zacharva accused of making facial masons. This is what Tiegram told the CEO of Ukrupa Igor Dauntless about. In the details of the Yegor Dauntless campaign, they did not become a ceremony with the representative of the Russian Foreign Office and advised Zharajar to use less alcohol before speaking. https: / / igsmelyansky / 1904 "Ukmail did not release the March on the SS of Galilee, which she showed. Let me remind you that Nazi symbols are forbidden in Ukraine, and we are clearly doing legislation, "wrote the Dauntless. According to the CEO of the company, the rff is trying to blame the Uckmail production of the poppy for the 75-point SS's "Galliac." But the Smithy didn't realize that 75 years ago, that was 1948, then the SS didn't exist. In the meantime, the spokesman Mary Zachrova, who tried to calm the Russians about the supply of arms and tanks. She said the new technology could not change the situation for Ukraine. She also accused the NATO countries in extended conflict because of the weapons of Ukraine. This has been answered by a adviser of the OP Michael's head, as he said, that there is no conflict between the Russians at NATO, only the defense of Ukraine -

The officers of Kyiv left their children in the middle of the frozen river

Back in Kyiv, 16-year-old teens, along with a 10-year-old girl, sailed from shore to pontoon, but they couldn't come back on their own. Then rescue people arrived. It informs the head of the Kyiv Police Department. It is known that on January 28th to the op-board of the Obuchsky district, we have reported that the necessary help of citizens, who were found on the frozen river of Krasko, in the Red Sloan village. When we arrived at the scene of the call, we found that we needed help with two children who sailed from shore to pontoon and couldn't reach the beach on their own. "Ponton, who they were on began to drift and the children ended up in a water trap," tells Niybiki. With their queue, the rescue officers are effectively getting a 16-year-old teenager and a 10-year-old girl. The employees were transferred immediately to the ambulance workers. Also, tonight at Odessa's Maritime District was a multi-turn operation. There was an apartment on the street of Marshall Sparrow on the ninth floor. In fact, in Lviv, the DFS employees were rescued from a burning building of 28 animals. In addition, the terrorists were able to save two garage houses, the hardware building - На Київщині правоохоронці врятували дітей, які опинилися посеред замерзлої річки

Ukraine's celebrities have built over a million bucks on an antique complex

Ukraine and foreign stars daily participate in charity initiatives throughout the world. Anything to raise victory over the terrorist country. So, recently, in one of the hotel tables, we had a charity event called "CHARITY 100lTY," and the main goal is to collect money for today's anti-drone complex "space." No.LIVE will tell you which of the Ukrainian celebrities joined the charity initiative. The Weuschessnights have become an ambasat of the Royal Organization of "Dr. Front" actress Olga Sumsky and Anatolia Ou Anatolia, Timinenko, Andriy Jayela, the West has supported both the artists. Among them, Nataliv, Kamala, Lida Le, Mila Natich, Solomon, Anne of the Good Day, Natalia Valyevsky, virtuoso virtuoso Eugenz Hamara and others. A painting of Ukrainian illuminator with Directive commander of the armed forces of Ukraine, Valerious Zurac; A plate of autographing chief of the Chief of Defense Office for the Ministry of Defense of Qil Budnik; The boxing gloves with the autograph of the boxer Vladimir Kockow and the calendar with famous phrases signed by the mayor of Kyiv Vitalim Klitchek; The Freedom champion of the world, Commander Alexander Usika, with his autograph; The ball with great English football writers; This is a painting by Anna Yechano's artist, "People like ships," and the total amount of collected money during the west was 1 million 118,000 dollars. The international charity agencies don't stop at this, and in February they plan to spend the next event to build an additional money to buy an anti-drone complex, "Space." "" We have many known individuals, media, volunteer and civil organizations, because we've all joined together to defeat our country, "-- told the founder of the international charity project by Philippe. The military, the doctors, the volunteers, the athletes, the journalists, the designers, the artists and the others, and I think we talked about earlier, that the United States had $15,000 on the test for Ukrainian military testing. We also wrote that Ukrainian rock bands played a five-hour charity concert in Kharkiv - Українські знаменитості зібрали понад мільйон гривень на антидроновий комплекс

The financial assistance of the people living in Odessa can be counted as financial help: what to do

The receiver of the Emphasis who found a shelter in Odessa, and the military could get an extra cash payout. Help provides the Ubuntu Foundation. News. LIVE learned from the official development page of the charity organization, so all the Ukrainians who left their houses and moved to the Garden and were unable to provide full benefits of 327 million dollars. The statement has already begun. To login, navigate to the link and fill all the required items. We need to give personal information about your family and the situation you're in. After that, the application needs to be examined. If the aid is approved, the money will be counted in the bank card. Payments will break down into several parts. Who can count on helping family support during war; internal displaced persons support; military support and tetroons. It is noted that only the people who are in Ukraine from the beginning of the war are allowed to support Ukrainians before, we have written that in Ukraine, workers and entrepreneurs during the war are entitled to receive monthly cash from about 3.35 million dollars. That amount is guaranteed by the state of fractional unemployment. "ATB Market" was part of the public charity facility. Within the program, you can get free products and help others. Also, citizens who have been forced to leave their houses due to combat action can address their pension, subsidies and social benefits. The evacuation will not interfere with getting legal benefits. In fact, the authorities have conquered public compensation policies from employers who are hired to work inally displaced individuals. So for business, we've introduced a condition on the duration of the employment of the displaced - Переселенці, які проживають в Одесі, можуть розраховувати на фінансову допомогу: що потрібно зробити

In Somalia, the Russian humanist helicopter was gunned down: which is known

Going to the Mogadisho Airport in Somalia, shooting Russian helicopter. We know that during the incident, he did a humanitarian mission. This is what the RPA News agency reports with a link to the statement of the embassy in Somalia. According to the publication, the incident was on January 23. The dipmission tells us that the capital of Somalia was gunned down by an AT Jeyar, Verton Services, which is part of the U.N. International Assistance Agency for the United Nations to the Somali Federation Republic. The embassy said that the helicopters were insignificant damage, no casualties, and the pilots kept working in state mode. According to the previous report, a helicopter shot associated with an Ach-Shabb terrorist gang acting on the territory of this eastern African country. "The investigation is currently being investigated," said the dipmission, "the early embassy, the armistice caused Russian citizens to stay away from the train to Somalia. And just as a reminder, the day in the travel airport broke down the Ii-8 helicopter, and in the past, he captured shoveling the earth at the landing, and also, on the 10th of January in the year, there were two air accidents. The first fall happened in Norrisian. The plane of the NordStar Russian airline that was supposed to be flying on a Noelsk moque route, couldn't fly out of the city airport. During the takedown, the air was dug outside the runway. On board this passenger plane was 116 passengers and six crew. The reasons for this incident are so far unknown. The passengers were placed in the building at the airport, and the plane was towed into a parking lot to assess his technical status - У Сомалі обстріляли російський гуманітарний вертоліт: що відомо

Sportsman Odessa became a two-time European national national member of Djiu Jutsu

Dragner won the World Cup of Brazilian jijitsu. This sport tournament has been in France, and No.LIVE has learned from local media. Let's say that the athlete won four victories in four meetings, including the Medaries of Europe and the world -- and became the first category of brown patches. "Ukraine has been, and will be strong and unwon. From the very beginning of the preparation, I had a tremendous incentive to raise the Ukrainian flag on the pedestal pawns of Europe's championship and to claim to us, about our country, about that we are strong and we can continue anyway. Thank you for keeping me close and all of my Black Guy Sport. I felt it even at a distance, "said the cowboy champion. We need to add that the first "gold" in the European sports competition was held in 2020 in purple paper category. This is how the two-time European champion gets dressed. Remember, the world's former boxing champion at the easy weight of Vasyl Lomax can no longer be expected in the Ukrainian community of Bolivians. Instagram's sporting page has been blocked for Ukrainians. And the former absolute champion of the world in the easy vase of George Cambodia told us about the quest of power in the future by Basil Lomax with Davine Haynie. He thinks the Ukrainians are going to lose a younger and faster opponent. In the meantime, the head of the Kolian Mbppe has turned to the management of the PSD football player in order to sign the Portuguese Bernard Silva. The Martín Argentinska of Manchester United Martínín nearly completely recovered from a carnival in Argentina - Спортсмен з Одеси став дворазовим чемпіоном Європи з джиу-джитсу

Pérek known as Ukrainian poet Piñro Pavenko

According to the year '94, life had died by a poet named Piñro Pavenko. He used to hold a drug show, he was a diplomat, and he had the prize for Heroya of Ukraine. It was reported on Facebook by the head of the National speaker of Ukraine's Michael Sdorzewski. And as we know, Paul's Day was 93 years old. "Today, Dmitri Paul died. I was just told by Bogdan Gorine with a letter to the writer's daughter. A bright memory and kingdom of heaven, my dear and dear Dimra Vasilov, "wrote Michael Sdorzewski. The screamers have the rank of Gerona of Ukraine. In addition, Pavenko was a cavalier named Yaroslaw Muda IV, a V degree ordered by the 'III degree'. He's also a con of the National Prize for Taras Shenchenko. By the way, from autumn 1945, Pope Paul had been incarcerated during the summer of 1946 for accused of belonging to the BAU. He was publicly aware of his involvement in the BAU, and he was interviewed by the authorities, and they sent him to school. Already in 1953 Paul left the Lviwski's Department of Medicine. Then he became a member of the PRS from 1954 to 1990. From 1955, a member of the ZK Lechhim. I called the Yellow magazine poetry department after moving to Kyiv, working at the PNC secretary. 1971-1978 pp. Dimitry Pavenko edited the "universe." In 1990, 1994, 1998, 1999, the People's deputation of Ukraine. In fact, we wrote earlier that a 100-year-old life had died by a remarkable scholar named Isaac Thabenberg - Помер відомий український поет-шістдесятник Дмитро Павличко

+ Unbreakable and happy: Night emotion burned by Odessa through Noes.LIVE object

While looking at the constant disconnection of light and cold and empty apartment, dressing continues to enjoy life. With lamps, but still happy minions went out to the evening walk in the Gorya Park. Photone.LIVE Julius Brazłkowska saw some entertaining wearing in the dark park. Exhibit with families and friends go down to the marqued park. They're playing in snowflake, and of course they're going to fly a snowball. The bright girl enjoys winter entertainment. Nice mood can't even ruin the absence of lighting in the park. Decay knows all this temporarily and Ukraine will soon win - Незламна та щаслива: вечірні емоції засніженої Одеси через об'єктив Новини.LIVE

In addition to the Army of the Ref, the Almanian Road,

The Russian invaders have moved to the offensive operations in the Lymanan direction. The enemy used to defend himself in this direction. This is what the ZW General has been saying. The situation at the front of Hendstaff in Hanswab is informing that Russian occupational forces continue to lead offensive action on the Bahmutian, Avogadro, and Nowavev. In addition, the enemy began to attack on the Imperial direction. On other parts, the Russians' front is defensive. It means that the opponent has taken 24 shots from jet-powered fire systems, including population points near the collision line. There are wounded and dead among peaceful people. In response to the War Force a day's aeronautics hit by the fuel missile complex and two shots around the areas of focus on the living force, arms and military technology. In addition, the missile troops and artillery troops and the Defense Force have split two radio-location enemy stations and a armory of ammunition. Genstaff also reports that from Kakkow and New Caicka hospitals, Russian invaders have taken all the medical equipment to the Novosine Hersons. The medical institutions in those occupants shut down before the promises were made. The staff set before the fact of transfer or release. Previously on Henstein, a hospital called Juulina in Lugansn was delivered to about 300 Vagner mercenaries. But the doctors refuse to give them help, because a lot of the wounded levineers are carrying dangerous infections - Армія рф почала наступальні дії на Лиманському напрямку, — Генштаб

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